Drake Bets: Jaw-Dropping High-Stakes Bets

Drake Bets: Jaw-Dropping High-Stakes Bets

Canadian rapper and global superstar Drake has never shied away from his passion for gambling. Drake bets or high-stakes wagers on casino games have become a subject of interest among fans and the media. With a massive net worth of over $250 million in his music career, he often makes headlines for his jaw-dropping wins and losses.

Today’s casino news highlights Drake’s betting record, from his biggest to his latest bets. We will also touch on his losses and the infamous “Drake curse”.

Drake Bets: Are they a Prediction or a Hex?

Below are the record-breaking and headlined gambling activities of the global music superstar Drake. Most are related to activities not related to the Craps game, but instead, he likes betting on roulette games and boxing, among others.

The $17 Million Roulette Win

In May 2022, Drake’s name made headlines on the front page of many media outlets when he won a staggering $17.9 million on a single spin at a live roulette table. This massive win occurred during one of his many gambling sessions in an online casino. Drake credited his good luck charm to Lil Baby, who walked in immediately after Drake hit the incredible jackpot. He shared some of his wins with fans who also play games like the Tower X Game, giving out up to $1 million that night. However, Drake’s excitement faded the same night. He lost $20 million.

The $25 Million Win and Loss

In July 2022, during a live-streamed event on Twitch, Drake was joined by fellow rapper French Montana for a virtual roulette game, a product of casino tech. Drake bets payout from the stream was about $27.2 million. However, his luck ran out, and a series of bad bets left him with a mere $1,879 in his account. Despite the loss, Drake didn’t credit his setback to French Montana. He even shared $25,000 prizes with his viewers from Brazil, Canada, and England, among others.

Drake Bets: Almost $4 Million Win on Pimblett and McCann Fight

In August 2022, Drake made headlines when he won a whopping $3.7 million by betting on UFC fighters Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann to win their fights at UFC London. The rapper reportedly placed a $2.3 million stake in the double bet, which required both fighters to emerge victorious for him to win the impressive payout.

Pimblett faced off against Jordan Leavitt, while McCann squared off against Hannah Goldy. Both fighters won their match, resulting in Drake winning his bets. He later celebrated his success by gifting Rolex watches to Pimblett and McCann as a token of appreciation for their performances.

$400,000 Bet: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

In February 2023, Drake wagered $400,000 predicting that YouTube star Jake Paul would knock out former Love Island UK contestant Tommy Fury in their highly anticipated boxing match. Unfortunately for Drake, Paul suffered his first career loss via split decision, dashing the rapper’s hopes of pocketing over $1.4 million from a +360 odds.

$1.15 Million Bet on Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win

In February 2024, Drake made headlines when he bet an astonishing $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. The rapper shared his wager on social media, acknowledging that he “can’t bet against the swifties”. His bet paid off, as he won $2.346 million.

$565,000 Bet on Tyson Fury Against Oleksandr Usyk

Drake’s most recent bet was $565,000 on heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury to emerge victorious against Oleksandr Usyk in their recently concluded and highly anticipated match. However, Drake’s bets didn’t pay off. Usyk defeated Fury, marking another significant gambling loss for the superstar musician.

The “Drake Curse”: The Other Side of Drake Bets

The “Drake curse” is a superstitious casino terminology. It suggests that any team or athlete publicly supported by the Canadian rapper often experiences a significant downturn in performance or outright losses.

In 2019, Drake bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to defeat the College Football National Championship, only to lose in a stunning upset to the Clemson Tigers. In 2020, he placed a hefty wager on UFC fighter Conor McGregor to defeat Dustin Poirier, but McGregor suffered a shocking knockout loss.

In November 2022, Drake bet $2 million on Israel Adesanya winning against Alex Pereira. However, Pereira stunned Adesanya with a standing TKO stoppage in the fifth round, claiming the UFC middleweight championship title and causing Drake to lose his money.

Likewise, in September 2023, Drake bet $500,000 on Adesanya to win against Sean Strickland in UFC 293. However, Strickland defeated Adesanya, resulting in a loss for the rapper. Football teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City have also experienced defeats after Drake was seen wearing their jerseys or meeting their players.

Due to the above instances, many believe in the curse and find it entertaining to track its impact. However, others dismiss it as a mere coincidence and one of the popular casino misconceptions or myths.

Final Thoughts

Drake’s gambling exploits are part of his story. His massive wins and losses and the infamous “Drake curse” often capture the public’s attention. And he isn’t stopping his high-stakes betting adventures soon, which is not bad. He is rich, and he has enough bankroll. However, it would help if you did not walk his path as a new player, and played responsibly. Instead, visit Vegas Aces Casino to play online casino real money games with low wager amounts.

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