Plinko by Bgaming

Plinko by Bgaming

Quick Overview of the Game

Plinko is an exciting online game by BGaming that combines luck and joy with disappointment and misfortune. Additionally, Plinko offers people different experiences with a chance of winning big payouts despite the bet amount.

Like many BGaming’s games, the visual graphics are superb, and you will hear sound effects as the ball drops towards the win slots. Additionally, Plinko has different features to enhance gameplay, such as autoplay, risk level, line select, and others.

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How to Play Plinko Game Online

The gameplay is quite straightforward. No special skills or strategies are needed for Plinko gambling, as the outcomes are purely based on luck. Before dropping the ball, you must start by choosing the bet amount and risk level. Then, you hit the ‘Play’ button to release the ball so that it drops on one of the payouts. Payouts are made based on where the ball lands. An autoplay function lets you play between 10 and 1000 rounds automatically.

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Bet Sizes and House Edge

Many people choose Plinko online over other games because of the wide betting range. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $1000 per round, and you can play with all 16 lines. However, you should understand that the house edge in Plinko doesn’t work like in online slot machines. The house edge will vary depending on the risk level, bet lines, and the stake you are playing with.


One of the advantages of Plinko is that it offers varying payouts that begin with low and increase to higher values. The following table shows all the potential payouts of Plinko:

Number of Lines Low-Risk Normal Risk High Risk
8 5.6 13 29
9 5.6 18 43
10 8.9 22 76
11 8.4 24 120
12 10 33 170
13 8.1 43 260
14 7.1 58 420
15 15 88 620
16 16 110 1000


Plinko Game Online Tips

Since it’s a pure game of chance, Plinko gambling cannot use a strategy to lower the house edge in your favor. The good news is that you can follow our tips to maximize your winning opportunities. Here are expert tips you can follow:

  • Always drop your chips in the middle of the board to increase the winning probability.
  • Play with the maximum bet for bigger payouts.
  • Practice with free Plinko before playing with real money.
  • Understand the rules and gameplay.
  • Play high-risk level games for huge wins.

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Plinko FAQs

What is the volatility in Plinko?

The volatility of Plinko online varies depending on the risk level. Players can adjust between low, normal, and high-risk levels.

Can I play Plinko on mobile devices?

Of course, you can play Plinko across all mobile devices. This game is built using the latest HTML5 technology that allows compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Can I play Plinko for free?

Yes, you can play the Plinko demo online without depositing money. The only downside is that you cannot withdraw winnings.

Play and Win with Plinko Game Online !

If you are looking to break away from the common casino games, Plinko is the best alternative. It is a simple game that doesn’t require any special skills to play. What makes BGaming’s Plinko unique is the triangular layout instead of the usual rectangular one. Overall, playing Plinko Game online can help you relax after a long day at work, and to release stress. Join us on social media for more content like this.


Plinko online Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Benjamin Carter

Fantastic game of chance! Plinko on Vegas Aces combines luck and excitement, creating a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Highly recommended!

 by Mia Evans

Addictive and interactive! Plinko offers a fun and engaging gaming experience with its bouncing balls and the anticipation of winning big prizes.

 by Noah Thompson

Exciting gameplay and great rewards! Plinko on Vegas Aces is an addictive game that keeps me entertained with its unpredictable drops and payouts.

 by Sophia Roberts

Thrilling and visually captivating! Plinko immerses you in the excitement of watching the balls bounce and the prizes accumulate. A top-notch game!

 by Mia Anderson

Endless excitement! Plinko on Vegas Aces offers a thrilling game of chance with the bouncing balls creating suspenseful moments. Love it!

 by Noah Davis

Entertaining and rewarding! Plinko offers a mix of luck and strategy, providing an engaging gaming experience and the chance for big wins.

 by Ava Thompson

A captivating game of chance! Plinko on Vegas Aces delivers excitement and anticipation with every ball drop. It's a must-play!

 by Benjamin Wilson

Exciting and unpredictable! Plinko offers a unique gameplay experience with its bouncing balls and the potential for thrilling outcomes.

 by Emily Johnson

Addictively fun! Plinko on Vegas Aces is a thrilling game with exciting drops and the chance to win big. Highly recommended!

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