Prepare Your Poker Face: Key Dates for the WSOP 2024

Prepare Your Poker Face: Key Dates for the WSOP 2024

The WSOP 2024 schedule marks the 55th edition of the world’s most revered poker tournament. Of all the gambling competitions that have stemmed out of Las Vegas, there isn’t anyone so vivid as this. Since its introduction in 1970, poker has changed for the better, paving the way for it to be a certified sports game.

Organizing a WSOP (World Series of Poker) has evolved. The series moved from having barely up to 50 tables and a few participants to having hundreds of events and tens of thousands of players, making it a highly prestigious event among casino games. The Horseshoe Casino, where the first series took place, is a testament to this remarkable journey.

In this casino news, we will provide the details of this acclaimed event.

WSOP 2024 Schedule Updates: Let’s Deal Some Action!

The WSOP 2024 Schedule was unveiled following the successful completion of the 2023 edition. The series’ fixed date is May 28 to July 17, 2024, indicating it is underway.

The 55th edition of the tournament is taking place at the iconic Las Vegas Strip, at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. Approximately 700 poker tables will be present this year, each offering a unique experience. With new events and an abundance of prizes to be won, the competition is set to be electrifying. However, games like Deuces and Joker won’t be among the ones to be played.

The Main Event, where one player will claim the revered tournament bracelet, will kick off in about two weeks, from July 3 to July 17, when the final will occur at Horseshoe Las Vegas. Registration opens early, but July 7-8 is considered late registration.

This year’s WSOP motto is “Bigger and Better,” according to Ty Stewart, the SVP & Executive Director of the WSOP. Following this, 2024’s tournament features more than 100 new tables, including the event that kicked off the series, the Champions Re-union No Limit Hold ’em Freezout.

WSOP Main Event Victors, including Weinman, will do the honors of opening the series, but anyone can participate, even those who love the Dogs Playing Poker picture. If a player defeats a former main event champion, they automatically earn a spot in this year’s WSOP main event.

Exciting New Events in WSOP 2024 Schedule

As mentioned, this year’s WSOP 2024 schedule includes hundreds of new tables both in live and online casino games. But these three stand out to us.

WSOP is no longer an event solely for the young trying to get a straight poker hand. For the first time, seniors aged 50 and above can join the action at the series-exclusive High Roller no-limit Hold ’em. The three-day event kicks off next week, June 26. The second exciting new event is the Independence Day Celebration No-Limit Hold ’em, a three-day event that kicks off July 3 and 4. The third is the $3,000 buy-in mid-stakes championship No-limit event, created to keep those who wish to remain in the series but have lost at the main event active. It begins July 11.

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WSOP 2024: Happenings So Far

Below are some notable occurrences following the start of the WSOP 2024 Schedule.

Phill Ivey Wins his 11th Poker Bracelet

Some refer to Phill Ivey as the greatest poker player. He has been blazing hot since the start of the events in the 2024 WSOP Schedule, and now he has claimed his 11th poker bracelet. He defeated Danny Wong in the $10,000-entry Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Championship. The professional poker player is now in second place on the all-time wins list.

Seiver and Schulman Land a Place in the 2025 Poker Hall of Fame

Scott Seiver and Nick Schulman are eligible for the 2025 Poker Hall of Fame Event due to their fantastic cash game results. Scott won 196 opponents at the 10,000 buy-in Omaha High-Low 8 event, which took place on June 4. He won a grand prize of $426,744, scaling his live tournament earnings above $26 million.

Nick Schulman earned the first-ever Texas Holdem bracelet at the July 11 No-limit Hold ’em Eight-Handed event, where he also won his most significant cash prize, worth $1,667,842, pushing his live earnings to about $20,000,000.

Due to these achievements, both players are expected to be in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2025.

The Battle of Britain

Richard Ashby and Adam Owen, two professional British players who understand what is ICM in poker, have given fans a good game to remember. The two stars face off, showing remarkable gaming skills at the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Final Table, but Ashby comes out on top, winning his second WSOP bracelet.

This Year’s Unmissable Action

The WSOP 2024 Schedule is progressing as planned. Poker is unpredictable, so who will be the most victorious at this year’s event is still unknown. When July ends, we will return to discuss the series highlights.

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