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Triple Edge Poker Guide

Triple Edge Poker Guide

Triple Edge Poker is an entertaining game that those who fancy playing poker table games would love. It’s a three-card poker variation developed by BetSoft, featured in almost all top-class online casinos. The features of this game are not any different from three-card poker since it has the Ante and Pair Plus bets. Additionally, the game allows you to play a lot of hands at a go. You are only required to build your superior hand with only three cards, and if your cards are strong enough, your payout gets bigger. By placing the side bet, you are open to winning cash bonuses and getting involved in online casino activity. Get to know more about the game in this detailed Triple Edge Poker Guide. You will learn about the gameplay, the best strategies, and a few key details that would come in handy to give you that well-deserved win.

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Triple Edge Poker Guide: The Game in Question

Triple Edge Poker is a popular casino poker game developed by Betsoft Gaming. In this variant, players aim to beat the dealer’s hand by forming the best poker hand possible using three cards dealt to them. It offers an exciting twist on traditional poker games and is known for its fast-paced gameplay and potential for big payouts.

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Triple Edge Poker Guide: The Hand Ranking

The hand rankings in triple edge poker are organized in a hierarchy common to all other poker games.

  • Straight Flush: This is when three cards of the same kind appear numerically adjacent to each other. The dealer and player will hold a straight flush, and the hand bearing the biggest card is named the winner.
  • Three Of A Kind: These are cards matching in rank. The dealer and the player hold three of a kind, and the highest-ranking hand is declared the winner.
  • Straight: These are three cards, appearing numerically adjacent without following suit. The players and dealers hold a straight, and the winning hand has the highest value.
  • Flush: These are three cards of a similar suit, where the player and dealer will hold a flush, and the hand bearing the highest card will be named the winner.
  • Pair: This bears two cards that are matching and an additional third card that does not suit. The dealer and the player will hold up matching cards, and the highest value will be declared the winner.

Triple Edge Poker Guide: Learning How To Play

BetSoft designed this game by focusing on making it easy for people to play. The game allows you to play multiple hands, and with all of these involved, you get a choice to make a winning hand. Of course, your winning hand has to be better than the dealer’s hand, which is how you will win.

The rules for playing this game are pretty simple, and the standard rankings involved in poker still apply. When starting each hand, you are allowed to make a maximum of two bets. The beginning bet is a Pair plus side bet, and if you place it, you are gambling whether your final hand will be a pair or better. The other bet in this category is the Ante Bet, and this bet needs to be placed for you to get cards.

Below are some simplified steps on how to play triple edge poker.

Game Rules

There are simple triple edge poker rules to have in mind before you choose to play this game. The rules do not differ much from the three card poker confirming how the two games are related. You can go with the option of placing the main bet or a side bet.

Here are a few rules to follow;

  • If you want to place an Ante Bet, you are required to increase your stake by the same bet amount after your cards have been revealed.
  • You automatically lose the Ante Bet if you place a fold.
  • The dealer qualifies when their hand has a queen or better.
  • When the dealer’s cards qualify, you get to win the play and Ante Bet. Your hand, therefore, has to bet better than the dealer’s hand, according to the paytable rules.
  • If your dealer does not qualify, your Ante Bet wins, and you get a 1:1 payout.
  • There will be a push when you tie, and your dealer qualifies
  • All payouts will be paid out based on the paytable
  • If you want to win the plus bet, you need to have a pair or better within your cards. The payout for this bet will be given per the pair paytable.

Make A Bet

The first step is to make your bets. You have the freedom to choose between the Ante Bet and the pair plus bet. Additionally, you are also allowed to place both of the bets. The Ante Bet is characterized by a square on the table where your bets need to go. For the pair plus bet, look into the circle on the table with a P+.

Dealing Cards

The dealer will hand you three cards, and they will hold three cards facing down. You can only check your card when choosing what needs to happen next.

Ride Or Fold

After being dealt the cards, you need to check them to choose between the fold or ride. If you wish to proceed with the match, click on the ride button. Nonetheless, if you are not impressed by your hands, you are free to go with the fold. By folding, you are on the losing side of the bet.

