French Roulette and Other Variations: What Is the Difference?

French Roulette and Other Variations: What Is the Difference?

Discover the Thrilling World of French Roulette

Dive into the fascinating universe of French Roulette, a classic casino game with a rich history and distinct rules that set it apart from other variations. With a lower house edge and unique gameplay, French Roulette is the ideal choice for players seeking a challenging and captivating experience. Explore the game’s variations, rules, and differences in this comprehensive guide, and don’t forget to join our online casino for a chance to win big!

Unveiling the Origins of French Roulette

French Roulette, a time-honored version of the game, originated in 18th century France after the single zero roulette game was brought from neighboring Monaco. This classic game allows players to bet on various outcomes and enjoy a house edge of 1.35%, slightly better than the 2.7% in Bgaming European Roulette. As a result, French Roulette has gained immense popularity in casinos worldwide and can be found on numerous online platforms, including French Roulette online.

Exploring Other Popular Roulette Variations

Apart from French Roulette, several other game variations have captured the attention of roulette enthusiasts. American Roulette, featuring an extra green pocket (00) with a house edge of 5.26%, is a popular variation. On the other hand, European Roulette is the classic roulette game with a house edge of 2.70%. Additionally, Multi Wheel Roulette offers players the chance to bet on up to eight wheels simultaneously, making it a thrilling option for those looking to play inside bets online roulette. Meanwhile, Double Ball Roulette offers players twice as many chances to win and halved payouts. Lastly, Mini Roulette features only 13 pockets, which can be a favorable option for players looking for a quick win.

Key Differences in French Roulette

When playing French Roulette, be mindful of a few crucial differences that impact the game: Rules The La Partage Rule: Unique to French Roulette, this rule states that if the ball lands on zero, half of all losing bets are returned to the player, making it an essential factor to consider for those seeking to learn how to win roulette every spin. Consequently, the house edge is reduced to 1.35%. The En Prison Rule: Another French Roulette exclusive, this rule applies when the ball lands on zero and a player has bet on an even money outcome, such as red or black. The player can either lose their total bet or imprison it for the next spin. If the ball lands on the same number again, they will get their money back, reducing the house edge to 1.35%. The Double Zero: French Roulette features a double zero, absent in European Roulette. This addition gives the house an extra edge of 5.26%. Table Layout The French Roulette table layout differs from other variations, with a single zero (0) on the wheel instead of two (0 and 00). The zero is colored green, while other numbers are red or black. Additionally, the table features a betting area called the ‘racetrack’ for placing bets on specific wheel sections, such as sectors, neighbors, and finals.

Mastering French Roulette Gameplay

Now that you’re familiar with the differences between French Roulette and other game variations, it’s time to learn how to play. The objective of the game is to accurately predict the number on which the ball will land after spinning around the wheel. Place bets on various outcomes, including individual numbers, colors, odds or evens, and groups of numbers. For those who want to learn how to win roulette every spin, it’s essential to remember that success in roulette is dependent on chance and luck. While there are strategies and tips that can help improve your chances of winning, there is no guaranteed way to win every spin. Choose your chip value, click on the relevant betting area, and the dealer will spin the wheel, dropping the ball into it. If your bet is successful, you’ll receive payouts based on the probability of your bet winning. If not, you’ll lose your entire stake.


In conclusion, this comprehensive roulette guide has explored the thrilling world of French Roulette and its variations, rules, and differences from other popular game variations such as American Roulette and European Roulette. Whether you’re a seasoned roulette player or a newcomer, French Roulette offers a challenging and engaging experience that can’t be missed. Join our casino and play French Roulette online or any other variation today. Don’t forget to use inside bets online roulette to improve your chances of winning.

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