Boost the Wheel Slot

Boost the Wheel Slot

The Boost the Wheel Slot from Mancala Games is another game that meets the description of unique titles you may want to check out in our casino guides. It is a progressive slots wheel spin game with awesome payouts, and it functions a bit like a game show – even down to the subtle details, such as the elegant lady hosting the game.

Additionally, with glittering graphics complementing some quite remarkable multipliers, this game promises a hair-raising experience.

Step up and give that prize wheel a spin now.

How to Play the Boost the Wheel Slot

Boost the Wheel Slot doesn’t function like traditional online casino games under this tag. Instead of reels and rows, it operates using a prize wheel. To play the game, you just select a bet level and trigger a spin through the large ‘play’ icon.

The progressive title then unfolds, and your session might be extended if you manage to make it through to the latter stages of the wheel. You don’t have to do this manually each time, however. The game supports autoplay with advanced settings and the chance to enable ‘turbo spins’ for rapid gameplay.

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Boost the Wheel Slot RTP and Variance

The Boost the Wheel Slot has a respectable 95% RTP, meaning 95 of every 100 plays result in a payout (on average). But the variance escapes us all, as Mancala Gaming hasn’t specified exactly what it is.

To find a game with a higher RTP, try the Lady Wolf Moon Slot, which also offers medium variance, providing a balanced gameplay experience.

Symbols and Gameplay

An important part of our Boost the Wheel Slot review is highlighting the kind of gaming experience you can expect from this title. That said, you’re in for a rather ravishing time due to the sexy game host and turbo-charged visuals this slot provides. Furthermore, due to its progressive nature, there’s a natural drama-building element to this one.

If you’re fortunate enough to make it to the more exclusive sections of the wheel, you’ll undoubtedly feel the nerves, too. But these are obviously ‘good nerves,’ as they mean you’re having fun!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

This might be a progressive jackpot game, but with bets from $0.20 to $100, players from all backgrounds may get involved. As for the associated multipliers and payouts, standard multipliers range from 0.1x to 500x. Yet, the jackpots available take you into the stratosphere regarding returns.

Jackpot Payout
Bronze 25x
Silver 100x
Golden 250x
Diamond 1000x

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Boost the Wheel Slot Bonus Features

Challenging the odds you may have when playing casino table games, every time you step up to rotate that prize wheel, you have a chance to unlock some magnificent incentives. These improve as you progress through the various layers of the wheel – allow us to explain. The inner ring, which you always start at, consists of low-paying multipliers and green level-up arrows.

From here, you may land on multiple incentives like free spins, re-spins for the current level, or any of the four jackpot prizes (bronze through diamond). However, if you make it to the very last layers of the Boost the Wheel Slot, special ‘golden’ and ‘platinum’ wheels materialize.

Each of these operates as an independent wheel with more spectacular prizes available, and this is where you really can rack up the returns. You can learn the ropes about this game by accessing our online casino guides.

Boost the Wheel Slot FAQs

Where do the different jackpot types present themselves?

The different jackpots available appear on wheels 2 - 5.

Can I establish win and loss limits through autoplay?

Yes. You can establish these limits within the autoplay settings, which can be adjusted anytime.

How do I land the maximum payout in this game?

To score the maximum 10,500x payout here, you must make it to the Platinum Wheel.


Once you see the attractive host of this game, you’ll crave a few spins of that magnificent prize wheel. That said, while you’re here, why not dive in with a few wagers to see what all the fuss is about?

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Boost the Wheel Review

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Alice Roberts

Exciting spins and great rewards, love playing this jackpot game!

 by David Thompson

Boost the Wheel is my go-to for jackpot thrills, never disappoints.

 by Sarah Nelson

Addictive gameplay and impressive payouts, a must-try at Vegas Aces Casino.

 by Michael Harrison

Boost the Wheel Jackpot Game keeps me coming back for more!

 by Emily Clarke

Love the adrenaline rush and big wins on Boost the Wheel!

 by Daniel Baker

Fun twists and hefty prizes make Boost the Wheel my top pick.

 by Olivia Martinez

Fantastic graphics and easy gameplay, great job Vegas Aces Casino!

 by Ryan Campbell

Boost the Wheel delivers excitement and big wins every time.

 by Sophie Reed

Thrilling spins and generous jackpots, Boost the Wheel rocks!

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