Dealer Qualifications

By choosing the ride, your dealer will show their cards. If it happens your dealer’s cards have a queen or better, their bet qualifies. However, if your dealer does not have the cards, you get to win an Ante Bet going from 1 to 1.


Once your winning bet is settled, you will proceed to play the pair plus bet. The only way to win a pair plus bet is when you hold a pair or better among your cards.

Triple Edge Poker Guide | The Payouts

Luckily, the simplicity of playing triple edge poker does not leave room for complex game strategies. Instead, you have to follow a few steps, and you could be bagging some huge wins. To get the winning hand, you need to have three cards. With a queen, a six, and a four or better, you can select the ride option to boost your bet. If your hand has less than the numbers mentioned here, you get the fold.

The payouts are listed below.

Ante Bet

  • Straight flush -5:1
  • Straight-1:1
  • Three of a kind-4:1
  • Dealer not qualifying-1:1 for the Ante Bet

Pair Plus

  • Straight flush-40:1
  • Three of a kind-30:1
  • Straight-6:1
  • Flush-4:1
  • Pair-1:1

Pair Plus Bets

When betting a pair plus in triple edge poker, you get a win when three cards have a flush, pair, straight, straight flush, and three of a kind. In this game, you have a possibility of 22,000 combinations of three cards, and the order of appearance is not relevant at all. This makes it an appealing option for those looking to try online poker free of charge.

It is important to note that flushes will appear frequently compared to straights. And this is why straights have higher pay than flushes when playing pair plus. There are a few casinos that have an addition of the mini-royal on the paytable. The mini royals are made up of the ace, queen, and king appearing in a similar suit. The vast rewards are gotten when the dealer hands you a three-of-a-kind or a straight flush in pair plus bets. The payouts vary from casino to casino, but they mainly start from a 1-1 pair. High up the top table, a straight flush is likely to get a 40-1 payoff while a three-of-a-kind gets a 30-1.

The 40-1 payout implies that if you wager $5 and you get dealt a straight flush, your winnings will be at $200, subtracting your $5 in the process. The highest-paying hands may not pay much compared to playing five-card games, but they appear often. But again, it is infrequent to get five-card flushes, making online poker free games like triple-edge poker an exciting alternative.

Triple Edge Poker Guide | The Odds

As we had mentioned before, the Ante Bet is, to begin with, after checking your cards. After that, you could either fold or place a bet that is equivalent to your ante. If your dealer does not have a queen or better at your time of betting, then they do not get to play. You will proceed to win a 1-1 on the Ante Bet, and you get a push, irrespective of whether your dealer’s hand loses. If the dealer has the queen or better, he will play. You are tasked with beating the dealer to win.

By winning, you get a 1-1 on the ante and the play bet. If you do not win, the dealer will take the play bet and the Ante Bet. Nevertheless, to beat a dealer, the hands that are not holding a pair will first be considered in order of the highest card. Then, if the highest card in your hand is equal to that of the dealer, the second-highest card will be used to break the tie.

If all the cards dealt are equal, the hand is considered a tie, and you will be given your bets back.

Triple Edge Poker Guide | Winning Strategies

Ante Bet Strategy

The standard strategy to use when playing the Ante Bet is wagering when you have a queen-6-4 or better. If your hand is not as high as that, then it is appropriate to fold. This implies that you can only bet on pairs or better. If your hand wins on the pair plus, use it to bet as an ante-play combo. If you lack a pair or better, make a play bet at any moment your highest-ranking card is a King or an Ace.

It does not matter how high your other cards rank. If any of your cards is lower, the best to do is fold regardless of how high your other cards are. However, when you do not possess a better pair, your top-ranking card is a queen, and the separation line comes into play. In such a situation, the choice entirely relies on the second card or even the third on some occasions.

Here are a few guidelines to consider as you make play bets when you do not have any pair or better and the queen is your highest-ranking card.

  • If the second-highest card in your hand is 7 or above, bet on a queen hand, notwithstanding the third card.
  • If the second-highest card in your hand is a 6, wager on the queen only if the third card is either a 4 or a 5.
  • If your second high card is a 6, fold on the queen hand if your third card appears as a or 3
  • If your second high card is ranked at 5 or lower, fold on the queen without considering the third card.

