Poker Visor: Iconic Symbols of Poker History

Poker Visor: Iconic Symbols of Poker History

Using a poker visor was common in the early/late 90s. If you frequented land-based casinos back then, you must have seen one. Table game dealers wear green eyeshade contraptions while dealing cards and anchoring a game. Sometimes, you’ll also find a few players use it too.

Today, technology and casino designs have made the poker visor less important. However, if you are interested in its use, today’s casino news is for you.

Poker Visor: Tradition and Style Through the Ages

A poker visor is an open cap-like contraption built with a green screen. It also goes by the poker terminology of green eyeshades. Poker dealers use it to protect their eyes from the harsh lights of electric bulbs. It is built using transparent dark green or blue-green celluloid to block harsh light. The rest of the body is constructed with leather and paper.

Bright and flashy lights characterize land-based casinos. Although these lights give the place life and enough illumination, they can sometimes irritate the eyes after a long time. With a poker visor, a dealer can protect his eyes and stay alert when dealing with games like 3 Card Poker.

When to Use a Poker Visor

While the poker visor is popular among dealers of casino games of cards for good reason, players also find it exciting to wear it for different reasons. Dealers wear poker visors to protect their eyes from bright light and to keep their faces professional. They help maintain a neutral face and prevent giving away information when dealing cards. A poker visor helps with that, ideally.

Coincidentally, players also use it to protect their eyes from bright light and conceal their facial expressions when they play even more tricky games like Jokers Wild. However, players also use it as a fashion statement, mimicking the classic dressing of the 1920s. Visors are also an excellent tool for newbies to hide their faces from revealing that they are not great at the game.

This helps them momentarily stay safe until they build their confidence in the game. Others wear poker visors to show they are not in the mood for socializing. They’re only there for the game and not concerning themselves with small talk, like which players know what poker hand names are.

History of Visors

In the early 1900s, poker and casino dealers, accountants, telegraphers, copy editors, and other professionals, used poker visors. The deal was that bulbs built in those days emitted incandescent lights that produced glare and tended to be harsh.

Wearing a poker visor is the only way to prevent this from straining the eyes. They filter out excess light and glare, making work more manageable. Why green? Most people say it’s easy on the eyes. Others say it’s a great tool to show the contrast of the black ink on white paper.

In an online casino real money game, a poker visor is used in allegorical fashion for the character designs, as a reminder of the old days. It represents the traditional poker atmosphere, evoking the image of classic poker players and creating a nostalgic connection to the physical game. The visor makes the online setting feel more authentic and immersive, enhancing the player’s experience, even if not functionally needed.

Today, light bulbs are built more efficiently, reducing the effect of glares and strains on the eyes. While visors were necessary tools for casino dealers, people quickly found them fashionable as part of their outfits.

Can Poker Visors Give You an Advantage at the Table?

Poker visors are useful. As stated, they block light glares and hide facial expressions. People have, however, invented the poker face, which helps hide facial expressions well without a poker visor.

However, if there is any advantage to wearing a visor, the answer is no. The only way players use poker visors to their advantage is for cheating. Visors are great at revealing invisible ink marks. So, unless a player provides the dealer with a deck of cards marked with invisible ink, poker visors don’t pose a risk for unfair plays. Not even in online poker real money games.

The best option to ensure winning when you play is to dominate the tables with the best techniques and strategies, which you can learn from our American casino guide section.

A Fashion That Will Remain in Memory

Although no longer in vogue, poker visors are one of the oldest trends at brick-and-mortar casinos you will always remember. They were a protective shield against harsh light, fashion statements, and a poker face shield. Today, you only see them occasionally at live casino games. Amazon and other e-commerce websites sell them.

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