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Casino War Tips | Rules, Strategy & Tips | Vegas Aces

Are you looking to improve your chances of earning real cash in casino war? Well, this article offers some great insight on the top casino war tips.

Casino war makes for some of the simplest online casino games. Nonetheless, even simple games need a level of strategy to ensure you reduce the house edge.

Suppose you are reading this article; even if you’re a newbie to the game, count yourself lucky. The piece promises five top casino war tips, including general information that will empower you to play like an expert. 

If you are ready, let’s dive and find out more.

How Casino War Is Played

Before you sit at the tables and exploit the top casino war tips, you must get conversant with the basics of the game itself.

Casino war features simple rules. It’s a player against the dealer regardless of the number of players at the table. 

The player places their bet, allowing them and the dealer to receive one playing card each. The person that places the card of the highest value wins.

Cards in Casino war ranks similar to cards in poker, 2 through 10, jack, queen, king, and the only exceptions are the Aces which rank higher.

The game features several possible outcomes. If you have placed a higher card than the dealer, you win an even payout. If the dealer places a higher card than yours, you lose your stake.

Additionally, if both of you end up having placed cards of equal value, you go to a breaker.

In the breaker, you can decide to surrender and receive half of your original bet back or choose to go to war. Also, in this case, if you had placed your wager in the bonus Tie box, you get to win a 10:1 payout check.

If you choose to go to war, you will need to double your bet. The dealer thus burns three cards before dealing an extra to you and themselves. If you win, you win an even payout on top of your bet and get your initial bet. However, if you lose, the whole stake goes to the house.

The top Five tips of Casino war

Memorize these simple optimal strategies to reduce losses in casino war.

  1. Shy Away From The Side Bets

The decision to avoid side bets comes as one of the top casino war tips that will guarantee you an edge.

Casino wars offer its traditional Ante bet and allow players to place extra bets during a tie. The additional bet provided offers attractive packages that seem lucrative as they hold an opportunity of a 10:1 pay.

Nonetheless, these side bets do not amount to much compared to the risk since the possibility of hitting a tie is generally too low.

The casino war games require six decks that offer both the gambler and the dealer an even opportunity to victory in the game. Thus, they both have a 46.3 percent chance of winning the game from the logic of numbers and percentages.

Therefore, hitting a tie in the game becomes 7.4 percent. Moreover, to make it worse, once you place your side bet, the house advantage skyrockets above 18.5 percent, increasing the risk.

  1. Do Not Surrender

You have two options during a tie; thus, you can either surrender or go to war. The best option on this occasion comes with your decision to go to war.

Going to war implies a higher odds of winning, and in casino war, surrendering a hand results in losing half your wager. Furthermore, if you surrender during a tie, you reward the house with a 3.7 percent advantage. 

However, the house advantage reduces to a paltry 2.8 percent upon opting to war.

Therefore, if you hang on, you stand a 50:50 chance of winning. You will also need to make a separate bet that equals your initial bet before proceeding to the succeeding round.

  1. Place Small Bids

Placing small wagers makes for a top tip to master when playing casino war.

Casino war, like other gambling games, applies a house advantage. Therefore, it makes great sense to strategize on minimizing your losses from the onset of your bidding.

Placing small bets thus falls among the top Casino war tips that will give you a long-term positive effect. Hence, knowing this will help you to avoid going beyond your budget. Even when on that adrenaline rush as you wait for the Ace.

Remain disciplined because you only win what you bet and need to avoid losing large chunks of cash.

  1. Stay Woke To The Aces

As one of the top casino war tips, remaining woke to the Aces will serve you a great deal.

In Casino war, the Aces ranks higher than any other cards. Therefore, an ideal play will include remaining woke to the intervals the dealer lays out the Aces. 

If you have not seen an Ace after a while, you know that it will appear soon. Once you have it, you can predict that you either get stuck in a tie or a win.

Certainly, nothing can guarantee when the Ace will show up. However, staying woke to the cards that have already shown up on the table gives you an edge. It enables you to predict whether to expect an Ace or strategize based on the other cards.

  1. Know When To Quit

Knowing when to quit sounds easy, but it’s actually harder than one can imagine. This makes for a great Casino war strategy.

In gambling, especially with the knowledge that the house always wins, it’s important to understand when to raise the white flag.

Practice moderation and decide when you will quit while you still have some cash left with you. When the time arrives, cash in your chips regardless of your position in the game.

Bottom Line

The top Casino war tips above guarantee to improve your chances of earning real cash on the gambling table games

Moreover, if you adhere to these strategies, your gaming experience will improve significantly as you will always draw the edge closer to your favor. 

Memorize or master them to change your gaming stories.  Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.