The Truth About Garrett Adelstein Poker Cheating Scandal

The Truth About Garrett Adelstein Poker Cheating Scandal

Garrett Adelstein poker player is a frequent contender at the 24-hour Hustler Casino that plays host to the popular live broadcast, Hustler Casino Live. Hustler Casino Live can simply be described as where poker and pop culture meet. It is also a haven for some of the region’s best poker gurus who assemble to compete in no-limit Texas Hold ’em online casino games.

The Garrett Adelstein Poker ‘Cheating’ Scandal

On the night of September 29th, the high-stakes roller sat looking stung, wondering how he managed to lose a whopping $269,000 pot to up-and-comer Robbi Jade Lew. During the now-infamous hand viewed by tens of thousands in last Thursday’s live stream, Garrett Adelstein tried to pull off a bluff with an eight-high and combo draw.

Unfortunately, the shove was immediately called by the new amateur player, Robbi Lew. Adelstein has since gone on Twitter to release a well-documented statement about why he thinks his opponent cheated. In a set of tweets, he accused Robbi Jade Lew of winning a huge hand with what most poker pros would regard as a weak set of cards.

The Hand

Just nearing halfway into the live stream, Garrett Adelstein raised $3,000 alongside 8-7 clubs. Adelstein had a stack of $815,000 with Lew as the only caller after him holding $135,000. Blinds were in their $100, $200, $400 combo with an $800 straddle.

Popular for his aggressive playing style, Adelstein raised $2,500 on a straight flush draw against newcomer Lew’s relatively-poor hand. Nonetheless, she made the call, and the turnout was a worthless four.

At this point, Adelstein made a $10,000 semi-bluff, followed mindlessly by Lew raising to $20,000. Adelstein stalled for a brief moment before calling “all in.” In response, Lew tossed in a timing chip inquiring from Adelstein if her “three” pair was good. After that, both players would go into a weird back-and-forth on how many times they should go in.

Garrett Adelstein settles to run once, and the following conversation was transcribed:

“This is a pure bluff-catcher,” Lew claimed.

“Pocket threes?” someone on the table said.

“F**k no,” she retorted. “I think he has me beat.”

So Lew decided to run it two times and sat back calmly even after Adelstein came back with 8-7 clubs.

After a long pause, that was when she hit Adelstein with the killer punch:

“Wow, Garrett. How many times are you going to let me do this to you?” Lew said, flipping over the winning jack.

Did you feel it? At this point, the entire game room erupted in complete shock.

“I don’t understand what’s happening right now,” Adelstein said after a brief moment of silence. Lew replied, “If my Jack weren’t a club, I would have been out.” A heated private conversation ensued, and Robbi agreed to give the money back. She asked as she returned to the table: “I said I wanted minimal destruction… What is going to make you happy?”

Adelstein responded immediately, asking for his money back. The incident didn’t end as Adelstein went to release a lengthy argument just after the game, claiming that that particular call did not align with her (Lew) earlier patterns. He also alleged that Lew might have had a device to prompt her whenever she had a good hand.

The Tweet

In the well-publicized statement, Adelstein shared Part One and Two screenshot tweets explaining in depth what happened the night of the game. In Part Two, he began by categorically refuting the claim that he requested a refund before highlighting areas where he felt he had been “clearly cheated.”

Lew has also tweeted her response to the claims. She wrote to fans on her Twitter saying, “I read the man and make a hero call after he shoves on a turned brick card. Get over it.”

I’ll say it again like I’ve said before: ‘I’m not playing nice in the sandbox anymore.’ Make it right @GmanPoker

“Or don’t. #IDGAF I’ve already moved on. I’ll make it back either way.”

Hustler Casino Live has not released any official statement yet regarding the matter.

Launched on August 3, the live poker stream instantly became a favorite for fans worldwide who tune in to watch poker pros in action. Some topics that also make the rounds in discussions at the live broadcast include high-profile rollers, how much do poker players make, and so on.

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