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Casino Blackjack: Basic, Strategy, Rules & Ways to Win

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. And with good reason – it’s easy to learn, fun to play, and offers players some of the best odds of any game in the casino.

Since its inception, casino blackjack has grown in popularity to become one of the most commonly played casino games. And while the game is easy to learn, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

Ask any blackjack player, and they’ll tell you that the key to winning at blackjack is to keep your bets low and play smart. But if you’re looking for a few extra tips to help you take your game to the next level.

Here are five ways to win at blackjack in 2022:

1. Know The Rules Of The Game Inside And Out

One of the best ways to improve your chances of winning at casino blackjack is to know the game’s rules inside and out. This means knowing when to hit, when to stand, when to double down, and when to split a hand. Familiarizing yourself with these basic rules will help you make better decisions while playing and increase your chances of winning.

Some rules may vary depending on the casino you’re playing at for example double deck blackjack rules, so be sure to ask the dealer before starting a game.

2. Know When To Surrender

Another important rule to know is when to surrender. If you think you’re going to lose a hand, it’s often better to surrender and cut your losses than keep playing and risk losing more money. Surrendering may seem like giving up, but it’s a smart move that can help you save money in the long run.

When your opponent is dealt a hand worth 18 or more, they are likely to bust. So if you have a hand totaling less than 18, it’s usually a good idea to surrender instead of losing even more money.

Some of the best players have surrendered casino blackjack and walked away with their money intact. Do not let ego or greed takeover when playing blackjack.

3. Discover Winning and Losing Streaks

Popular opinion among seasoned blackjack players says that the game flows in streaks. There are winning and losing streaks. If you win three times in a row, take advantage of the winning streak by raising your bet on the next deal to maximize winning chances. 

Cash in on the wins. Do not make too big stakes in the next few bets. The positive streak will be over soon before a losing streak sets in. Hold back and walk away with the money. 

It might be better to walk away from the table if you are on a losing streak. Continuing to play when you’re losing can quickly eat away at your bankroll.

4. Pay Keen Attention to Numbers

Whenever you play, do not split 10-value cards. If you have two 5-point cards, play them like a 10, which can comfortably give you a result of 20 if you hit. You will find these tricks hard to muster as you begin, but they will become more visible as you gain confidence. 

Additionally, double your bet if your first two cards score a total of 11. Alternatively, split pairs of 8’s and aces so that your objective of hitting a 10 is more realistic.

Try the tip above; it is an ace and a two. The dealer has a six up, so your chances of hitting blackjack are slim. With 11, you have the opportunity to beat the dealer with a two or any face card, so doubling your bet is a smart option.

Never split fives; they result in a total of 10, which is a strong hand. Also, avoid splitting tens because you already have a 20.

This strategy requires good calculation skills and should only be used by experienced players.

5. Use Basic Strategy Tables

One of the best ways to improve your chances of winning at casino blackjack is to use the Double Deck Basic Strategy Chart. Based on the dealer’s upcard and your hand, these tables tell you the best move to make in any given situation.

While it may take some time to memorize a blackjack basic strategy table, doing so will give you a big advantage over the other players at the table who are not using one.

Tables are available online for free, so print one out and take it to the casino.

You can still learn how to use the tables from friends who have more experience. Just make sure that they are willing to teach you.


Blackjack is an excellent game for those who love casino games. It is a game of luck and skill, making it possible to win big money if you know what you’re doing.

To be a successful casino blackjack player, you need to know how to count cards, use basic strategy, and manage your bankroll.

We hope that this article has taught you everything you need to know about playing blackjack. Be sure to practice what you’ve learned, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a blackjack pro in no time!

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Casino Blackjack FAQs

Is Playing Blackjack Online Better Than Land-Based Casinos?

There are many advantages of playing blackjack online over traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. You are good to go as long as you have an internet-enabled device. One drawback is the proliferation of fraudsters.
When using payment options, you should exercise great caution to ensure scammers, hackers, and malicious attackers don’t access your details. 

Will I make Lots of Money Playing Blackjack?

How much is a lot of money? This is a personal determination that only you can set. While it is true that you can double or triple your stakes, the chances of becoming an overnight millionaire are rather remote.
There is no minimum or maximum amount of money that you are guaranteed. However, perfecting the above methods and strategies will greatly increase your chances. Some people come to play blackjack with experience on their hands, while others come with luck.

How Fast Can I Learn to Play Blackjack?

You can learn to play blackjack in a matter of days. The most important thing is to set enough time aside to learn. Know how to strike a delicate balance of your daytime job or schooling against playing blackjack. 
While some are fast learners, others require time to muster the rules, tips, tricks, and advanced strategies. It makes a lot of sense to learn from an experienced blackjack player. They should coach you to learn the dos and don’ts quickly.