Robin Schnepp Charged in Casino Game Fraud

Robin Schnepp Charged in Casino Game Fraud

Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino has pressed charges regarding an alleged cheating and theft conspiracy among two of its employees. In the headlines, Robin Schnepp, a casino dealer, Anthony Laush, a supervisor, and Jack Daniel Mars III, a player, were arrested. They allegedly conspired to defraud Rivers Casino for a significant sum of money. The police arrested the trio for their involvement.

The police did not disclose their work status but detailed the incident. The employees’ current employment status remains unclear. In this casino news, we’ll be looking into the cheating betting incident at the Rivers Casino.

Robin Schnepp: Infamous Rivers Casino Conspiracy

Rivers Casino is said to have suffered a massive loss for an error proven to be deliberate. If you know how roulette systems operate, you’d understand that the ball is supposed to be thrown in the opposite direction on an electronic wheel. When the roulette ball spins in the same direction as the wheel, it gives an erroneous result, voiding any winnings.

Allegedly, Robin Schnepp, fully aware of the standard operation of online roulette, ignored the error and continued his actions, placing stakes. A man and a woman (Jack Daniel Mars III and Gabriella Marie Bianco) who seemed to know what was happening increased their stakes, placing their bets on number 2. Eventually, they both won, racking a whopping sum.

In an interview with reporters, a spokesperson (Trooper Rocco Gagliardi) said that in such an event, the casino supervisor needed to void the game after verifying with his sensor and noting the error. Gagliardi said the supervisor should have asked for the wheel to spin again, but that wasn’t the case. Laush made the roulette payouts huge on that occasion.

When the case was investigated, it all appeared shady, and both employees were apprehended for conspiring. Recall that this isn’t the first time an alleged roulette cheating has hit the news. We saw the same case scenario earlier this year in Joe Jeng Chiou Lin and Chen Huan Lin, who made away with some casino earnings on February 22, February 23, and March 8.

The Rigged Spin

Although it is unclear which wheel—American or European roulette—was used, authorities charged both parties with felony theft. On March 13, Laush and Robin Schnepp were accused of theft, conspiracy, fraud, and attempting to manipulate outcomes.

However, they were all released following a pending preliminary hearing scheduled for later in the month. This scheme would not work in an online casino, where algorithms and tightly regulated systems determine outcomes.

Rivers Casino Loss

The amount involved in the roulette rig betting case was approximately $11,000. Reports say Jack Daniel Mars III received $2,760, while the female player got $2,675. Earlier reports stated that the casino games scheme had caused significant losses from these fraudulent activities. A letter reported casino dealers collaborating with players before shifts to win money through these schemes.

A roulette betting strategy that often mimics scams is considered cheating. The letter claimed that such dealings had been ongoing since December. Through these findings, the Rivers Casino decided to investigate the matter by setting up surveillance cameras and involving the police later.

At the time of the incident, Robin Schnepp was said to have been affiliated with the Rivers Casino for 14 years.

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The Downfall of Robin Schnepp

The Rivers Casino electronic roulette scheme highlights significant breaches of casino protocols that lead to substantial financial losses. The manipulation of the game’s wheel involving Robin Schnepp and Anthony Laush emphasizes the need for stricter security and honest employee practices to prevent chaos in casinos.

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