Women in Poker: Breaking Barriers and Achieving Success

Women in Poker: Breaking Barriers and Achieving Success

Have you watched the movie Molly’s Game? The Hollywood movie is based on the real-life story of Molly Bloom, a 20-year-old skier whose dream to ski in the Olympics was halted by a severe injury, and later became one of the poker women to make a name for herself in this famous table game history.

You may wonder how this relates to gambling. Well, the injury shattered her hopes of skiing at the Olympics, so she moved on. Molly relocated to Los Angeles, where she built a multi-million dollar poker empire for the elite – Wall Street icons, politicians, athletes, actors, and other people of affluence as she help to break the barriers for women in poker. It’s regarded as one of the biggest poker empires in the gambling industry.

The Road of the Poker Women

Research shows that 95% of poker players are men, and the rest 5% are poker women. This is because poker was strictly a man’s game for many years, and it was against the social norm to have poker women players participate in this famous card game. The few who broke the unwritten rule were branded various labels by other women.

So, how did Molly Bloom manage to build a massive poker empire despite the odds? If you’re a fan of online poker, we advise you to spare a few minutes to discuss lessons learned from Molly’s Game and how they can help poker women players become better.

Always take risks

The first thing we notice about Molly is her ability to take risks. Even after making several mistakes in the poker business, she risked all she had and regained her fortunes. This is what most poker women players need in casino gambling.

Online poker is a game of risk where every choice you make is a thin fine line between a win and a loss. The game’s fast nature requires you to make split-second decisions: placing high stakes, folding bets, raking hands, etc.

Risk-taking is the most prominent feature of successful poker gamers. Online poker has various probabilities, and things won’t always be as planned. So, the only way to know the outcome of a bet is by taking the risk. If you fail, you’d have little/no regrets.

Embrace your decisions: Right or wrong

Despite making a few decisions that caused the business to crumble, Molly never denied them in court. This lesson will come in handy for poker women and other gamblers.

The truth is things won’t always go as you planned. And a good example is the Garrett Adelstein poker cheating scandal report. Poker players are usually competitive, so they’d try their possible best to win. However, Adelstein could not believe he lost to Robbi Jade Lew who was said to be an amateur at poker!

But, that is table games for you! Things can change. One way you can improve online poker is by owning up to your decisions, even when the consequences seem terrible. Who knows whether you’d save yourself in the long run?

Be eager to learn

Molly’s breakthrough into poker came while serving as a waitress in Reardon Green’s bar. He put her in charge of the business, and she took over after a few months of learning how to operate a business successfully.

Online poker is an easy game to play but requires a lot of effort to attain mastery, and playing consistently is the only way to become a pro poker gambler. Take time to research and study various tips and strategies to keep you at the top of your poker game. Don’t think you know it all; there’s always room for improvement.

Avoid trouble at all costs

Molly had a reasonable business plan, but her involvement with criminal minds was the cause of her decline. Staying out of trouble would have prevented her case with the federal court, the FBI, the Mafia, and her bankruptcy.

We advise poker players to avoid trouble before it’s too late. Gamble responsibly, focus on the game and don’t wager what you cannot afford to lose.

Final Thoughts

If you stick to the lessons learned from Molly’s Game, you can improve your gameplay and become a professional online poker player in no time. We recommend this movie for poker women, newbies and every casino gambler who wishes to master the art of the card table game. Keep playing at Vegas Aces online casino, have a gambling budget, focus on the game, and you’d get real money rewards in no time.

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