Top Card Trumps Guide

Top Card Trumps Guide

Everything You Need To Know with this Top Card Trumps Guide

Top Card Trump isn’t related to most games with similar names, even though they involve game cards. The Top Card Trumps software was developed by Betsoft, an industry-leading provider with a wide range of online casino table and slot gaming software. Top Card Trumps is a fascinating, fast-paced game with several resemblances to older card game software. However, players can still have their games against the dealer. Make selections of your stake amount with a maximum of 100 and a minimum of 1. You can also place a side bonus bet popularly known as “Tie” to win 10:1.  Are you still doubting the thrills and fun the Top Card Trumps game offers? This Top Card Trumps guide covers the history, basic rules, and tips of the game. After reading through, you would understand the basics and strategies that can help you while playing.

The History

Top Card Trumps is very similar to Casino War — a game initially patented in the early 90s by BET Tech, a small US-based company. After this time, it began to feature in five Nevada-based land casinos. About ten years later, it had spread like wildfire and became a favorite among gamblers across the globe.

The game’s entertainment and simplicity were the primary factors behind its success. After a few years, several online casinos began to feature Top Card Trumps as a virtual card game. The Top Card Trumps software was developed by Betsoft, an industry-leading provider with a wide range of online casino table and slot gaming software.

Due to its increasing popularity, a live dealer version of the game was birthed. Today, you will find several Top Card Trumps Live games at numerous casinos, including those with unique bonuses or side bets.

Where Can I Play?

If there is no land-based casino within your locality, or you want to play Top Card Trumps without stepping out of your home, there’s a solution. Several online casinos offer the game on their sites or through mobile applications.

You also have the chance to play Top Card Trumps in a demo version to prepare you before playing for real money. However, there are some factors to consider before choosing the right online casino. We’ve explained them in this Top Card Trumps guide.

The Fundamentals of Top Card Trumps Guide

Once you find yourself seated at a Top Card Trumps game table, there are a couple of things you will observe. The game is very identical to several other table games online.

You can access the real money play area at the bottom right corner of your screen with green-colored fabrics, while the box displaying the account balance and wager are accessible at the bottom corner. You will also find three cards across the game table, which allow you to hit one or all of them at your discretion.

If you are lucky to make some winnings, you will get your payouts from the large balance displayed at the upper part of your screen. You can use the chip values to set your bet while drawing the funds towards the game table.

If a player wishes to try their luck with a single hand, they will need to place a wager with the same amount of your original bet (multiply by the number of hands active in a game). You can access the control buttons used to play the game at the bottom of the screen.

Game Rules

Unlike several other table games, Top Card Trumps doesn’t require you to guess the value of the next cards — in the end, it’s all a game of chance. It’s a head-to-head contest between a player and a dealer.

One or more players can participate in the game, but their aim isn’t to play against each other. Top Card Trumps is a popular game among casual bettors, as the betting structure and rules are very easy to learn and master.

Top Card Trumps is played using six decks of cards. Similar to the poker game, the cards are ranked the same, but the suits aren’t relevant. The Ace cards are ranked with the highest value.

The player needs to make a wager to start the game. The casino determines the bet limits (maximum and minimum amount) of the wager — this varies from table to table. It’s always advisable to check the betting limits of an online casino before playing the game for real money.

As soon as you settle the original wager, you and the dealer will get one card (facing up) each. If the dealer has the higher card, you will lose your wager. On the other hand, if your card is higher, you will win even money (an amount equal to your wager).

  • Go to War

If there’s a tie (you and the dealer have the same card value), you have to pick between two options. You can choose to surrender, which implies forfeiting 50% of your original wager. On the other hand, you may decide to “go to war.”

If you choose war, you must place another wager the same amount as your original bet. The dealer will “burn” (discard) three cards (top) from the deck, and then you and the dealer will get another card (facing up).

If your second card isn’t as high as the dealer’s second card, you will lose your two wagers. But if you tie with the dealer or have a higher card, you’ll have your money back on the initial wager and get even money on the raise.

  • Essential Terms

Some essential terms are used during the Top Card Trumps game, so ensure to learn them to enable quick and smooth gameplay.

  • Primary Wager

The player must place this wager before the dealer deals any cards.

