What Are the Nuts in Poker? An In-Depth Look

What Are the Nuts in Poker? An In-Depth Look

What are the nuts in poker? Nuts help players identify possible outcomes, make better bluffing and betting decisions, and play better.

Poker is an exciting table game with broad gameplay concepts and approaches. The ultimate goal is to have the best hand. Our free poker online games provide grand entertainment and hours of fun.

In today’s casino news, we will touch on the nuts’ types, history, and advantages.

What Are the Nuts in Poker? Can You Fake It?

What are the nuts in poker? It is just as important as the question: When was poker invented? Poker evolved over centuries, integrating games from different cultures. Its modern form began in the early 19th century in the U.S., adapting different concepts in its inception.

The nut in poker is a concept that refers to the best possible hand in a particular round. While it is not necessarily the highest-ranking hand in poker, having the nuts means your hand is better than every other person’s hand at the table. Depending on the game being played, the regular hand rankings are applied to nuts if the Joker poker card isn’t present.

Additionally, in every poker round, you can deduce the game’s nuts from the community cards. However, they are dynamic. Nuts change as the flop, turn, and river are dealt. For example, where the flop is 9, A, 9, the nut hand would be anyone with two 9s to make a four-of-a-kind. If the turn and the river come out to be K and Q, the nut becomes anyone with a J and ten cards.

Learn more about identifying the cards, the nuts, and the best way to beat the table with our casino guide section.

History of Nuts in Poker

The casino games community has many opinions on how nuts came into poker. The widely accepted history dates back to the game’s popularity in the colonial west of America, where playing poker was a highly recognized gambling activity, with people often betting on their possessions in Five-Card Draw Poker variants like the Aces and Eights game.

In scenarios where players wanted to bet all they owned, they would take the bolts and nuts of their horses-linked wagon wheels and place them as a symbol that they would redeem their bet. They were often called stone-cold nuts.

Another history associates nuts with the old English word nuts, which means any source of pleasure. One history states that people closely associate the slang “the dog’s bollocks” or “the mutt’s nuts” with meaning “the absolute best.” All these points link poker’s nuts to having the best possible hand.

Variations of Nuts In Poker

Asking what are the nuts in poker opens you to a world of different gaming situations. While nut in poker naturally means the highest possible hand, players then decided to name hands that are 2nd highest and 3rd highest possible hands. This is where nut high and nut low come in.

Nut high is the highest possible hand, and nut low is the lowest possible winning hand, which is also helpful in Badugi poker. Players often call the nut high the absolute nut, meaning nothing can beat that hand in the game.

Other nuts include ‘nut flush’, the highest possible nut in a round, and the ‘nut nut’, a hand that simultaneously has the nut high and the nut low.

Going for the Nuts or Not?

Knowing the nuts of every poker round has benefits, whether you are with it or not.


For one, knowing the nut can help you make better decisions. In situations where you do have it, the probability of winning the game and confidence in raising bets increases. When you don’t have it, you can look at the likelihood of others having it, making you more cautious of what you want to play next.

Also, knowing the nut in a round can boost your bluffing prowess into others thinking you have one, which could even land you some big wins.


Achieving the highest possible hand in a poker round with only the flop dealt is tricky. There isn’t a guarantee that the turn and river cards won’t upturn your nut when you flop. Therefore, it is best to tread carefully.

Aside from this, there’s no harm in you knowing the nut before continuing the game. Also, it’s sometimes best not to overthink things and play games at your own pace, including Pai Gow Poker.

Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em?

In looking at what are the nuts in poker, we’ve established how it’s the highest possible hand in a round. Knowing the nut of each round can be a strategy to boost your playing advantage and win more.

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