The Fairer Gambling Campaign: Rolling the Dice on Fairness

The Fairer Gambling Campaign: Rolling the Dice on Fairness

Fair gambling ensures equal market treatment, prioritizes consumer protection, and maintains consistent national regulation for fairness and accountability. However, bringing a fairer gambling state has been a major challenge even in the United States.

According to National Problem Gambling, 85% of US adults have gambled at least once in their lives. Also, the American Gaming Association reports that 41% of the adult population is active. This increase has drawn attention.

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling (CFG) has relaunched and is now focused on the United States gaming market. Today’s casino news will discuss fairer gambling in the United States and the CFG’s strategy.

All Bets on Transparency With Fairer Gambling

The campaign for fairer gambling was founded in 2012 by a professional gambler, ex-poker player Derek Webb. He is also the inventor of the three-card poker game, which is up there in rank with other poker variants. At that time, CFG focused primarily on the British gambling market.

They targeted gaming machines with fixed-odds betting terminals. The maximum stake in these machines was £100, but after CFG intervention, it was reduced to £2. According to reports, following the changes, players’ overall quality of life improved, and gambling harm for lovers of games like Texas Holdem decreased by 65%.

Despite CFG’s impressive results, in 2019, the online casino gaming lobbying group took a break until 2023. But now, the campaign for fairer gambling is back after undergoing some changes. This time, attention is being paid to the iGambling market in the United States. The group is working towards improving remote gambling policy, regulation, and enforcement of standard rules to reduce gambling harms.

The Relaunch of Fairer Gambling

Derek Webb and team pursue evidence-based goals, aiming to: enhance consumer protection, mitigate gambling harm, and elevate regulatory standards across states, engaging federal oversight as needed.

The lobbying group opposes expanding online gaming, including casino promotions, in the United States, stating that its current form is disordered. The group is also against the offshore gambling black market to target the US audience. The surge in gambling harm raises concerns, impacting both individual finances and the broader economies of many states.

Derek said, “Some operators repeatedly breach gaming regulations, some profit from offshore black markets, and some are now top players in the newly liberalized US remote gambling market.”

Legal Online gambling contributes to the US economy, but the illegal gambling market, which provides different types of casino games, significantly reduces these contributions. In 2022, New Yorkers spent $2.4 billion on iGaming, correlating with a $180 million reduction in state economic activity.

Undoubtedly, many online casino real money sites contributed to the state’s net tax in 2022, a whopping $384 million. NERA warned of potential social costs of $350 million in New York if gambling remains inadequately monitored, likely gambling-related.

According to CFG, if there are no checks and balances, the expansion of online casino games and gambling will also simultaneously increase illegal gambling. The fair gambling campaign will assess US iGaming expansion, focusing on financial incentives, and using evidence-based methods for scrutiny.

The group looks forward to raising higher iGaming standards from state to state and obtaining federal oversight on some online gambling policies to tackle any form of illegal gambling.

Betting on a Brighter Future

The Campaign for Fairer Gambling has set impressive objectives concerning casino games online, but achieving them will be difficult. Many oppositions, some from the legal sector, will be present. Derek and his team are, however, well prepared. The group has successfully retained Imperium Global Advisors, a boutique bipartisan DC firm, for federal-related advice and secured an agreement with Schawohl Consultancy for guidance on state matters. Visit Vegas Aces Casino, a legal gambling site, to play your favorite casino games and enjoy various categories of games, including online lottery games like the Diamonds Valley Game.

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