  • Original Deal

An original deal is the first card the dealer deals to the player and themselves to decide the primary wager in a round.

  • Burn Card

A card that is removed from the deck by a dealer and placed (facing down) in a discard rack without revealing its value to any player.

  • Tie Wager

A tie wager or tie bet is optional. It’s a deal predicting the result of a round to be a tie.

  • Tie Hand

A tie hand implies that the value of the dealer’s card and the player’s card are equal. For instance, if a player has an Ace card and the dealer also has an Ace, it implies a tie.

  • War

A player can decide to go to ‘war.’ If a player decides to place a War Wager after a tie, the dealer confirms the placing of this bet before dealing more cards.

  • War Wager

A war wager is the amount placed if a player chooses to go to war. This wager is the same amount as the primary wager or ante bet of the player.

  • War Deal

This term refers to the dealing of new cards immediately after a war wager or bet.

Strategies to Win of Top Card Trumps Guide

Top Card Trumps is a very simple game, but you still require a solid plan to decrease the house advantage. While leaving everything to chance might sound easy, it’s not a smart move if you’re betting on Top Card Trumps using real money.

However, mastering the Top Card Trumps game isn’t rocket science. Players only need to note a few useful tips to start making the right move.

Since you now understand the basic rules of this game, you need to sharpen your skills. Here are some essential Top Card Trumps tips to help you achieve maximum results.

No Surrendering

In Top Card Trumps, players can either surrender or go to war. You have higher winning chances if you choose to go to war.

That’s because surrendering implies forfeiting half of your bet amount. Besides, the house gets a 3.7% edge when you surrender. But if you choose war, the house edge reduces to .8%.

Hence, persevering gives you a 50-50 winning chance. But you need to place a new wager equivalent to the ante bet before moving to the next round.

Don’t Make Side Bets

Aside from the ante bet, Top Card Trumps allows players to place an additional bet after a tie. At first, it may look like a great idea since it pays out 10 to 1. However, side bets aren’t useful.

The chance of having a tie is very low. The Top Card Trumps game involves six decks of cards that give both the player and the dealer equal winning chances. Hence, the probability that either of them will attain victory is 46.3%.

Hence the probability of having a tie during a Top Card Trumps game is 7.4%. And upon placing a side bet, the house advantage tremendously increases to over 18%, which is a big risk.

Know When to Walk Away

Knowing that the house will always have the edge over you would help you understand when to quit playing the game. Choose a specific time to cash your winnings. Once it’s time, quit without looking back.

Manage Your Bankroll

When you’re playing Top Card Trumps, it’s always wise to have a target. If you’re playing for fun, consider how much you’re willing to lose before it’s no longer fun. If you don’t have a specified amount, it’s advisable to set your bankroll.

If you’re bringing $100 to the table, you can set about $1 unit of your bankroll. An undisciplined player who decides to play their entire bankroll on only one hand will only have a 50-50 winning chance. Losing implies an end to the game.

If the player doesn’t take losses well, they might place another $100 bet in an effort to win the money back. They’ll become emotional if they lose the second bet too. Always manage your bankroll and don’t allow big losses to result in a wrong path.

Have fun and play smart if that’s your aim. If you’re playing Top Card Trumps to make some good profit, you’ll likely want to keep your eye on the result after a tie occurs.

Look Out for Aces

In a Top Card Trumps game, an Ace has the highest value. You can watch the intervals of the Aces the dealer deals.

If you’re yet to find an Ace card after a while, chances are it may soon appear. And getting it will result in either a tie or a win.

Note that you can’t know the exact time an Ace card will come. However, you want to be alert as you monitor the already dealt cards. That way, you’ll know whether to focus on the other cards or anticipate an Ace card.

Playing Top Card Trumps Online

While it’s prevalent in land-based casinos, Top Card Trumps isn’t widely available online. However, there are a few reliable online casinos to play the game. You don’t even have to sign up on these sites if you don’t wish to do so, as they allow you to play a demo version.

However, we’d suggest you take a few minutes to sign up on the site and remember that doing this doesn’t require a deposit. It’s a straightforward process — fill the forms within one or two minutes, and the account is ready for use. After creating an account, you can start playing and use the support features, including live chat, FAQs, and email, if you encounter any issues during gameplay.