Ante Bonuses and House Edge

To figure out the house edge, you have to pay attention to one of the most significant aspects of this game. Anytime your ante hand is a straight, straight flush, or a three-of-a-kind, you will be awarded an ante bonus. The bonuses will be disbursed on your ante, and the rewards do not apply to the play bet. You will be awarded an ante bonus if you have a good hand, even if the dealer defeats you. The commonly used paytable is the 5-4 payout system that initially comes with the game. You will get to know two different things about the game from the two house edges.

In terms of percentage, the house edge creates a baseline for ordinary losses when playing the ante. For example, if you usually bet an ante of 45, you would incur losses averaging less than 17 cents for every hand. On the other hand, if you had 100 hands, each worth $5, and played a Q-6-4 basic strategy, your losses would be at an average of $16.85. However, these figures are only significant if you make bets equivalent to your ante more than half your betting time. For instance, if you start at $5 for 100 hands, your losses still stand at $16.85, but the total bet amount might be up to $840.

The house edge is .0%, the fraction of money the house keeps from your total wagering amount. These figures make triple-edge poker a better game than other games with a higher percentage of the house edge.

Optimal Betting Strategy

The Triple Edge Poker Guide provides valuable insights into the optimal triple-edge poker strategy, which is extraordinarily straightforward. On the first occasion, a player should not choose the pair plus and should mainly consider the play bet if they hold a hand that does not bear the suited queen, 6, 4, or better. If the player’s hand has a Q, 3, 5, the second-ranking card will be 5, which is less than 6, and the Triple Edge Poker Guide strategy suggests that you fold. However, if your hand has a Q, 6, 5, the third-ranking card will be five, seemingly higher than 4, so the best action is to go with the play bet.

Where a single table allows multiple hands to play, or you can see the hands fellow players hold before you decide to bet, the supplementary information about the rest of the available cards, as explained in the Triple Edge Poker Guide, will influence the proper play strategy. The only downside to this is that when playing a single hand in the optimal strategy, you will have a hard time making decisions using the single hand. Therefore, you might need a calculator to make it easy to input the extra information and get a winning strategy.

Minimum Betting Stake For Triple Edge Poker

It is essential to understand the minimum and maximum stake amounts for a triple-edge poker game. The prices differ from table to table, and if you choose to play at a $5 minimum table, you will play a hand with a total of $10. $5 is for the Ante Bet, and the other $5 is for the play bet if you wish to keep and face your hand with that of the dealer.

The ante chips should always have the same value when you play. However, the value may differ if both chips are different for wager amounts.

Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Triple Edge Poker

Triple edge poker was derived from the three-card poker variation of poker. Despite being one of the newest poker games, the game has seen massive growth to become popular in casinos.

One impressive feature of triple card poker is how it effortlessly combines bonuses on payouts and a simple strategy. But this does not make triple edge poker any different from games that need a system. That leaves some room for some people to make mistakes, which we will look at in this section.

Ignoring the Use Of Strategy in the Game

There are many avenues and channels where gambling fans can get tips and strategies to boost their returns. One of the most talked-about strategies is not playing anything under the queen or playing the Ante Bet. The need to take some figures on the house’s general percentage is genuinely fulfilling, but you need to consider the Ante Bet.

Do not also play the fold, some people choose to play fold, and they do this without looking at their cards. A common logic in this situation is that you will enjoy all hands if you are at the table. But there is nothing enjoyable when you lose a lot more often. The house has a 7.6% edge over you when you play fold, and this is not a good figure in almost all games. However, in line with how this game is easy to play, you could look at your cards and play according to this information.

Choosing Between The Pair Plus Bet And Ante Bet

To begin playing triple edge poker, you are presented with the option to bet a pair plus or an Ante Bet. The wager on either of these bets is equivalent to half the minimum bet at the table. Pair Plus is treated as an additional game and can help you circumvent the initial game. If your dealer hands you a pair, you are eligible to get a bonus payout. Any results below that will result in a loss. The Ante Bet is regarded as a component of the initial game. If you are satisfied with your hand, you can wager to confirm if your hand is better than the dealer’s.

