Why Royal Flush is Regarded as the Unbeatable Hand

Why Royal Flush is Regarded as the Unbeatable Hand

Since forever, poker hands have had a ranking based on combining cards in a specific manner. The Royal Flush is the best hand in Poker. Hand rankings are ordered from highest to lowest.

If we were to create an image of what the Royal Flush hand stood for, we would describe it as a god who defied every opposition facing it and remains undefeatable amongst other gods. That might have seemed so dramatic, but in all truth, this hand remains unbeatable.

Let’s learn about the entity of this particular poker hand in this casino news.

Royal Flush: The Cream of the Crop in Poker

The Royal Flush poker hand is unbeatable; and if you like playing online poker free games, you’ve probably acquired enough practice to know that it is a hand that requires an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, all cards in the same suit. You have one when all the cards are in the same suit.

This single hand serves as the highest-ranking poker hand. It is a scarce hand to make, as proven mathematically using a standard deck of 52 cards. That is why many poker players try as much as possible to create this hand, as it can result in the player winning a jackpot even bigger than the Mississippi Stud payouts.

How to create a Royal Flush

To create this hand, we use four steps that require us to use a standard poker deck of 52 cards and select cards with Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades. When a hand includes all the cards of one suit, it qualifies as a Royal Flush.

It’s necessary to know that it doesn’t occur frequently. It could take several rounds of playing before a player eventually creates the hand.

Can the Royal Flush be Beaten?

If you are a fan of any poker podcast, you must have heard that no hand beats the Royal Flush hand, irrespective of the poker variant. The probability of drawing it, live or at an online casino, is the reason why it cannot be easily destroyed.

In a standard poker casino game where one deck of 52 cards is used, there is only one precise way of creating this hand, i.e., cards of ten through to an ace of the same suit. When all four suits are multiplied by one distinct way of making the hand, there can be only four ways.

In terms of percentage and odds, there’s a 0.000154% chance and a 649,739 to 1 odd of drawing one, respectively. So, this answers the question of a Royal Flush being an unbeatable hand.

The Royal Hand Strategy

Given the low probability of creating a Royal Flush, using a strategy to increase the odds of getting this hand will be in your favor. A few strategies for creating a this hand are available on the Vegas Aces Casino website. And you can always read up on other topics, like the Caribbean Stud poker guide, to expand your poker knowledge on this poker variant.

Realistically assess if creating this hand is possible before employing a strategy. Pursue it if highly likely; focus on something else if not.

Final Thoughts

Every player dreams of landing a Royal Flush hand someday and works hard to get it eventually. And this is because, with the Royal Flush hand, you can beat every other hand with the confidence that no other hand can win yours.

Don’t focus solely on Royal Flush; learn other Poker hands to create a winning strategy.

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