What is a Leak in Poker & How Do You Find It?

What is a Leak in Poker & How Do You Find It?

Most Common Poker Leaks

One aspect of poker, which often makes people question luck or skill in poker, can make even the best players want to leave the table and play Bounty Hunter slots instead. That’s the dreaded poker leaks.

Whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold em, or Triple Edge poker, all players can be susceptible to poker leaks at one time or another. Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring professional player, someone who wants to beat their buddies on a Friday night more consistently, or a player trying their hand at jogo do bicho online, you must know what a poker leak is and how to find it.

What Are Poker Leaks?

First thing’s first, let’s clarify what is meant by poker leaks.

Essentially, anything that causes a player to lose money is a poker leak. That could be betting too big pre-flop, double barrel bluffing too often, or even getting emotional under certain circumstances. But how does new gambling law affect online poker and these leaks? Whatever it is, if it’s causing a player to lose money, it’s a leak.

Here’s a look at some of the most common leaks, and remember, a poker winning hands strategy doesn’t always save you from them:

  • Not understanding pot odds correctly and folding to small bets. For example, say that you bet pre-flop, but then all of the flop cards miss your hole cards. Your opponent makes a small bet, say a quarter of the current pot, and your instinct is to fold, assuming they have a better hand since you’ve missed the flop.
    It can be tempting to fold here. However, you’re still getting good pot odds by calling, even if your hand has missed since your opponent has only made a small bet. Folding too often in this position can become a leak.
  • Being a calling station. Sometimes, optimism is harmful in poker. If you’re always hoping to hit that one out of hand, or thinking of how incredible it would be if you called an opponent on their bluff, you can find yourself becoming a call station.
    Other players will realize that regardless of what they bet, you’re going to call their bet. They’ll then use this information to extract value from you every time they possess a strong hand, leading at your end.
  • Playing poker like the slots. The beauty of poker is that it doesn’t matter what hand you get dealt. Sure, it’s helpful when you’re always getting dealt pocket premiums, but that’s not necessary—it’s all about what cards you represent and make your opponent think you have.
    The trouble is, many players just play poker like the slots. They put their money in, see the flop, then if they don’t hit a big hand, assume they’ve lost. This is missing out on so much nuance of the game and can lead to significant leaks.

These are just a few examples of poker leaks. For those interested in different variants, consider checking out our Let It Ride Poker Single Hand Guide. Remember, there are dozens more leaks that exist, and even professional players have to constantly work to remove from their games. You can also try online poker free to practice and identify these leaks without risking real money.

Removing From Your Game

There is no silver bullet for removing leaks from your game. The answer is constantly analyzing your game and reflecting on where you’re consistently losing money. Identify the situation or behavior, then learn how to address it. Be intentional about this. Persist until you’ve patched in a certain area, then rinse and repeat.

Looking at the examples above, we can see that each poker leak, including online casino games, has a different remedy. For those who are folding to small bets, take some time to familiarize yourself with the math of pot odds, then choose to have your decision-making in these situations driven by statistics, not emotion.

If you find yourself a calling station in casino games, perhaps you need to commit to a more realistic approach in your play—while it’s nice to be optimistic, you need to tell yourself the truth about the chances of hitting a certain hand. And instead of playing poker like slots or other casino games, look at every hand as an opportunity to extract value from your opponents, regardless of the cards you possess.

There’s a reason millions of people play poker regularly, but only thousands make a living off it. Addressing poker leaks takes time and intentionality, and it’s not something that will happen overnight. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news. Enjoy the ride, whether you are playing poker or trying jogo do bicho online.

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