When it comes to using free spins or playing with bonus funds, Top Card Trumps has reduced playthrough requirements due to the big bets and very low house advantage. Most beginners use it as an introduction game. Anyone who enters a casino for the first time will likely be interested in this game and learn the gameplay in no time.

Top Card Trumps is a fun way to bet your money without the possibility of exhaustion or boredom. We recommend you give it a try.

You will usually find Top Card Trumps under table casino games — it doesn’t fit the sports betting or slots area. Things might later change as the game has lots of potential to be moved to other themes and versions, and with the rise in social gaming, there might even be versions that you can enjoy with your friends and bet continually.

Choosing an Online Casino to Play

New players often get confused while searching for the right online casino to play Top Card Trumps. That’s because there are numerous sites available with different offers. You need to consider some factors when choosing the ideal casino, and here are some tips to help you.

  • Quick and Responsive Customer Support

Since online casinos have varying terms and conditions, it’s essential to inquire about more details. That’s where the services of a professional support agent come into play.

Choose an online casino with 24/7 availability and quick responding customer support representatives. You’ll want to get help whenever you need it and as fast as possible. Check that the site doesn’t only have email or phone support but also has a live chat feature.

  • Licensing

Before registering on an online casino website, ensure to check its license. Most casinos have a badge from their licensing authority in their website footer. Choose a gaming site with a license from top regulatory bodies like the UKGC, MGA, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and Curacao.

If the online casino you’re hoping to join has no license, skip it. You’ll find several other pine casinos like Vegas Aces.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

It’s also essential to consider the variety of promotions and bonuses a casino offers. A good casino site should offer an enticing welcome bonus along with other juicy promotions. You can also check out their loyalty program — it should also have great promotions and bonuses.

  • Security Measures

Several players are discouraged from playing games at online casinos primarily because of security and safety reasons. Numerous scam sites are selling their customers’ financial and personal details to the highest bidder.

Check that the casino site you’re playing at comes with an SSL certificate. It hides your transactions from prying eyes and stores your private details on private and safe servers. Some casinos like Vegas Aces even use firewalls to prevent hacker attacks.

  • Mobile Capabilities

Most individuals now spend more time on their mobile devices than ever before. It’s now a norm to do practically almost anything using your mobile phone, and online casinos know this. Hence, most of them have developed dedicated mobile applications to enable you to play Top Card Trumps from the comfort of your home using a mobile phone, following the “Top Card Trumps Guide.”

You can also play your favorite game through a browser-enabled phone. Always check that your preferred casino allows you to play Top Card Trumps on your mobile phone according to the “Top Card Trumps Guide.”

If your preferred casino ticks all these boxes, you are good to go. But if it doesn’t, kindly look further. But if you don’t have the time to search, we recommend playing Top Card Trumps on Vegas Aces, keeping in mind the “Top Card Trumps Guide” for the best gaming experience.

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Top Card Trumps Guide FAQs

Can I Count Cards in Top Card Trumps?

In a Top Card Trumps game, card counting isn't really possible since both the dealer and the player have equal possible outcomes. The best thing you can do to help increase your chances of winning is to monitor the dealings of cards with high values and predict how soon another one will appear.

Is Top Card Trumps a Fair Game?

Yes, the Top Card Trumps game is fair. It follows every strict rule of online casino table games. In live versions of this game, cards are automatically shuffled using machines, while virtual versions utilize software known as random number generator (RNG) to ensure fairness. Hence, it's purely a game of chance.

What's Card Burning?

Card burning refers to the act of removing a card from the game. This is done to maintain a sense of balance and fairness in the game.

What Are the Odds in Top Card Trumps?

The odds in a Top Card Trumps game vary depending on some variables. The player and the dealer each have about 46.3% winning chance). The house edge on a basic ante bet is about % to 3%, and this will boost a bit if you surrender your option to go to war. The side bet comes with a higher house advantage (an average of 25%).

Can I Play Top Card Trumps on Mobile?

Yes, you can. Several online casinos offering Top Card Trumps have dedicated mobile applications, which you can install on your mobile device to play the game. Whether you are using an Android phone, iPhone, or tablet, you can also play the game through your mobile browser. All you need to do is visit the website, log into your account, and start enjoying the game.