Want to Win at Craps? These Rules of Craps Can Get You There

Want to Win at Craps? These Rules of Craps Can Get You There

The game of Craps, like Super 7 Blackjack, is a straightforward game to locate in most online casinos because of its characteristic theme. If you are a beginner player, this casino news will explain the basic rules of Craps you can utilize to win more at the Craps table.

Rules of Craps: One Game to Rule Them All

Craps is one of the most popular table games that is typically played in casinos. Players bet on the outcome of a roll, or series of rolls, of two dice. The game is played on a specialized table that features a layout with various betting options.

There are no strict rules in craps. The rules of craps are basically steps to follow during a game session. Let’s check them out.

Choose Your Bet Strategically

To kick off a game of Craps, players must bet on the outcome of the rolled dice. Several bets are available, but all must bet the lowest amount on the ‘Pass Line’ or ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bet. These are the most common bets players make in craps.

The ‘Pass Line’ bet is made on the first dice roll and wins if the result is either a 7 or 11. The player loses this bet if the outcome is 2, 3, or 12. Any rolled number asides from the ones already listed are chosen as the point, and if the point is rolled before an outcome of 7, it wins.

The ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bet is quite the reverse of the pass-line bet. If the dice roll outcome is a 7 or 11, the bet loses, but a result of 2 or 3 wins, while an output of 12 is a tie. After selecting a point, the bet wins if a seven is thrown first and loses if the point is thrown first.

Other bets available in Craps are: come, don’t come, odds, place bets, field bets, proposition bets, Hardaway, and hop bets.

Commence the Game With the Come-Out Roll

In craps, the come-out roll is vital. It’s the first roll made by the shooter and cannot be skipped. Every time the dice gets rolled, it is done by only one player, and this is the shooter.

A chosen player rolls and others bet on the outcome during the round in this shooting game.  The come-out roll commences the game.

Check the Roll’s Outcome

Depending on the bet you placed, you have to check the roll’s outcome. For a 7 or 11 result, it wins for a Pass Line bet but loses for a Don’t Pass Line bet, while for a result of 2 or 3, it fails for a Pass Line bet and wins for a Don’t Pass Line bet.

Rules of Craps: The Point Rule

Any other number aside from 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12 rolled is chosen as the point number. After the point is selected, the dice need to be thrown again to give players a last chance to win on their bet. If the outcome of the rolled dice is a seven before the point, the player losses, but if the point is hit before a 7, the player wins.

When the player rolls a 7 to lose, the player is said to be sevens out.

The Craps Game Personnel Are Part of the Rules of Craps

There are few casino personnel that helps you follow the rules of Craps effectively, and they are:

  • Players

For every craps game, there must be players around the Craps table with the intention to win. A live Craps table is as wide as the Caribbean Stud Poker online, and it can host as many as 20 players simultaneously. Most players who play craps regularly are certain that the game of craps rules all other table games in an online casino.

  • Dealers

Similar to having a dealer in Pontoon 21 live sessions, there are two dealers in every Craps game. One dealer on each side of the table. The responsibilities of dealers are to supervise bets, pay out winnings, place bets, etc.

  • Stickman

Also known as a stick person, the stickman controls the dice used in a Craps game. According to the name, the stickman uses a stick to control both dice.

  • Boxman

The boxman is the personnel that supervises exchanging of cash for chips. Boxman also checks dealers by ensuring they don’t miss any bets.

  • Shooter

The shooter is a player who rolls the dice during a betting round.

Final Thoughts

Since this online casino game is a game of luck, it is essential to understand the rules of craps by having a clear comprehension of the bets, house edge, and strategies that must be practiced to increase your chances of winning. If you’re interested in exploring exciting games, we highly recommend trying out Let it Ride poker and other games available.

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