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Casino War Guide

Casino War Guide

Which card game do you remember playing as a child? For some, it’s 21, Five-card Draw, or ‘Go Fish.’ And for others, it’s ‘War.’ War was a great children’s game due to its simplicity. You’d hardly find that in a sophisticated place like a casino. But it exists, and it’s known as “Casino War.” Our Casino War Guide will help you learn more about its history, rules, strategies, and how you can play the game online.

Casino War Guide: Engaging in Thrilling Gaming Battles

Casino War is a simple, fast-paced card game that involves players going against a dealer to pick winnings and get profits. Although there’s a house advantage between -3%, it’s still exciting to try and increase your bankroll alongside other players. Its resemblance to other familiar card games and simplicity attract gamblers to sit and play one or two games. The game is available both in traditional brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Hence, you will be catered for, depending on your preference. Playing Casino War comes with several benefits, including building a robust bankroll!

Casino War Game: A Brief History

Today, our Casino War Guide brings you a short story about the game.

The first card game many people played was “War.” It was ideal for beginners and simple to play. A deck of cards was shuffled and divided (randomly) into two stacks. Two players would hold each half face down and turn over the top card. Any player with a higher card would win and take the opponent’s card. “Go to War” would come into existence if the two players’ cards were equal. The objective of the War game was to have every card in the deck. And then the winner would sing and laugh, while his opponent might cry. They could play again by shuffling the cards.

Each player puts down three cards to face down and one to face up. The one with a higher card (facing up) would win the war and take all the laid-down cards. If the face-up cards tied, they’d go to a Double War, repeating the process for a larger stash of cards.

Around 1970, a casino owner in Las Vegas noticed that certain players were looking for the perfect card game but couldn’t find it in any casino, including his. They wanted an exciting, fast-moving card game with great winning odds, that was easy to learn and start playing. They weren’t willing to spend time learning poker or a blackjack strategy (which was a bit complex to understand), and baccarat seemed too strange. Hence, the casino owner came up with a clever idea of bringing the old game of War into the casino, making it a casino game.

Everybody knows how to play the game or could learn within a minute. War was fast-moving and fun and didn’t have any complex strategies to master. Hence, the Casino War game came to life.

How Is Casino War Different from the Known Game of War?

The major difference between the old-fashioned War and the Casino War game is that the latter can be played with real money. A player places a bet on the table while they and the dealer get a card. The player wins if their card is higher, and they get returns on their money. Most experienced players believe that winning real money is more fun than winning an opponent’s card.

Another difference is that the Casino War game has no defined end. After each hand, the cards will be shuffled back into the deck, so the game never runs out of cards. That gives players the freedom to enjoy Casino War for as long as they want.

In the 1990s, after creating online casinos, developers quickly built Casino War as an online game. Casino War developers did a fantastic job replicating the game’s excitement, look, and feel online. They also created the software to ensure total randomness and fairness of the online version. That significant step in the history of the Casino War has resulted in thousands of individuals who hadn’t played War in several years discovering the thrill and fun of playing the game online.

Casino War Guide: Learning to Play

Casino War is one of the simplest card games you can find at a casino, whether you like playing online or prefer the traditional brick-and-mortar game. The game is played using 6 decks of cards, ranked according to the standard poker rankings. Note that you only need to focus on two cards on each hand; hence, you’re not memorizing any odd rankings or complex hands in the game.

Game Rules

The dealer deals a card (facing up) to each player and a single card for themselves, and one of these scenarios plays out:

  • The value of your card is the same as the dealer’s card — a Tie
  • If the value of the dealer’s card is higher than your card — The dealer wins
  • Also, if the value of the dealer’s card is lower than your card — You win


The first scenario is the most interesting. It results in the game’s trademark name — a player chooses to either ‘go to war’ or ‘surrender.’ If you choose to surrender, you’ll be able to stop playing and get half of your wager back. However, if you decide to go to war, you’ll make your bet, and the dealer burns three cards. They’ll deal one to themselves and one to you (facing up).

If the dealer’s card is higher than your second card, the dealer wins, and you’ll lose both your second and original bet. But if your second card beats or matches the dealer’s, you will get back your original wager and win more money. The game is fun and easy to play — just ensure you’re not placing a dummy side bet.

Bets and Odds

Depending on the casino where you play, you may likely find slight variations in terms of odds. Betting on a game will pay even money. Hence, a win on your $10 bet will earn you $10 in addition to the $10 you staked. The ante is your standard bet, and it’s marked on every Casino War table.

Tie (Side Bet)

When you look at a Casino War game table, you’ll see another betting option alongside the ‘war’ (second bet) and ‘ante’ (original bet) options called the side bet (or tie). This option pays the highest and usually offers 10:1 odds, an excellent payday for those who predict ties regularly. That means a $10 on a tie will pay you $110 (including your $10 stake) if you win. The most a player can make from a game without a tie is even money; hence, it’s a fair game. Both the dealer and the player have a 46.3% chance of winning.

At this point, you might be wondering where the house advantage sets in. In a Casino War game, the house advantage usually comes from a tie. However, a tie bet gives a huge house edge of 18.6%, something you don’t want to face. Unless you’re feeling lucky, it’s advisable to avoid choosing the tie.

