Free Multihand Blackjack: How It Differs from Traditional Blackjack

Free Multihand Blackjack: How It Differs from Traditional Blackjack

The name Multihand (Multi-hand) Blackjack feeds us information on what this variant of Blackjack might entail. If you haven’t tried this particular variant on a free Multihand Blackjack table, you’ll be surprised to see how similar and yet different it is to the classic game of Blackjack.

In this casino news, you’ll note that the Free Multihand Blackjack variant is not for players who like taking a slow and easy pace while playing but for adventurous players who love taking risks.

So, are you adventurous? Do you love taking risks? Let’s start with this particular Blackjack variant and understand how different it is from others.

Before a Free Multihand Blackjack Game: Learn the Basics

If we walked down the history of Blackjack, we’d discover that in all betting sessions held, players were restricted to playing just one hand, and for a long time, it was accepted to be the norm. But change is always bound to happen. Some people felt it would be more exciting and fun to try playing more than one hand in a game of Blackjack, which brought about the rise of Multihand Blackjack.

So, Multihand Blackjack is a variant of Blackjack in which players can determine the number of hands they want to play per betting round. Players can play as many as five hands in a session, depending on the casino rules. If you want more insight on the game, and how to win easier, make sure to search the online casino guide available to you on our website.

Like every other Blackjack variant, such as European Blackjack Nucleus Gaming, Pontoon Blackjack, etc., free Multihand Blackjack gameplay aims to reach a hand total of 21 without going over.

What Differentiates Multihand Blackjack From Other Blackjack Variants

Here are some facts you can trust, about the differences that matter:

  • Hand Involved

Free Multihand Blackjack involves playing more than one hand, while other variants involve playing one hand.

  • Payout

The payout for Multihand Blackjack differs from other variants. For example, Multihand Blackjack pays out 3:2 for Blackjack, while single-deck blackjack pays out 6:5 for Blackjack. The ratio for the single deck looks quite large, but in reality, the gain is low.

  • No of Cards

Due to the nature of playing multiple hands in Multihand Blackjack online, four to eight-card decks are used instead of a single deck. The number of card decks to be used depends mainly on the number of players and the number of hands per round the online casino permits each player.

  • Game’s Strategy

Although Multihand and other Blackjack variants aim to reach a total hand of 21, they still need to employ the same basic strategy. The basic strategy for each variant differs completely, and assuming the same method for them will be wrong. It is advisable to learn the basic strategy for Multihand Blackjack and apply it when playing.

  • Bankroll

Playing Multihand Blackjack for real money means a bigger bankroll. Take advantage of that! Preparing enough bankroll for the duration you’ll be playing would be best.

  • House Edge

The house edge for Multihand Blackjack is relatively lower when compared to standard Blackjack. An optimal basic strategy reduces a free Multihand Blackjack house edge to 0.38%, while a traditional Blackjack game sits around a 2% house edge.


  • It helps players increase their experience by playing multiple hands.
  • Most casinos that offer Multihand Blackjack are online; only a few physical casinos play them. It is an excellent opportunity for players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.
  • Since most Free Multihand Blackjack casino games are online, there is little to no pressure for a player to decide on each hand from the dealer or players. And this is almost impossible at a physical casino since there are other players too.
  • Playing a free Multihand Blackjack benefits card counters when the card deck favors the house.


  • Counting cards at an online casino is practically impossible since it is a shuffled card deck.
  • Players can lose as much as they win a lot. Therefore it is advisable to bet an amount you can afford to lose and learn the basic strategy for playing.

Final Thoughts

You can only sometimes know what to expect once you try things out. Multihand Blackjack is a wild and exciting game with lots of experiences to learn from as long as you take the time to learn Blackjack tips and strategies for playing.

In the long run, you might find this variant more intriguing than you are used to. Check out a European Blackjack Blue Whale game now and break your limits!

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