It’s Crazy Time! The Live Casino Game that Pushes Boundaries

It’s Crazy Time! The Live Casino Game that Pushes Boundaries

The launch of the Crazy Time Game is further changing how casino gaming is perceived. The game, another fantastic creation from the genius minds at Evolution Gaming, Is now available to more states in the United States, promising a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Evolution Gaming has consistently pushed the boundaries of the iGaming industry for the past 17 years, creating games that captivate both casino and noncasino gamers. Their track record of success with the famous Dream Catcher, a wheel game with a live host, instills confidence in the quality and appeal of their latest creation, the Crazy Time Game.

To build on the game’s Dream Catcher’s fame, in 2020, the company introduced the Crazy Time Game, featuring more rewarding bonus games to enhance players’ gaming experience. In 2023, the game was made available in the US, specifically in New Jersey, and it is expected to be live in Pennsylvania and Michigan in the summer of 2024.

In today’scasino news, we will highlight the features of the Crazy Time Game that have made players in the United States welcome it with open arms. But first, here is a brief overview of the game.

Go Crazy With Live Casinos at the Crazy Time Game

According to Evolution North America CEO Jacob Claesson, Crazy Time falls under the game show genre, further closing the gaming gambling gap. Some features of slot games and video gaming were merged to create the game. This includes multi-camera live-action, augmented reality features, and advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) multipliers, which can’t be found in other spinning wheel games like European roulette.

Due to the multiple bonus games it includes, Crazy Time Game’s gameplay is regularly welcomed by any professional gambler. Its interactive elements make winning different multipliers in two of the four bonus games possible.

CEO of North America at Evolution, Jacob Claesson stated: “This is a landmark launch for Evolution and the US online gambling market. Across the world, operators and players alike have praised Crazy Time’s incredibly high production values, its commitment to entertainment and depth of engagement, and the sheer fun and enjoyment it offers players.”

The Appeal of Crazy Time Game

Since the launch of the Crazy Time Game in New Jersey, other states in which online casino gaming is permitted have been highly anticipating its launch as well. The game will be available in Pennsylvania on different platforms starting June 4. It may also be made available at some crypto gambling sites.

Jacob Claesson told an online gambling resource (, “We are now preparing to launch Crazy Time in Pennsylvania with the ambition to launch the game this summer – followed by Michigan, and we couldn’t be more excited. The anticipation is high, and we are confident that players in Pennsylvania and Michigan will love the world’s #1 game show.”

The overall gameplay of the Crazy Time game is straightforward, but its unique blend of certain features makes it unique. They include:

Bonus rounds

The bonus games in Cray Time are Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. In the hunt bonus game, the player shoots at multipliers covered by random symbols within a set time. When the countdown is over, the multiplier will be revealed.

The flip game is quite direct: flip a coin with red and blue sides to win a multiplier. The side determining whether a player wins or loses is generated before the coin is flipped.

The pachinko game features a wall with numerous physical pegs. The live game host will drop a puck, and the multiplier that can be won depends on where the puck lands. This can continue until the maximum multiplier wish of 10,000x is reached.

The most loved of the four, the Crazy Time Bonus Game, features a gigantic money wheel. To begin this game, participants select their flapper: yellow, green, or blue, and the present rotates the wheel by pressing a red button. Wherever the flapper points to is the multiplier, a player wins. This wheel can be re-spun until the maximum multiplier, 20,000x, is reached.

Engaging gameplay

Crazy Time is a live dealer casino game show. The presence of a host and the use of advanced technological features make its gameplay engaging and the real-time experience impeccable.

Multiple betting options

Like the Pachin Girl Game, Crazy Time offers various betting options, each with varying levels of risk and reward.

Rewarding gameplay

As the fun and multipliers heighten in the crazy time game, so do the rewards. Last month, in India, 5 players turned their Rs 500($6) bet into a jackpot prize of 1 Crore INR ($120,382).

Feeling Lucky? Go Crazy!

The Crazy Time Game has further proven the worth of live casino gaming. It combines elements of classic casino games with the interactive and engaging nature of video gaming, making it suitable for both new and experienced players in the United States.

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