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Certain items are required if you intend to spend time with a deck of cards. One of them is knowing how to shuffle cards properly better than a blackjack shuffle machine.

Mixing a deck of cards is not as simple as you may assume, especially if you want the cards to be random. The majority of card shufflers employ the overhand or riffle method.

Is this the way to ensure that the cards are distributed statistically randomly?

However, research has demonstrated that this is insufficient to ensure that the card game is played correctly and to prevent cheating by altering the card sequence sufficiently.

Therefore, the following is a concise list of standard methods for mixing playing cards. We hope that this has inspired you to try to learn something new or improve an existing skill. You’ll be astonished at how beneficial it can be to learn from excellent card handlers. 

In addition, you’ll know how a couple of tiny tips may significantly impact how you’ve been (incorrectly) shuffling cards your entire life.

Blackjack shuffling with and without blackjack shuffle machine

The dealer also cuts, strips, and boxes the deck when they riffle. The dealers will devote most of their time to shuffling the cards.

When a new client approaches your dead game when the cut card comes up during dealing, when a new dealer takes over a portable game, when a new deck is put into play, when the Floor instructs you to, and when all the players leave the table, you must shuffle.

Avoid exposing the card at the bottom of the deck and keep the deck as low as possible.

Always being able to see and touch the decks, even when they are out of the shoe, is the best method to defend a table.

To prevent cheating, take the final deck of cards, select a random position in the discarded sleeve, and place the cards between the two. Then, take up and shuffle the entire deck, even if it includes feeding it to the blackjack shuffle machine.

Easy ways to shuffle

How to do it like a blackjack shuffle machine

It is also advisable to understand the use of various shuffles even when playing blackjack online. A single rifle shuffle maintains the basic order of each half of the deck, but an overhand shuffle maintains groups of cards.

The dealers have determined through extensive practice that this shuffling method causes minor damage to the cards. There is slight bending, but the result is the same as a standard shuffle or when using a blackjack shuffle machine. When you become proficient at this shuffle, it appears as though you are hardly moving the cards.

When playing card games, using various techniques is best to shuffle the deck if the blackjack shuffle machine is unavailable. Multiple shufflings are necessary to ensure that the order of the cards has been completely altered.

Now, the playing field is even (get it in a neat stack). Cut the deck into two roughly equal-sized stacks, and then square them. Place the two stacks in a horizontal line in front of you, with the inside corners and bottom facing you.

Place your thumbs on these two corners, then your index fingers on the remaining two. Your other fingers should firmly clutch the already-placed cards.

Draw the deck’s corners, bring the two halves closer together, and then allow the cards to fall. This is comparable to a standard shuffle, except only a small portion of the deck is utilized. Now, the corners of the cards should be shuffled.

Reassemble the connected cards, flip the deck over, and continue.


You have likely witnessed more than one method for shuffling a deck of cards, especially with the blackjack shuffle machine. Occasionally, the deck is halved, and the two halves are switched. 

When you next play blackjack, keep your eyes peeled for a streak of high cards and aces as the deck is reshuffled. It may not be as complicated as it appears. 

Even if difficult, you may occasionally bank on a significant victory with a bit of practice and understanding of the blazing blackjack rules.

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