Double Tie Bonus

A couple of casinos offer a “Double Tie” bonus, which pays out an extra bet unit. This bonus is given if another tie occurs after going to war. In the event of a second tie, you’ll win half your doubled wager. However, some casinos usually pay out 3: or even money (1:1) on your doubled wager. In six-deck games, the bonuses reduce the house advantage to 1.24% (in a 3: bonus) or .33% (even money bonus).

Several players prefer to play games that have this bonus to increase their chances of an extra win. If you find a version of Casino War that pays out any bonus without risking a further bet, you can play.

A Favourable House Advantage

As shown above, your chance of beating a dealer on any hand is 50.27%. That puts the Casino War among the few games where you have a higher chance of beating the dealer. Of course, if the dealer wins after a declaration of war, losing the two bets brings you back to square one. However, putting aside the rare chance of 3.42%, you’ll be sitting on every non-war hand.

Learn the Best Strategies for Winning with this Casino War Guide

It might be amazing to know that there are strategies and casino war tips to help maximize your winnings in this simple card game. When you get more details about the Casino War game, you’ll begin to understand how to avoid silly errors while playing. It’s a great idea to begin playing the Casino War game for free, so you can get a feel of the game before putting some real money into it. That way, you can grasp how it works and perfect your techniques before putting your hard-earned money on the line.

Don’t Ever Consider Surrendering

The first strategy you should take to the casino when looking to play this war-based casino game is never to surrender. You’d make Winston Churchill proud. When you choose to surrender during a game, you are reducing your winning odds rather than playing safe (as you would expect). You will forfeit half of your original wager if you surrender while the house has a 3.7 advantage. However, if you go to war, the advantage will decrease to a more manageable .8%. If you choose to hang on and never surrender, you will get a 50-50 winning chance despite the need to wager again for your original bet to continue. Going this route is always worth it.

Always Keep an Eye on the Ace Card

Aces are high in Casino War. Hence it is no surprise that having them with you is a great advantage. Be on the lookout and try to spot the patterns in which an Ace is dealt. That way, you might be able to predict their next appearance correctly. This practice might seem very simple, and there’s indeed no way to ascertain the value of the next card you’ll be dealt. But it’s a great idea to keep an eye on the cards that have been dealt and the ones you’re expecting subsequently.

It’s up to you to take action using that information. You can either bet conservatively or big when you feel an Ace is due — it will either go to the dealer or the player, and you know where you’d rather be sitting.

Play With Small Wagers

Another essential strategy to note when playing the game is your bet size. In our Casino War Guide, we emphasize the importance of playing with smaller wagers while seated at the table, as it is always a smart choice. As with every casino game, the house edge on Casino War is 0.8% when you decide to go to war (which is always recommended). There’s no bonus or jackpot to be won that gives you an advantage when betting big. You will only get back the amount you put in. That’s why you don’t have to bet huge amounts, especially if you don’t have much. If you enjoy playing with smaller wagers, ensure to stick with them as you look forward to more relative wins.

Your wagers will keep doubling on each win, and a little profit is a good profit. It’s better than losing a large amount at once.

Avoid the Side Bet (Tie)

Although we have discussed this earlier, it’s still essential to make it a vital part of your strategy. Ensure always to avoid the side bet (tie), regardless of how lucky you feel. At first glance, a tie sounds pretty enticing. It has a 10:1 payout with good odds, and you’ll encounter several ties throughout the game, making you always want to try your luck. But the thing is, this bet isn’t worth it as the chances of getting a tie are too low. That’s why casinos put out such a high payout — they hardly get things wrong.

During a standard Casino War game, the dealer and the player have the same chance to win this game 46.3% each to get a victory. You don’t need to be a genius to know that the chance of hitting the tie is 7.4% — not quite encouraging, especially given the 10:1 odds. If you choose to make a bet, the house advantage will increase to 18.5 percent. While this sounds bad, when you consider the fact that it would only be within the 3% mark, it further worsens the situation.

Know When to Pull Out of the Game

Another strategy you need to note in Casino War is to know the exact time to pull out of the table and call it a day or try your luck on another game. It’s advisable to have a point in your bankroll at which you’ll call it quits or set a time to stop playing the game. Regardless of whether you want to keep going, you’re on a losing or winning streak, or you’re feeling lucky, you must walk away as soon as you hit the predetermined time. Although this isn’t a strategy, it’s also essential to ensure you only bet with an amount you can afford to lose. You can use the betting money to pay your house rent, but never use your house rent money to bet.

Choose a Preferred Deposit Method

When playing for real money, go to the banking area of the casino site and select your preferred payment method. You can check out the Welcome Bonus that the site offers to get more from your deposited amount. Fund your player account by sending the amount from your selected banking method. In our Casino War Guide, you’ll find tips on locating the game. Check the specialty games area or the Table Games at the casino site to find your favorite Casino War game. Keep in mind that some casinos also call it Top Card Trumps. Play the game for free or for real money.

