What the Deck! It’s an Automatic Card Dealer!

What the Deck! It’s an Automatic Card Dealer!

The presence of a dealer in card games cannot be overestimated. A dealer checks and balances how cards are shuffled and dealt in games. However, you can’t always get a dealer, especially when you don’t want to visit a casino. Well, wait a minute, now you can! An automatic card dealer is always available during your favorite card games.

One of the products of advancement in casino science is the automatic card dealer. It is a card shuffling machine that can simultaneously shuffle numerous decks of cards. It is especially useful in games that require many cards, such as poker.

Nowadays, there are many automatic card dealers. They are developed by various companies, each with its own specifications. We will explain how these engineered casino dealers work in today’s casino news.

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Automatic Card Dealer

An automatic card dealer is a shuffling machine engineered to shuffle decks swiftly and adeptly. It operates by using a randomizing algorithm that works with its design to mix cards placed in it. Some of these machines are automatic, and some are semi-automatic. The 100% automatic ones shuffle the cards, stop and distribute. The semi-autos shuffle the cards, but you have to press stop for it to stop shuffling. You then take it out and distribute it.

Whatever automatic card dealer you get, most are easy to use and carry around. There, they can be utilized anytime you want. Ensure that you read any instruction manual with the one you purchase. Some do have some customizable settings.

Automatic Card Dealer: Robot in Action

Robot-like automatic card dealers are the most accurate. One can cater for up to 8 players. They are fast and efficient. How they often work is that they rotate 360 degrees. As they shuffled, they circularly disturbed the cards. If players sit right on the table, their cards are dealt to match their sitting position.

In the online casino setting, computerized software-based automatic card dealers are employed. Therefore, every card dealt is free of compromise. Using RNG (random number generator) also helps ensure the card shuffling process is faster.

People like to give their opinion on these. So read online casino reviews to get more insight into the topic, from a fellow player’s perspective.

Card Games Where Automatic Card Dealer Works

Depending on specifications, automatic card dealers can work for many games, such as Keno online. However, most of the time, they work for the following major.


Poker is arguably the most accepted casino game worldwide. It is so loved that competitions are held on its various types. The game can utilize Automatic card dealers because it uses a standard 52-card. At times, one or two jokers can be added to the card. Since it’s a critical game where winners are noted and, at times, their names are listed among the best players of all time, shuffling poker cards is very important. Therefore, rigging is next to impossible when automatic card machines are used.

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Blackjack, The game of 21! This casino game is one of the most tactical casino games. Up to 8 decks of the standard 52-card set can be used to play, depending on the game’s variant. Due to its use of more cards and the fact that it can be played indoors, the automatic card dealer machine can be very useful. Imagine having to shuffle eight cards with your hands. If the person is not an expert, hardly will the cards be shuffled. So, the card dealer machine can help reduce stress and ensure no mistakes abound.

Final Thoughts

There are other card games where the automatic card dealer can help reduce the burden and mental stress of card shuffling. If you play well, you will know what we are talking about. So, during this festive period, get the automatic machine if you plan on having fun playing card games. It will help you save time and play more. Play card games and explore the Pyramid Treasures Game today at Vegas Aces Casino to learn how to win at the casino with $20 during the holidays.

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