Mariano Poker: Argentinian Vlogger Sensation

Mariano Poker: Argentinian Vlogger Sensation

Meet Mariano Grandoli, nicknamed “Mariano Poker”, the first Argentine vlogger nominated for the prestigious “Best Vlogger” award at the Global Poker Awards. His poker adventures have taken him beyond his locale. He frequents high-stakes games in several casino resorts, including Bicycle, Bellagio, Commerce, Aria, Harrah, Golden Nugget, Morocco, etc. He also explores San Francisco, Arizona, and Texas casinos.

His aggressive playing style and strategic insights have made him popular in poker, often featured on some of the best online casino platforms.

Today’s casino news reveals more about Mariano’s poker career and personal life.

Mariano Poker: A Journey from Pizza Hut to Poker Fame

Born in July 1995 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, Mariano and his family relocated to the United States in 2002. He obtained his Business and Economics degree from Fullerton College in California. He resides in Los Angeles and has been in a relationship with Megan for almost a decade.

Mariano became interested in poker during college and was attracted by the psychology and mathematics aspects of the game, which gave him early experience in low-stakes games, symbolizing his knack for the game and his strategic mindset. He would often watch Andrew Neeme’s games on YouTube.

While working as a pizza delivery guy at Pizza Hut, Mariano sometimes played $1/$2 low-stakes cash games at the Gardens Casino with the $100 he accumulated from tips. Over time, he was able to build his bankroll to $600. However, due to his bad habits, Mariano lost all his money and, at the same time, was kicked out of Gardens Casino in 2018. He was also sacked from Pizza Hut when they discovered that he was gambling and playing poker—such a wrong moment for him.

Nevertheless, Mariano’s poker passion remained. He continued to pay close attention to Andrew Neeme’s gameplay, the hands he plays, and his strategies. He also watched Garrett Adelstein’s hands closely to improve himself in the game. It was only a matter of time before his poker skills evolved like the spin of an American roulette game. He began playing cash games again and also building his bankroll. Over time, he moved higher in stakes, playing $3/$5 tables. At one point, a friend loaned him $500, which he turned into $8,000. He even refunded his friend with interest.

Mariano Poker Streaming Greatness: YouTube and Vlogging

Inspired by Andrew Neeme’s channel, Mariano Grandoli created a YouTube channel called “Mariano” in February 2019. He began vlogging by uploading and reviewing the $1/$3 games he played at San Manuel Casino in California and others across the United States.

Mariano’s poker channel has since gained over 159,000 subscribers, making him one of the most popular poker vloggers on the platform. What sets the channel apart is that he offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his life as a professional poker player, showcasing the industry’s highs and lows.

In 2022, Mariano was nominated for Best Blogger of the Year at the Global Poker Awards. However, he lost the trophy to Ethan “Rampage” Yau, a friend and fellow vlogger.

Professional Poker Career and Notable Wins

Though Mariano has been playing poker for a long time, he came to the spotlight with the advent of the Mariano Poker channel when he began documenting his poker journey. Over time, he started appearing on Hustler Casino Live (HCL), Poker At The Lodge, Live At The Bike, and Bally Live Poker, where he proved to be a formidable player as he handled the chips, which were converted to cash. Knowing what is ICM in poker is essential to understand how that works.

With Hustler Casino Live, he achieved a poker full house in a critical hand, which showcased his strategic prowess and contributed to his growing reputation as a formidable player.

Mariano’s poker skills became evident in March 2023 when he won a $788,400 pot at the $100-$200-$400 No Limit Hold ’em event on HCL. This win gained him more attention and respect from the poker community. Like playing Pai Gow Poker Game online, his wins always come with a blend of luck and strategy.

In May 2023, in the $100-200-400 SUPER HIGH STAKES event on HCL, Mariano won a $611,000 pot against Andy Stacks. It occurred when Andy overbet the pot. They both had the poker river, but Mariano emerged victorious at the showdown. There was also a time in 2023 when he won a $148,900 pot with quads on the HCL livestream. The same year, he won $250,000 on the platform, among many other wins.

Mariano has won over $1 million in live casino games, most from Hustler Casino Live. Though he plays in WSOP, WPT, and EPT tournaments, he has no record on Hendon Mob.

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A YouTube Sensation in the Poker World

From his strategic gameplay to his insightful and engaging vlogs, Mariano Grandoli’s successful poker journey is a testament that you do not necessarily need to win the WSOP to be wealthy or recognized in poker. Find a part of the game that works for you, and be diligent. Visit Vegas Aces Casino today to play online poker free games.

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