Crack the Winning Code With a Blackjack Hit Chart

Crack the Winning Code With a Blackjack Hit Chart

Before you surrender in blackjack, be sure it is the right decision. One of the common reasons why players end up leaving the blackjack table early is because they make certain moves too soon. Undoubtedly, blackjack is a game that requires some elements of luck to win, but for luck to kick in, a player must display some level of gameplay expertise, which can be acquired with a blackjack hit chart.

There are five major moves to make in the blackjack strategy chart. They are Hit, Stand, Split, Double down and surrender. These five move work independently. Any of them can get you a win or the other players. However, they are only profitable when done at the right time.

In today’s casino news, we will examine the blackjack hit chat and its benefits. Let’s get started!

Blackjack Hit Chart: Get a Grip on Your Blackjack Destiny

The goal in most blackjack casino games is to get a hand total of 21 without exceeding it. Once it is exceeded, you lose. When you choose to hit, you request the dealer assigned to your table to give you an extra card.

If you are playing free online blackjack games, you press “hit” on your screen, but if you are playing live, you signal to the dealer. Hitting is a legal strategy in most blackjack variants, including the Spanish Blackjack, also known as Spanish 21

In addition, you do not need an additional stake to utilize the blackjack hit chart. It is one of the free bet blackjack moves.

Blackjack Hit Chart: When to Use it

Below are some instances where once seated at your favorite casino online table, according to the blackjack hit chart, the best thing to do is to hit.

When Your Hand Value is Lower than 10

Let’s assume you have a hand total of 8. This means you are 13 points away from the game’s objective, which is 21. If you hit at this point, it is a good move because the probability of the dealer handing you an extra card with a value of 10 is pretty high. If you get a 10, your hand total is 18, meaning you are close to 21. In turn, your chance of beating the dealer increases.

When You Have a High-Hand Value

This second example is quite tricky. Most people stand at this point because only some cards can help you beat the dealer. Let’s say you have a hand total of 16, you shout pary for Aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s. Either of them can make you win.

When You Have a Hard or Soft Hand

The presence of an ace in your hands is a big plus because of its dual value. 1 or 11. You have a soft hand if you can count your ace as either 1 or 11  without bursting. But if inevitably, you have to use it as 1, you have a hard hand. It is better to hit when you have a soft hand than a hard one.

Blackjack Hit Chart: A Quick Summary


  • If your hand totals eight or slightly below
  • Alternatively, if your hand is a soft total (i.e., it includes an ace), hit until you have a soft 17 or higher.
  • However, if you have a hard total (i.e., no ace or ace counts as 1)

When NOT To Hit

We will be very direct on this. Utilizing the blackjack hit chart is risky when you have a hand total above 17. Nonetheless, consider the assigned dealer’s up card carefully if you want to make the move.

Blackjack Hit Chart: Advantages of Hitting

Below are the advantages of hitting in blackjack.

  • Increases in Hand Total Value
    You get an extra card when you hit. Even if you won’t be winning right away, your hand total will be improved.
  • Gameplay Flexibility
    You can take advantage of the dealer’s up card to make your hitting decision.
  • Lowers Bet Losses
    Hitting involves a single bet, i.e. your initial bet. Therefore, it limits your exposure to losing more money.

Plenty of online casino reviews will give you some extra insight into the use of this helpful tool, so you can make better informed decisions in your blackjack games.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the blackjack hit chart above is crucial for optimal decision-making. If you are good at hitting, you can beat the blackjack odds and win big. However, as much as the goal is to win when playing, also remember to have fun, play smart, and enjoy the game.

Follow our casino guides to learn more about your favorite card games, learn what is a flush in poker, count cards in blackjack games, and play Rummy games like you always dreamed of. Our learning content is full of exciting details that will help you collect your winnings soon!

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