The Old Bingo Game Ages Like Fine Wine

The Old Bingo Game Ages Like Fine Wine

If you notice your grandma and grandpa having fun playing and shouting “Bingo!” in excitement, you might wonder how old is bingo. If your grandma is over 100 years old right now, not only she’s an absolute treasure, but you may even be more curious about the game and she can give you insight into this old table game.

Our video game bingo section makes you think twice about the game. Since the game is well-refined, telling how long it has existed involves math that goes beyond counting with your fingers. Since its inception, there have been many variations to the game, but without a doubt, you’re in for what lies in the original game and its birthdate.

We have searched through history and discovered this game’s real age. Read this casino news to verify.

How Old is Bingo: The Game’s Early Stages in Italy

If you’re wondering how old is bingo, you should know that it originated in Italy. However, some historians argue that since the name “bingo” wasn’t formed in Italy, the game isn’t originally from there. But such a claim isn’t true. As far back as 1530, the Italians played a game called ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. This game was similar but was played only on Saturdays. Judging by this origin, the game is nearly 500 years old. Let’s check out how the game relates to other countries.

Bingo in France

In the 1700s, the game went viral. Its fame extended beyond Italy and crossed borders to the shores of France.  There, the Frenchmen revamped their bingo game ideas and created the first Bingo card, which resembles the British 90-ball Bingo. The basic features of a French bingo card were the vertical and horizontal rows. They also changed the name from “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” to “Le Lotto”. These major tweaks gave us what seems like a present-day game. In Le Lotto, the presence of horizontal and vertical rows meant that one needed to complete a single line on their cards. When wondering how old is Bingo, we could say that the French version of the game, Le Lotto, directs us about 300 years back.

German’s Bingo of the 1800s

Before touchdown in Germany, the game was already popular, so there was nothing new about how the game transcended to Germany. But, when the Germans wanted to redefine how to draw bingo, they had a rather conventional approach to the French game. The game served as an instrument for learning. In the 1880s, the Germans introduced diverse models of Le Lotto: animal lotto, spelling lotto, and historical lotto. Typically, we all enjoyed this German lotto as a kid. If you recall, you were told to puzzle out names from a group of scattered letters, forming names of animals, places, and even objects. Also, in maths, they used it to mark several number patterns.

Around the same time the Germans received this game, it surfaced in the UK as Bingo-Lingo. That was the first glimpse of a name. There, the game was only for fun. People played it during holidays and fun times.

The Game in 20th Century: America

The first time the word ‘Bingo’ stood alone was in the 1900s when the game moved from the UK to the US. Earlier, the British troops often called the game housey-housey, which means ‘house,’ which was often used when someone could hit a particular pattern. It made them happy during the times of war. However, it was not until the First World War that Americans decided to name the game Bingo!, and variants like the Bingo 37 were brought to life.

Bingo Final Recap on Time

This game originated in 16th-century Italy as a lottery game. It evolved through French and German variations, reaching the United States in the early 20th century as “beano.” In 1929, toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe commercialized it as “bingo.” The game gained popularity for fundraising and social events and the online casino setting sought to provide free bingo games online for their audiences. With technological advancements, it transitioned to online platforms in the late 20th century, offering diverse versions and themes, ensuring its continued popularity in the modern gaming landscape.

Bingo’s origins suggest that the game is about 493 years old, but from the actual mention of the name ‘Bingo,’ the game’s merely 109 years old, dating from 1914 to WW1.

Final Thoughts

Despite being old, bingo remains a solid game to play to date. Older adults who love it know how fun it is. You can also get into the game today for fun and to win money. Play at Vegas Aces Casino to make that happen.

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