BGaming and its $5k Donation to Charity

BGaming and its $5k Donation to Charity

BGaming further proved that it is a worthy company in the iGaming industry with its latest act of kindness. The Ukrainian government established ‘United24’ as a platform to collect monetary donations to provide humanitarian assistance, meet essential requirements, and rehabilitate the country of Ukraine. BGaming raised $5,000 for the United24 charity in Ukraine during this year’s ICE London tournament.

This company now has active fundraising campaigns on its website for several projects, such as acquiring additional ambulances for the nation, purchasing reconnaissance drones, and clearing mines from civilian areas.

Join us on this online casino news to learn about this charismatic gaming business and its contribution to the world.

About BGaming

BGaming is one of the most famous gaming internet providers, an iGaming games developer changing the face of gambling. Not only they are different from a no limit online casino, but also, the company’s creative and entertaining goods can be found on reputable platforms and in more than 900 online casinos worldwide, thanks to the efforts of the company’s skilled team and a player-driven strategy.

For example, BGaming was the first iGaming content provider to accept cryptocurrency payments and deliver Provably Fair games. The company’s collection of over a hundred items has high-definition visuals and an intuitive UI that works across all platforms.

In addition, BGaming is well-known for its brand-exclusive offerings, developed in tandem with major operators. BGaming can provide its users with engaging and original games because of this strategy. They do not produce illegal games like the Jogo do Bicho online game banned in several regions but still subsisting in Brazil.

BGaming’s Fundraising at ICE London

This year during ICE London, BGaming allowed visitors to purchase apparel with artwork created by Thumbs. In addition, the provider allowed guests to contribute $50 to the charitable organization. Throughout the weekend, over seventy guests took advantage of this opportunity.

More than 40,000 individuals attended this year’s event, and it featured over 650 different brands. The future of the iGaming business and this convention are perennial topics of conversation. Some of iGaming’s finest achievements have been made possible thanks to the event’s widespread publicity. For instance, the development of the Double Exposure Blackjack guide is now extensively employed by players and professionals alike.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of BGaming, Catherine Puteiko stated:

“Little acts of kindness may have a significant impact on the globe, from caring for others to promoting good change. A great example of this attitude was BGaming’s latest charitable project, which occurred during the ICE London event.”

BGaming decided to pay the remaining $100 to bring the amount up to $5,000. Throughout the year, some additional events will each conduct their version of the previous charity campaign.

Puteiko further shared the following statement: “Our partners had the opportunity to donate to a great cause or receive our branded merchandise, and we are delighted to share that this straightforward project raised $5,000 for victims of the war in Ukraine. Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us by thinking large and acting small at the same time.”

At the beginning of this year, Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International announced that they would be hosting a gala to raise money for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

About United24 and Why BGaming Participated

Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, started a worldwide movement called U24. It aims to unite people worldwide with a shared desire to aid Ukraine. United24 is a crowdfunding site, first and foremost. It’s the primary channel through which aid money for Ukraine has been collected. With United24, those who wish to be donors from around the world can contribute with only a few clicks. The funds will be split between three different types of aid:

  • Defense and demining
  • Humanitarian and medical care
  • Reconstruction of Ukraine

Final thoughts

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, many groups have significantly contributed to the country’s aid efforts. BGaming has joined the bandwagon with its most recent act of charity, which has been well-praised by its peers in the gaming business. We hope this sets a precedent for the rest of the industry as well as serves as an eye-opener to the public, who holds some popular casino misconceptions. E.g., Casinos don’t do any good for the public.

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