Manage Your Bankroll

It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing — whether it’s roulette or Casino War — it’s always a great idea to have an objective. In our Casino War Guide, we emphasize the importance of managing your bankroll. If you’re only playing the game for fun, ask yourself this question, “How much am I willing to lose before it’s no longer fun?” If you’re not able to answer this question, it’s advisable to decide on the bankroll.

The first step in this strategy involves working out the amount you won’t mind losing while playing the game. If you’re bringing $100 to the casino table, it’s advisable to set a unit amount (about $1) of the bankroll. Here, each bet can have a $ unit stake. If you’re undisciplined (which isn’t a good attitude in Casino War) and choose to stake your entire bankroll, your chance of winning will be 50-50. On the other hand, if you lose the bet, it’s game over. If you’re the type who doesn’t take losses well, you would have the urge to win your money back, which may lead to another $100 bet. If you lose this again, things can become emotional. That’s why you always need to manage your bankroll. Don’t allow a big loss to set you on a destructive path.

Have fun and play smart, if that’s your aim. If you’re looking to play Casino War to amass some serious gain, you’ll want to keep an eye on what happens if there is a tie.

The House Edge of Casino War Vs. Other Popular Table Games

Casino War offers a lower house advantage (.88%) than most players can imagine. A few table games have a better house edge, including blackjack (0.5%), European Roulette (.7%), etc. But several table games offer a worse house advantage, including Big Six Wheel (11.11%), Let It Ride (3.51%), and 3-Card Poker (3.37%).

Although these games are more popular among sharp and casual gamblers alike, Casino War beats them with its significantly reduced house advantage. If your main concern is bankroll management, consider Casino War over Double-zero Roulette. Although they are both games of luck, Casino War offers a house advantage that’s nearly twice better.

The Benefits of Playing for Real Money

New online gamers may wonder why they should play the Casino War game. For starters, this card game is unique, and it offers a great variation for card gaming. Its rules are easy to grasp, and once you have a good strategy, you can bet with real cash and win more money.

Anyone new to online casino games will discover that Casino War is a great place to start because the game is pretty simple to understand and master. There is only one starting bet you’ll be worried about. Since many people have played the basic variation of this game during their childhood, picking it up is easy.

You can easily play Casino War for real money on your mobile device. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device, you can play this game variant using your smartphone. Although there’s no dedicated Casino War app, card game fans can easily replicate the desktop experience by playing it in-browser.

One advantage of playing the game on your mobile device is enjoying Casino War on the go. As long as there’s an Internet connection, playing the game for real money is possible wherever you are.

Choosing an Online Casino to Play

Due to its fast-paced play and easy rules, Casino War is very popular among online casinos. Hence, it’s not surprising to know that there are several places to enjoy the game. When selecting an online casino, it’s essential to look for reliable options with the right licenses. Casino sites in the US and the UK are often regulated and licensed by governments that sometimes do not protect the customers and their data as they ought to. So, ensure to check well before registering.

The safest place is in the brick-and-mortar casinos available across some states. You can easily confirm if the casinos have the correct regulations and legislation or not before playing. That shouldn’t stop you from gaming online, though it’s essential to be careful when looking for a new online casino to play. We recommend sticking to the big sites with great reputations like Vegas Aces to avoid stories that touch.


Casino War is among the simplest table games you can find. It’s also among the fastest, especially if you play online. And that’s why you need to watch your bankroll regularly. Our Casino War Guide will show you that aside from the lots of fun and ease of play, you’ll also find that Casino War isn’t a high-risk game. It has a relatively low house advantage, which means that it won’t strip you of your bankroll in the long run.

Now that you’ve learned all about Casino War, we hope you’re prepared to try the game. Otherwise, we recommend visiting Vegas Aces to play a Casino War demo version or free game to help boost your confidence! Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every casino news.

Casino War Guide FAQs

How to Play Casino War?

Casino War is among the simplest table games you'll find. A card is dealt to the dealer and one to each player. If the dealer's card value is lower than yours, you win! Otherwise, you lose. If the dealer's card value is the same as yours, you can choose to 'Go to War' and aim to beat your dealer with the next card.

Is There a Sure Strategy to Win Casino War?

There's no sure way to beat any casino game, including Casino War. You may find general strategies like managing your bankroll, playing small wagers, staying away from the tie (side bet), and progressive overload of your bet to maximize your profits. Apart from these, your winning is dependent on luck.

What Are the Odds for Casino War?

Casino War odds vary due to the existence of different variables. The house advantage of a basic ante bet is between % and 3%, and this increases a bit if you choose to surrender and not battle in the war. The side bet offers a much higher house advantage of about 25%, so winning this is close to impossible.

Is Card Counting Effective in This Game?

Card counting isn't really effective since the Casino War game is symmetrical. Every payout is even money, and removal doesn't have much effect. Even if you know that the cards consist mainly of high cards, it won't still help you since the player and the dealer both have the same chances of getting them.

Can I Play Casino War on Mobile Phone?

Several casino sites allow players to enjoy Casino War on their mobile phones. The game is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. All you need is an Internet connection, and you can play the game on the go.
Players can enjoy the same fun and gaming experience as they do on the desktop version. Besides, they can also play Casino War on their mobile phones for real money.