Pair plus bet is always quantified to be superior, considering that their house edge lies at .32%. It is scarce to find casino bets that offer such low house advantage rates. This situation makes it a common phenomenon to play the pair plus bet. The Ante Bet house edge is at 3.37%, and this figure makes it less superior than the pair plus bet. But for risk purposes, the Ante Bet seems to be more reasonable. It is not wrong to say that most casino players know the term house edge, simply the money to be won by the casino.

Betting on Risky Systems

Several gamblers prefer using betting systems to win games that have even payouts. These games are pretty impressive for betting systems because they are likely to win from each return. Such betting approaches give you a chance to manipulate profits within a short time. A few systems to use in triple-edge poker include Martingale, D’Alembert, Labouchere, and Parole. This is legal because an Ante Bet will pay approximately 44.92% of the best if the strategy is worthwhile. However, compared to other casino games, you cannot win profits in the long term when using systems in a triple-edge poker game.

On a good note, you are likely to bag some huge wins with the short-term best when the system is better. But it is improbable that a strategy will change anything about the house edges, whether for the ante or pair plus bet.

Gambling systems are better when used to improve your Triple Edge Poker Game, but not as a way to win more enormous profits.

Trying to Gain an Advantage by Playing Multiple Hands

One of the biggest mistakes triple-edge poker enthusiasts make playing many hands intending to get more profits. A few casinos would allow you to play more than one hand at a go, and players will directly assume that they are getting an advantage


The Triple Edge Poker Guide can help you better understand the intricacies of the game. The triple-edge poker game is straightforward, and the strategies are not as complicated as you would think. The main thing to pay attention to is the card in your hand and having to click, fold or ride. For example, if you have three cards that are likely to form a combination, the best thing to do is click ride. But if your cards do not have any connection and the values are lower, you will have to give up and click fold. So not only does this game come with lucrative winning hands, but you also get some good entertainment that will keep you glued to your seat all through.

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Triple Edge Poker Guide FAQs

Is Triple Edge Poker A Good Game?

Yes, it is. Triple edge poker is just like three card poker, and the latter has received considerable attention. The game has grown in popularity among online casino players and is easier to play. Apart from the wins, the game also gives some good entertainment, just what you would expect from a land-based casino.

What Is The House Edge In Triple Edge Poker?

In the triple edge poker game, the house edge is at .01%, lower than expected. However, it is essential to add that the house edge improves tremendously when playing with side bets.

Can You Land A Pair In A Triple Edge Poker?

The chances of landing a pair are very slim, going by the probability. Going by the likelihood of landing hands, this is the second hardest hand to land, but you could be lucky enough to land only that one chance and win.

Can You Use Strategies When Playing Triple Edge Poker?

Many pro players usually equip themselves with one or two strategies to play triple edge poker. These strategies are always essential when you need to boost your winning chances. For example, in the triple edge poker game, some hands can either fold or play. With this, you can get the hands that have a lower house edge giving you more significant returns.

Can I Play Triple Edge Poker Online?

Yes, it is possible to play triple edge poker online. This is a promising avenue for people who want to get involved in the game. Additionally, online casinos have better payouts than in-house casinos. The games are also favorable, and you can play multiple of them from the comfort of your couch. You can play at your own pace without having a dealer to run your games.

Can I Count Cards In Triple Edge Poker?

While counting cards is possible in land-based casinos, it is an entirely different case for online casinos. All virtual games run using a Random Number Generator to identify which cards will play. You might be lucky enough to count cards when playing live poker games with a group of people. But the chances are very minimal, and you also need to watch out because you would get banned for such activity.

Can Beginner Players Win At Triple Edge Poker?

Yes, they can. We have seen how triple edge poker is easy to play, and all its strategies are easy to implement. Every gambler knows that playing new games in an online casino can be intimidating, but there are many ways you can navigate this problem and find it easy. For example, you can start by playing the demo version and get more practice time on your own. This way, you will also not move slower, wasting time for the other players.

Which Bet Is Better, The Pair Plus Or Ante And Play?

The ante and play could be having the highest house edge, but it is the better bet to make. One reason for this is that it has a reduced risk element and the winnings are considerably better than what you would have gotten when playing the pair plus.