Black or Red, You’re Ahead! Choose Your Roulette Bets!

Black or Red, You’re Ahead! Choose Your Roulette Bets!

Roulette is among the most enthralling online casino games, offering high rewards and betting options. Today, there are several ways to win at Roulette, whether playing against the dealer, other players, or the computer. The playing strategies vary, as well as the Roulette bets available, and you may try several before choosing your favorite, the one that suits your style of play.

The best advice on becoming a professional roulette player is to get as much gaming experience as possible. And the first step is to know bet types. So, in today’s casino news, we’ll examine the most popular roulette bets.

In and Out of the Best Roulette Bets

Remember that both online Roulette and live Roulette bets will only sometimes be 100% effective, as several other factors determine the outcome of a spinning wheel. Even the most successful strategies still require some luck against better opponents, even when playing a virtual Roulette game. The following are the Roulette bets you can place to make your winnings at the wheel.

There are two primary Roulette bets: the inside bets and the outside bets. The best types were classified based on the layout of the Roulette table. Place a wager on the following Roulette bets to make an inside bet.

Inside Roulette Bets

Straight-up Bet
On the roulette wheel, there are numbers. When you bet on only one of the numbers, that is a straight-up bet. This means a direct bet.

Split Bet
Taking a step further to place a wager on two numbers is called a split bet. Diving wagers are divided into two portions. The chips are then placed between the adjoined numbers.

Street Bet
A player can place a wager on three different numbers. When this is done, the player is said to have placed a street bet.

Square Bet
This bet was named square bet because a square has four sides. Therefore, when a wager is placed on four numbers, it is called a square bet.

Five Number Bet
This bet involves placing wagers on 5 numbers on the wheels. If playing an American roulette, the numbers will be 0,00,1,2 and 3.

Six-Line Bet
involves placing a bet across two lines covering 6 numbers.

Outside Roulette Bets

The outside bets are the most advised. They involve placing wagers on numbers or colors on the outside section of the wheel. They include:

Black or Red Bet
Predict if the ball will land on spots painted red or black on the wheel.

High Bet
Some numbers are considered high on the roulette wheel. They range between 19-36. Placing a wager on these numbers means you are poaching a high bet.

Low Bet
This is the opposite of a high bet. The numbers range between 1-18.

Even or Odd Number Bet
Even numbers are divisible in Figure 2, while odd numbers are divisible by themselves and 1. When you wager on these numbers, it is called even/odd number bets.

Column Bet
There are three lines on the roulette table. When a bet is placed on 12 numbers that cut across those three lines, it is called a column bet.

Call Bets
This bet can only be placed at the French roulette table. It involves announcing the number you hope the balls will land on.

You should understand how to place the above Roulette bets before trying the best bets if you’re a newbie.

Major Difference Among the Bets

The main distinguishing factor between the outside and inside Roulette bets is the payout. Although outside bets have larger chances of winning, the reward is less. Contrarily, inside bets provide a far greater payoff despite a much lower probability of winning.

You can employ a diverse range of strategies, like the Roulette 12 strategy, which typically refers to a betting strategy where the player places bets on one of the three dozen of numbers on the betting layout. In Roulette, three different dozens divide the numbers: 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. Many consider betting on one of these dozens an outside bet because it covers a large portion of the wheel and offers relatively low payouts compared to inside bets (e.g., straight-up bets on single numbers).

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Final Thoughts

Roulette remains one of the most versatile casino games regarding the types of bets available. Selecting a trusted casino is the first step to enjoying playing roulette, so we advise that you check the gambling regulations in your location before registering. Vegas Aces Casino has a wide variety of games ranging from the best slots to board and card games like Teen Patti. You can learn about Teen Patti and Teen Patti rules with our easy-to-read online casino guides.

Find your best option for playing Roulette, by following multiple online casino reviews. Learn from the experience of others as well!

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