Double Down Blackjack Explained

Double Down Blackjack Explained

Blackjack, or 21 as it is otherwise known, is one of the most exciting casino games where players aim to get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it, to beat the dealer’s hand. Blackjack is a simple and straightforward game, and players make several decisions and actions to ensure they win. Some steps players take are to hit, stand, double down, and split.  In this casino news, we’ll focus more on the double down blackjack action.

Knowing the appropriate moment to double down is necessary for a player who wants to take the double down action, where a basic Blackjack strategy table for doubling down comes in handy. Although the double down Blackjack strategy is a powerful move, many players need to learn how to use it to their advantage.

Double Down Blackjack: What Does Mean?

To begin a casino Blackjack game, every player stakes their bet and receives two cards from the dealer, including himself, with one of the cards facing up. The dealer’s face-up card determines the action you take as the player.

To take a double-down action means you place another bet equal to the initial bet and receive one additional card. It is a risky move if you know how to play your cards right. So now you have an increased stake with hopes of winning back from the pot. Double-down Blackjack is as simple as that.

For more details on Blackjack and when to hit, stand, or double down, make sure to read our casino guide, made especially for your learning.

Choosing the Right Moment to Double Down In Blackjack?

Irrespective of playing a Pontoon 21 Blackjack variant or any other variant, following the strategy at the right time is what matters. Below are the appropriate scenarios players can use for the double-down Blackjack action.

A card total of 11

It is an excellent time to double down when your card totals 11 because there’s a high chance of one more card leading to a natural Blackjack (i.e., 21) or close to it.

There’s also a sure guarantee the hand won’t gover 21 no matter what, so it is an excellent time to use double-down Blackjack when your hand totals 11.

A card total of a hard 9 or 10

A hard hand in Blackjack indicates that a hand does not include an ace card. Therefore when you have a hand like this, it is a good scenario for you to double down Blackjack, especially if the dealer has a lower card. By doubling down, you have a high chance of defeating the dealer’s hand.

A card total of a soft 16, 17, or 18

A soft hand in Blackjack means the hand contains an ace card and another card, and it is no new thing that ace cards have double values of 1 and 10. Therefore, a soft hand like this is a very scenario to double down in Blackjack and increase the chances of winning the dealer’s hand. Although, it is essential to note that doubling down in this situation is more effective when the dealer shows a weak card.

When Not To Double Down

Knowing when not to double down is essential as much as we know when to double down is necessary. Below are the following scenarios when you shouldn’t double down in Blackjack.

Whenever the dealer has an ace card

It is common knowledge that the ace card is a game changer, and if the dealer holds such a card while you don’t, it is advisable not to double down at all.

A card total of 11

It is risky to double down when you hold a hand with a total greater than 11 because there is a high chance of the hand going over 21 after receiving the additional card. Depending on the hand’s total, you can hit or stand all.

On the other hand, doubling down on Single Deck Blackjack online games is a bit more restricted, but can be done, and is recommended on an 11.

Final Thoughts

Since you know what double-down Blackjack means and are ready to engage this tactic, all you have to do to indicate you are doubling down is to push the number of chips equal to the initial wager next to your bet. You can do this by pressing the double-down button at an online casino.

Be it single-deck Blackjack online, European Blackjack, double-exposure Blackjack, or any other variant, all that is required to double down is to know when to do it. And if you need more confidence to do it at a live game, you can practice online Blackjack games at Vegas Aces Casino to improve.

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