Win at Keno Online: Superball Keno Numbers That Hit the Most

Win at Keno Online: Superball Keno Numbers That Hit the Most

Keno is a revered game worldwide, with its roots traced back to the 1930s. Players don’t rely on strategies to effect decent to astronomical winning combinations on Keno, unlike some casino titles. Although Keno gaming is based solely on luck, having an insight into the most hit numbers during gameplay isn’t bad. We’ll take a closer look at the Superball Keno numbers that hit the most in this Keno variation, and why online-Keno is more advantageous than the land-based Keno.

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Superball Keno Numbers That Hit The Most: Understanding Keno

Before checking out the Superball Keno numbers that hit the most, it’s essential to get some context on this Keno format.

In regular Keno, players are to pick a certain number of balls in a pool of 1 to 80. Note that the 80 balls in this Keno type were initially tailored to depict the 80 characters in the literary text — Chinese Thousand Character Classic. Your winnings here are determined by the number of selections drawn as a gaming stint progresses.

However, as time went on, people’s preferences changed. This tilt resulted in the formation of video Keno alternatives like Power Keno and Super Keno.

These games featured a distinct set of dramatic twists from the original Keno title. Most notable among the changes is that you can quadruple your winning margins by hitting the first or last ball on these distinctive Keno titles.

Superball Keno adopts the exact specifics of Power Keno. On the former, you’ll remain eligible for 4 times your wins if you hit the first or last ball.

Another Superball Keno format to note is Progressive Superball Keno. Besides the 4x winning on first and the last ball hits, this Keno type has a progressive jackpot that grows with each wager. 

Superball Keno Numbers That Hit the Most

Each number in Superball Keno and other Keno variations has the same probability of being hit. Nonetheless, you’d find mathematical software that can integrate data from revered Keno titles and churn out the most drawn numbers on these games.

Using the Maryland Lottery platform, these numbers were listed as the most drawn in the last 100 games:

  • 3
  • 7
  • 21
  • 25
  • 28
  • 34
  • 48
  • 50
  • 64
  • 75

The numbers mentioned above are tagged ‘hot numbers,’ meaning that their chances of appearing on a Keno winning ticket are high.

You can use the resources of state-owned Keno platforms to access the most hit numbers during gameplay. Conversely, if you were playing Online Keno, all you need to do to sift out hot numbers is take note of Keno results after each stint.

After 10 stints, a number appearing 4 times (40%) means it’s a “hot number.”

How About Cold Numbers?

Cold numbers are simply numbers that rarely feature in Keno-winning tickets. According to the Maryland Lottery, these numbers were amongst the less frequently hit values in the last 100 games:

  • 19
  • 43
  • 46
  • 47
  • 49
  • 63
  • 66
  • 78
  • 79
  • 80

With this list of cold numbers, players can make picks that don’t integrate the numbers above to bolster their winning chances.

Land-Based Keno Vs. Online Keno: Which Is Better?

In online Keno, numbers are displayed on your device’s screen; you only need to pick numbers that tickle your fancy. Conversely, in land-based Keno, you’d need to purchase a ticket and insert the numbers you like. Automating online Keno makes the gaming process much easier and better for some than land-based Keno.

Another reason you’d find advantageous about picking the Best Video Keno Numbers at an iGaming site is the house edge attached to related alternatives. For instance, while the house edge on online Keno revolves around 10%, the values on land-based Keno are higher — typically over 30% in most cases.

Before you place Keno wagers at an online casino, ensure you select a destination that’s licensed by the appropriate authorities. It’ll be frustrating to win big and have your hard-earned funds carted away by a fraudulent casino!

Final Thoughts

We examined the Keno numbers that appear the most during gameplay. While picking hot numbers might edge you closer to decent winning margins, it’s essential to kick-start your wagering endeavors on legitimate casino sites. At Vegas Aces casino, our Keno games integrate an RNG (Random Number Generator), meaning that results are randomized on each stint. Free and Fair gaming always!

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