Learning the Basics of Blackjack Switch

Learning the Basics of Blackjack Switch

Blackjack is a fun table game that sees you slugging it out with a dealer (live or RNG-based). The goal? Getting to 21 first (without going over). Although there are different Blackjack variations at online casino sites, note that the basics apply to Blackjack Switch. 

In 2009, Goeff Hall created and patented the game — Blackjack Switch (also known as switch-blackjack). While it still incorporates the founding principles of the regular Blackjack game, there are some inherent distinctions. 

You can play Switch Blackjack at numerous online casinos, all thanks to Playtech’s role in bringing this interesting Blackjack form to life. Below, we’ll give an encompassing overview of Blackjack Switch and notable tips that can heighten the thrill of your gaming session and, of course, grant you huge winnings while at it.

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Blackjack Switch: All about and tips you should know

Blackjack Switch titles work the same way as regular Blackjack games. As you compete against the dealer, your goal is to ensure that you reach “21” first. If you do, you win. Exceeding this number results in a loss. Nonetheless, Blackjack Switch integrates slight changes to make gameplay exhilarating and rewarding.

Here, players can place identical wagers on two hands and switch the second dealt card or top cards (on both hands). Another thing to note besides the glaring “switch” is that the dealer getting a card value of “22” doesn’t result in a “bust.” Rather, it’s classified as a push, except the player facilitated a natural Blackjack (without switching or splitting).

Notable Blackjack Switch Terms

The following are notable terms in Blackjack Switch gameplay:

  • Stand: The hand remains constant, and play moves on to the subsequent player, or the dealer.
  • Hit: This action results in the hand receiving another card. You can hit or stand once more if there’s no bust here.
  • Double: Double wagers to give the player another card. The received card translates into a “stand.”
  • Split: A switch is possible if a player receives two cards of similar values. When this happens, both hands can be independently wagered upon. Doubling after splitting is also possible.
  • Insurance: It’s a side bet a player can make if the dealer has an Ace as their up-facing card, so you can remove insurance for the dealer achieving Blackjack. Insurance is half the value of original stakes. You’ll receive a payout if the dealer gets Blackjack.

Basic Blackjack Switch Rules

While Switch might seem like an interesting Blackjack form, taking the plunge without understanding its rules can prove costly. Here are certain regulations players must abide by during blackjack switch rules gameplay:

  • All bettors must wager on both hands.
  • Players only have the luxury to “switch” the second card dealt on both hands.
  • A player getting Blackjack (21) after doing a switch doesn’t mean they automatically win that round. The opponent (dealer) can effect a “push” if their cards sum up to “22.”
  • Successful Blackjack hands attract equal pay. 
  • Players have the luxury of doubling any two hands.
  • Blackjack peeks by the dealer are possible when they have an Ace or a 10 as their upstanding card.
  • Players can execute re-splits. However, the maximum is four hands.
  • Dealer getting Blackjack first translates to a win, except the player has the right cards (totaling 22) to execute a “push.”
  • Players’ cards are upturned when dealt.
  • On a soft 17, the dealer will “hit.”
  • A hard 17 sees the dealer “stand.”
  • The dealer must stand if the total dealt cards are valued at 18 points or higher.

If these rules are followed in a Switch Blackjack game of 6 decks, there’ll be a 0.58% house edge. However, if there are 8 decks, the house edge increases by 0.02%.

The Super Match Side Bet: What Does It Entail?

Most online casinos globally have a side bet integrated into available Blackjack Switch alternatives — Super Match. The Super Match is somewhat reminiscent of side bets on Blackjack forms like Blackjack Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Blackjack as it fields pairs and “three-of-a-kinds.”

However, unlike the Blackjack variations listed, these side bets don’t revolve around the player’s or dealer’s up-facing card. They’re rather made up of four cards featured in the player’s first two hands. 

Here’s a depiction of this side bet’s payout:

Card Combination Payout
Pair 1:1
3 of a Kind 5:1
2 Pair 8:1
4 of a Kind 40:1

Notable Switch Blackjack Tips to Adopt

Although it might come off as a game of luck, knowing what Switch Blackjack Tips, you’ll need to adopt certain tips to make headway. Let’s take a peek at some tips to see if you rank high.

First off, keep it simple. Don’t make switches anytime you feel like it. If you feel your hand is strong already, there’s no need to switch. On the flip side, if you think your chances of attaining a Blackjack are minimal, take advantage of the “switching” chance.

Note that switching should be done based on if the dealer’s card is upturned. If it is and you spot a 7 or 8 in the dealer’s hand, take advantage of this and switch your hands to balance proceedings.

However, if the dealer presents different cards, the onus is on you to get a better hand to hit “Blackjack.”

Final Thoughts

This news has given you a detailed insight into the ins and outs of a relatively new Blackjack format — Switch. Now, you can get your wagering gear all set to enjoy an exciting gambling adventure at Vegas Aces casino. Play now! Just remember to gamble responsibly.

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FAQs: Basics of Blackjack Switch

Who Created Blackjack Switch?

Geoff Hall created Blackjack Switch in 2009. He patented it the same year.

What makes Blackjack Switch Fun?

 This Blackjack variant integrates several rules that make things interesting and rewarding during gameplay.

What Software Provider Develops Blackjack Switch?

Playtech is the only software provider with the right to create and incorporate high-quality Blackjack Switch titles at iGaming sites worldwide.

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