Your Chance at Massive Payouts is at the Mega Ball Casino Game!

Your Chance at Massive Payouts is at the Mega Ball Casino Game!

Evolution Games launched its first bouncing ball game, Mega Ball Casino, four years ago. The live game utilizes bingo and lottery mechanics to provide massive multipliers for a tangible payout. Taking advantage of its bonus rounds, players can win large sums while playing the game. Sounds fun-filled, right? Yes! But you must know some things about the game before you play.

Today’s casino news will discuss the Mega Ball Casino game’s history and popularity.

Mega Ball Casino: Every Spin Brings You Mega Rewards!

Mega Ball Casino is a live dealer game show that features lottery bouncing balls and bingo gaming mechanics. Evolution Gaming is notable for unique and engaging titles of casino games, but many expected the leading live casino solutions provider to go somewhere other than the bingo-lottery gaming route.

The launch of Mega Ball is the company’s strategy for combining and fitting the two traditional casino games into modern gaming. Todd Haushalter, the company’s chief product officer, said:

“With Mega Ball, we wanted to create a game that has huge prizes, drama, and excitement. Bingo is a hugely popular game with lots of players and lotteries are loved all over the world, so we decided to combine the two and add a huge slot machine to create Mega Ball.”

The Mega Ball casino game, now a standout title in the live casino arena, was officially released in February 2020 at ICE, shortly before COVID-19 kicked in. The game is easy to understand if you’ve been playing Bingo 3 Online.

Mega Ball Casino: Huge Payouts and Exciting Gameplay

The Mega Ball Casino Game has gained significant popularity as it appeals to a broader audience primarily due to its bingo and lottery features. Players who understand how to draw bingo buy cards and watch as numbered balls are drawn to complete lines on their cards for a chance to win big.

You can master the best techniques for bingo and lottery games with our online casino guides, but in the meantime let’s check some of the features that make people love this game.

Standout Features

As stated earlier, Mega Ball offers an exhilarating casino experience, combining elements of bingo, lottery, and slots. The action takes place in the game’s custom-built machine. The game randomly draws 20 balls from a total of 51 in each round.

Players can place bets as low as 2¢ and watch for matching numbers on their cards. With up to 12 potential paylines per card, matching more lines triggers additional wins. To do this, you can utilize some bingo tips and tricks.

At the game’s apex is its “Mega Ball,” or the 21st-drawn ball. Hitting on this ball from its bingo game set could apply random multipliers between 5x and 100x to players’ winnings. In some scenarios, you can multiply your winnings by up to 1,000,000x your original bet.

Bingo and Lottery Characteristics

Mega Ball Casino leverages the familiar mechanics of online bingo games and lottery to attract a broad audience. Players enjoy the anticipation and excitement of watching balls drawn individually, similar to a traditional bingo game. Including up to 12 lines per card enhances the bingo experience, offering multiple chances to win in each round. Furthermore, the RNG-based random multipliers applied to the Mega Ball echo the thrill of lottery games, where the potential for massive payouts keeps players on the edge of their seats.


Mega Ball, like the Deuces Wild game, is easy to access and play on most smart devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. This means you can enjoy the game show whenever and wherever you have a good internet connection.

Mega Ball also has a special version called “First Person Mega Ball,” which lets you play at your own pace. This version includes a ‘Go Live’ button, so you can switch to the live game whenever you want, making it even more engaging and flexible.

Your Number Is Up!

Mega Ball Casino stands out with its blend of lottery and bingo elements. Its fast-paced gameplay and potential for significant payouts attract a diverse range of players, ensuring it remains a popular and engaging choice among other live games. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play online casino real money games that can win you large rewards.

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