Rocket Gambling Game: Countdown to Cashout

Rocket Gambling Game: Countdown to Cashout

The Rocket gambling game, a unique creation by DraftKings, stands out among casino products with its distinct gameplay; you don’t need a strategy or action to win. It’s a 100% chance-based, high-risk/reward game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Today’s casino news will highlight the most important things you need to know about the Rocket gambling game.


Blast Off! Bett on the Virtual Rocket With Rocket Gambling Game

Casino gaming service provider DraftKings, launched the Rocket gambling game in 2021. It first became available in New Jersey before going live in other states where iGaming is legal in the US. In the casino game, multiple players compete in real-time, wagering on how high they believe the rocket will fly and when it will crash.

DraftKings’ launch of the Rocket gambling game surprised many with this game creation. This move was backed by a strategic partnership with Exitbet Technology, a renowned creator of entertaining casino games where players can exit to win.

The gameplay is straightforward. Players start by placing bets, then watch as the rocket blasts off. As the rocket ascends, the multiplier value increases, which leads to bigger payouts.

If a player presses the “cash out” button on the game’s screen while the rocket is still going up, they will be awarded the cash prize at that position, determined by the multiplier value locked in. However, the amount wagered will be lost if the rocket explodes before a preset cash-out position or the player doesn’t exit before it crashes.


Rocket Mania: The Rocket Gaming Game Poularity

Aside from its simple and fast gameplay, the following are some peculiar features that make the average male and female gambler love the Rocket gambling game.


Win prize

Getting six figures from the Rocket gambling game is possible due to its 97% RTP and a maximum win prize of up to 1000x players’ bet. The maximum bet a player can place is $100, providing players with a $100,000 payout.

Last month, a player from Michigan won $20,750 playing the game. DraftKings announced the win via the Twitter (Now X) handle. The win is one of the biggest that has been shared publicly. However, we do not know if the player reached the 1000x maximum win. Therefore, ensure you understand the betting finance definition before you place the maximum bet.


Social entertainment

Draftkings’ partnership with Exitbet technology gives this casino game a social characteristic: multiplayer, which you can’t find in the cyberdice game. While players cannot communicate, they can watch one another’s progress as they aim for the maximum prize. However, the presence of many players doesn’t mean an increase in payout. It is not a jackpot game where prizes grow.


Mitigation of losses

This game has three significant features that help players who may not fancy using the Martingale strategy for betting, to minimize losses. They are auto cash out, stop-on-loss, and stop-on-profit. The auto cash-out is a feature you can set based on the amount you stake and the multiplier value you desire. Once the rocket reaches your targets, the feature is triggered.

If you make a deposit and may be due to busy schedules, you need to use the auto betting feature, the stop-on-loss feature, which protects you from incurring huge losses that can impact your bankroll. Stop on profit works conversely to stop loss. It helps lock your wins based on the profit amount you set.


High Risk

The Rocket gambling game appeals to high-risk takers. They are often thrilled by the anticipation and excitement of not knowing when the rockets will crash. Unlike Jacks or Better, the game is purely chance-based; no skills are involved.

Other Rocket-Themed Games

Draftkings’ Rocket game isn’t the only available crash game. Other fun options include the Rocket Crash Money Game, Rocketon, Space XY, Rich Rocket, etc. All of these Rocket gambling games are also fun, with different gameplay options.


Sky’s the Limit!

The thrill of winning, speedy gameplay, social interaction, and a huge max win prize, combine in the Rocket gambling game, making it a popular choice for many. However, don’t get too carried away. Gamble responsible. Set a budget and strictly stick to it.

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