Single Deck Blackjack | Betsoft

Single Deck Blackjack | Betsoft

Quick Overview of the Game

BetSoft is the developer of Single Deck Blackjack online. This free online blackjack is unique because it only allows players to play with a single deck of cards. However, this game is powered by a Random Number Generator. Single Deck Blackjack is designed with clear visuals and smooth animations. There’s an option to speed up the animations in the game’s control panel. There’s a lot to learn about this table game.

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How to Play Single Deck Blackjack Betsoft

If you’re a bettor who has some experience playing blackjack, you’ll not have any problems with this online casino review. While standard blackjack is played with six decks of cards, Single Deck Blackjack online is played with a single deck of cards. Each player that signs up for this game will wager directly against the dealer. The aim of the game is simple. Draw cards until you reach 21, or get as close to 21 as possible.

After each round, the dealer’s and player’s cards will be compared, and whoever has the highest figure without exceeding 21 is the winner. If your first two cards sum up to 21, that’s a ‘blackjack’.

To play Single Deck Blackjack, the first thing to do is determine your bet size. The number of bets you place will determine the number of hands you play. After choosing your bet, click on Deal to start the round. The player will be dealt two cards, with one of them facing down.

Also, the dealer will have two cards, with one of them displayed on the screen. You may choose to either hit or stand. If you have a pair in hand, you can split. Splitting only occurs once per round. A player can also choose to double if they have ten or eleven.

After making all the decisions for the round, the dealer will reveal the undisplayed card. Anyone who has a blackjack automatically wins the round with an additional payout.

RTP and Variance

This online table game has an RTP of 99.55% and a low variance. This means that the house edge is significantly reduced.

Symbols and Gameplay

Aces count as 1 or 11. When an Ace card is drawn, players are expected to choose between a soft hand (1) and a hard hand (11), Dressed cards represent ten, while others keep their values.

Bet Sizes and Pay Tables

The minimum bet amount on this game is $1, while the maximum bet is $100. Choose your bet size wisely before each round.

Blackjack 3 to 2
Insurance 2 to 1
Win 1 to 1


Single Deck Blackjack Betsoft Bonus Features

There is no information available about the single-deck blackjack bonus feature.

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Single Deck Blackjack Betsoft FAQs

Where can I play Single Deck Blackjack Online for free?

If you’re looking for the Single Deck Blackjack online demo, you can visit The demo version of this game has all the features of the real version. However, it can help you practice your strategy and get used to the game’s mechanics.

Where can I play Single Deck Blackjack Online for real money?

Single Deck Blackjack, like other online casino games, can earn money for players. All you have to do is identify a reliable betting platform that will protect your interests. is one of the best betting websites where you can deposit real money and wager on Single Deck Blackjack for returns.

Is there a mobile version of Single Deck Blackjack?

Today, mobile gaming has become a big deal, and it’s essential that bettors can access their favorite games from their mobile devices. BetSoft has designed Single Deck Blackjack with HTML5 technology. As a result, this game is designed to fit different screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.

Final Verdict on Single Deck Blackjack Betsoft

Any player would have a great time playing Single Deck Blackjack online. The idea behind the game is thrilling, and it has amazing features. But the absence of bonus features may fail to satisfy those who are looking to win extraordinarily large payouts.

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