Liv Boeree: Astrophysicist Turned Poker Lead

Liv Boeree: Astrophysicist Turned Poker Lead

Liv Boeree: Poker Champion and Science Prodigy

Liv Boeree is a high-rank female poker player with approximately $4 million in live tournament earnings. This gorgeous poker player is not only one of the most successful but also the distinction of being the only woman to hold a WSOP bracelet and EPT Champion titles. Liv is a three-time Global Poker Index European Female Player of the Year awardee and a top-ten woman on the Poker All-Time Money List.

Her talents, however, extend far beyond poker. She has successfully ventured into modeling, television presenting, British science communication, and podcast hosting. Her academic achievements include a First-Class degree and a Doctorate of Science award for her contributions to STEM education.

Today’s casino news ventures into the life and poker career of Olivia Boeree.

Liv Boeree: Astrophysicist Turned Poker Lead

Born in Kent, England, on July 18th, 1984, she attended her secondary education at Ashford School and pursued her love for space and astronomy by attending the University of Manchester, where she graduated in Physics and Astronomy in 2005 with a First-Class Honours degree.

After graduating, she coincidentally became a contestant in the 2005 Ultimate Poker Showdown without prior knowledge of the game. However, Liv learned the game rapidly under the mentorship of pros Dave Ulliott, Annie Duke, and the WSOP king Phil Hellmuth, an experience that ignited her passion for poker casino games.

Liv Boeree continued to play poker at London’s Gutshot Club, where she became proficient in various poker variants, including Pai Gow Poker. She competed in her first live tournament in 2007 at the $10,000 Grand Opening Freeroll Tournament in London.

Professional Poker Career Highlights of Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree’s first significant performance was at the 2008 Ladbrokes Poker European Ladies Championship on Sky Sports. She finished first in the $2,000 No Limit Hold ’em for $42,000.

However, her record-breaking achievement in poker came in 2010 when she won the EPT in Sanremo. She finished first in the €5,000 + 300 No Limit Hold ’em Main Event for an EPT Championship title. Her cash prize amounted to €1,250,000 ($1,698,300).

She continued to play poker games with prizes as huge as any progressive jackpot, earning cash in different tournaments. In 2014, Liv Boeree won her first GPI European Female Player of the Year award.

In 2015, Liv Boeree won €391,000 ($449,383) at the EPT in Barcelona for finishing in third place in the €25,000 + 500 No Limit Hold ’em High Roller 8Max Event. The same year, she won her second GPI European Female Player of the Year award, and in 2016, she claimed the third award, after which she became The London Royals’ team manager.

2017 crowned her victory in poker as she competed in the 48th WSOP tournament, finishing first in the $10,000 No Limit Hold ’em Tag Team Championship Event for her only WSOP bracelet and a $136,982 cash prize. The same year, Liv Boeree also won $150,000 at the Poker After Dark (PAD) Season VIII tournament in Las Vegas after finishing first in the $25,000 No Limit Hold ’em Week-2 Voices Carry Event.

Liv Boeree has earned a total of $3,861,838 in live tournament earnings and participated in several televised poker events. She won a $25,000 buy-in event against pros like Jason Koon, Igor Kurganov (her boyfriend), Eric Worre, and others. Without using a poker solver, her strategic approach won her the $150,000 cash prize.

Liv Boeree retired from professional poker in 2019 but appeared occasionally in some live tournaments until 2022.

Other Activities

Liv Boeree is passionate about effective philanthropy and statistics, including game theory, forecasting, and artificial intelligence. She enlightens aspiring poker players on practical strategies and gameplay. Additionally, her knowledge of poker terminology allows her to communicate the game effectively.

Liv also uses her knowledge to promote donations for philanthropic activities. She co-founded Raising for Effective Giving, a non-profit, to facilitate this endeavor.

She has delivered TEDx talks and speeches, enlightening audiences on television shows like BBC Breakfast, Codex, and Christmas University Challenge.

Final Thoughts

Olivia Boeree’s extraordinary journey demonstrates her exceptional talents, leadership, and dedication to poker and beyond. Her remarkable achievements inspire others, showing that pursuing diverse interests can lead to success and leave a lasting impact. If you share similar gaming interests with her, visit Vegas Aces Casino to play online poker real money games.

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