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Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide

Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide

In the online casino community, Blackjack is one of the most popular games. The card game is well-known for its simple rules, easy-to-follow gameplay, and simple strategies that make it easy to win. Traditional Blackjack variations only allow you to play one hand at a time, but if you’re looking for a more fast-paced Blackjack experience with special rules, Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack is a great solution. In this Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack guide, you will learn how to play surrender multi-hand Blackjack, what the rules are, and what strategies you can use to win the most money. Then, we will let you in on some special considerations of the game, answer some frequently asked questions, and share some reviews from real players.

Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide, How to Play the Game

If you’ve ever played Blackjack before, you’re in luck: most of the gameplay in Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack is similar to the standard game. There are two main differences between the two casino games: the ability to surrender and the option to play multiple hands at once. When each new round begins, the dealer hands out two cards to each player, both face-up on the table. Then, he deals out two cards for himself. One face-up is called the upcard, and one face-down is called the hole card.

The choice you make should get you as close to 21 without going over. If your card total exceeds 21, it is called a bust, which immediately forfeits your bet and puts you out of the game until the next round.

Each card has a value:

  • J, K, Q: 10
  • Ace: 11 or 1, whichever results in the strongest hand.
  • -10 are valued according to their number


In Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack, you have a special capability of playing multiple hands at once. The game is still played the same way, and each hand of cards is played independently of one another, so there’s no need to worry about the choices you make on one hand negatively impacting another hand.

Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide: Actions Taken in the Game

Players use strategy and skills to determine what move they will make next. You can make one of five moves here: hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender.

  • If you choose to hit, the dealer will hand you one additional card to add to your hand. Conversely, standing indicates that you don’t wish to receive another hand.
  • If you believe you have a strong chance of winning by accepting one additional card from the dealer, you can double down. When you choose to double down, you place a second bet which is equal to your first wager on the table, in exchange for one card from the dealer.
  • When you are dealt cards of the same value, you can opt to split them, which also requires a second equivalent bet to your first. Then, each card is treated as its own hand. You can choose to hit or stand on each until you are happy with your card total, or you go bust.
  • A surrender is an option that is unique to surrender Blackjack varieties. When you surrender, you can take back half your bet. It is a great choice to make if you’re concerned that the dealer’s cards may beat your own or you suspect you will bust. When you go this route, only half your original bet is at stake, which helps to protect your bankroll.


There are two different types of surrender in this game: early surrender and late surrender. An early surrender is a move that can only be made before the dealer reveals his hole card. A late surrender occurs after the hole card is revealed but before the dealer decides what his next move will be.

Game Rules

The list of rules for Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack is short and easy to digest. There isn’t much to it:

  • Get as close to 21 as you can without going over
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Double down is permitted after splitting
  • Resplitting is allowed
  • You can play up to five hands at once
  • Dealer’s shoe contains 6-8 decks
  • Natural Blackjack pays out 3:
  • All other winning hands pay out 1:1
  • Split Aces can only receive one additional card each

Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide: Game Strategy

Choosing the right Blackjack strategy is crucial to success, and if you want to win money, it’s an absolute must. When you play Multi-Hand Blackjack, you will likely need to apply a new strategy to each hand, so familiarizing yourself with how to make the right move is the best way to win consistently.

The first thing you need to know about strategy is that it depends on what type of hand you have. In multi-hand Blackjack, there are two forms: soft hands and hard hands.

  • Soft hand: any hand that contains an Ace
  • Hard hand: does not contain an Ace


Since the Ace in a soft hand can be counted as a 1 or 11, it gives you more flexibility to make riskier decisions in Blackjack. If you make a misstep and hit one too many times, for example, you are much less likely to bust, which keeps you in the game and preserves your bankroll. These are among the most favorable hands you can have in Blackjack in most cases. Also, since hard hands are not as forgiving, you must play more conservatively when you have them. As their name suggests, you may find that it is more difficult to win when you don’t have an Ace. However, that doesn’t make winning impossible. Using the right strategy can tip the scales in your favor.

The great thing about Blackjack is it’s not all up to chance. While it is true that luck plays a big role in getting that winning hand, skill is just as important. That’s why you must master the Blackjack strategy if you want to maximize your bankroll to the fullest.

