Match The Dealer Blackjack Side Bet – Would You Bet It?

Match The Dealer Blackjack Side Bet – Would You Bet It?

Not everyone who sits at blackjack tables finds bowing out in defeat painless. Many would rather have all strategies locked in and pooped before yielding to the game’s outcome. Among the copious strategies players often consider, to “match the dealer blackjack” is the most considered.

The “match the dealer” playing strategy has become trendy among blackjack games, including Blackjack Deluxe, American Blackjack, and others. Barring being a side bet wagered at blackjack tables, match the dealer blackjack is also adjudged as a playing strategy that often results in a loss to most players.

In this casino news, we will examine the entirety of matching the blackjack dealer and how it is safe for players to have it as a side bet. Let’s get started!

Match The Dealer Blackjack Side Bet: Odds Change

Before play commences, a player must have an added wagering fund on the blackjack table for side bets.

Although quite a lot of things may differ in this sort of game, the way things shape up in relation to winning is pretty simple. The values are relatively different, ranging from the number of decks, ranked match, and the number of payouts.

For instance, in a double-deck table blackjack game, a player’s winning ratio is tailored at 4:1 for every card that matches the dealer card, and it is also lined at a 19 to 1 payout ratio. For every number of decks played with, there’s a required ranked match as well a certain amount of payout it tarries with.

Match the Dealer Blackjack: Return to Player (RTP) Percentages

“It’s first how best it profits me before the excitement that follows.” This is the tagline most bettors bear in mind before wagering their funds. In the game of match dealer side bet, the RTP players are entitled to are not fixed.

Let’s give an example. Assuming a player places a bet with an RTP of 97% using $1,000, for every game the player bets on, they make a cash-back win of $970. Frequent comparison of the RTP statistics is advisable. This ultimately allows players to know how many wins they can amass from playing and possibly keep their losses bear in the long run.

The following percentages accrued to a few deck games in matching the dealer side bet:

  • Double-deck game — 96.7% RTP
  • Four-deck game — 95.2% RTP
  • Six-deck game — 96% RTP
  • Eight-deck game — 96.3% RTP
  • Six decks Spanish 21 game — 97% RTP
  • Eight-deck Spanish 21 game — 97% RTP

Match the Dealer Blackjack: A Good or Bad Plan of Action

It is an obvious line of thought that blackjack, like other online casino games, is geared up to enrich the house and not necessarily the players.

While this playing style may have flipped the entirety of playing blackjack games by making it more entertaining, many players who have played for ages believe that the blackjack match the dealer side bet should be avoided, come what may.

Blackjack, just like other casino games, happens by chance. Hence, wagering much on a couple of side bets to ace the dealer isn’t worthwhile. Adopting a strategy that requires placing a side bet is a mere plot by the house to trick your funds.

It is more appropriate for players to learn how to play with strategies such as knowing when to double down in blackjack with zero funds added than making side bets whose results are a stroke of luck.

Final Thoughts

Using a blackjack shuffle machine should give an insight to players on how the house systematically enriches itself. As thrilling as the blackjack game seems, it isn’t worth wagering with so much money.

Having a good break, a player may end up winning a fortune in a game of Blackjack Deluxe. Again, outside of it, it may result in squandering. It is a two-sided coin. Finally, it takes having luck rather than using a strategy to make the most wins in Blackjack Deluxe games.

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