Strategies for Soft Hands

When you are dealt a soft hand, you are in luck since they are much more forgiving. However, no matter how good your hand is, you must make the right moves if you want it to be a winner. Here are the best strategy tips you can follow for a soft hand in Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack:

  • A Soft 13-17: always hit
  • Soft 13 or 15: double down against the dealer’s 5 or 6
  • For a Soft total of 15 or 16: double down against dealer’s 4-6
  • Soft 17: double down against dealer’s 3-6
  • Soft 18: double down against dealer’s -6, stand against dealer’s 7 or 8, hit against dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace
  • On a Soft 19: stand except against dealer’s 6
  • Soft 20: always stand


You should rarely surrender when you have a soft hand since the Ace gives you a fair advantage against the dealer’s cards. Instead, aim to be aggressive at getting as near to 21 as you can without busting.

Strategies for Hard Hands

Playing with a hard hand in Blackjack requires more patience and skill, but with the right know-how, you can still win consistently. Since the number of Aces in a deck is limited, you are most likely to be playing with a hard hand a majority of the time, so mastering hard-hand Blackjack strategy is the cornerstone of great gameplay. Here’s our strategy rundown for surrender multi-hand Blackjack:

  • A Hard 4-8: always hit
  • Hard 9: always hit, double down against dealer’s 3-6
  • Hard 10: always hit, double down against dealer’s -9
  • On a Hard 11: always double down
  • Hard 12: always hit except against dealer’s 4-6; then, stand
  • With Hard 13 or 14: stand against the dealer’s -6; otherwise, hit
  • Hard 15: stand against dealer’s -6, hit against dealer’s 7-9; otherwise, surrender
  • Hard 16: stand against dealer’s -6, hit against dealers 7 or 8; otherwise, surrender
  • On a Hard 17: always stand except against dealer’s Ace; then, surrender
  • Hard 18: always hit

Splitting Pairs

When you receive pairs in surrender multi-hand Blackjack, you have the potential to increase your earning potential by splitting them. Splitting is a great strategy in many cases, but it is not always the right option for your hand. Consider splitting in these scenarios in Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack:

  • If you have pairs of or 3: split against the dealer’s 4-7
  • Pairs of 4: split against dealer’s 5 or 6
  • Pairs of 6: split against dealer’s 3-6
  • For pairs of 7: split against dealer’s -7
  • Pairs of 8: always split
  • Pairs of 9: split except against dealer’s 7, 10, or Ace; then, stand
  • For pairs of Aces: always split


You should never split face cards or tens. Even though there is a small possibility that this split could result in 21, your odds of winning are stronger with a 20 versus other hands you might receive. Also, Pairs of 5 shouldn’t be split since having a starting hand of 10 is a favorable position to be in. Splitting the cards is more likely to put you in a weaker position.

Things to Consider

Playing this game at your favorite online casino is a great way to mix things up or sharpen your strategy skills. Here are a few things to consider while you’re playing:

Take Advantage of Playing Multiple Hands
When you have multiple hands in play, you can use a few different strategies at the same time since the hands operate independently of one another. This means that you can play aggressively on some and conservatively on others. This adds a new layer of excitement to the game while helping you strengthen your gameplay skills and stack your bankroll.

Implement the “No Bust Hand” Strategy
One popular strategy that players use in Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack is the “no bust hand” strategy. When you play this way, you should designate one hand per round that you avoid busting on. This means that you should stand on any total of 16 or less. Then, you can play more aggressively on another, where you only stand on a total of 20 or 21.

Take Time to Think
When you play Surrender One-Hand Blackjack online, you have the freedom to take as much time as you need to make your decisions. Take advantage of this by putting plenty of thought into each move before you make it. Make sure to read sufficient online casino reviews to get an idea of the game, before going full into real money betting.

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Surrender Multi-Hand Blackjack Guide FAQs

Why should you always split 8s in surrender multi-hand blackjack?

A hard total of 16 in blackjack is a weak hand. Hitting on a hard 16 is risky for busting, but standing leaves you too far away from 21 to have an edge over the dealer. Splitting the hand allows you to get closer to 21.

Why is a soft hand ideal in blackjack?

Since the Ace can count as 1 or 11, your chances of busting are lower, which makes it a stronger hand.

What is the best casino card game for beginners?

Surrender multi-hand blackjack is a great option for beginners since the rules are simple, and players can have multiple hands in play, which allows them to strengthen their skills faster.

How many hands can you play at once in surrender multi-hand blackjack?

Most variations of surrender multi-hand blackjack allow players to have up to five hands in play at one time.

What is the house edge in surrender multi-hand blackjack?

The house edge, or the percentage of advantage the casino has over players, is under .50% in most online casinos.