The History and Modern Applications of the Number Wheel

The History and Modern Applications of the Number Wheel

Adopting a rotating wheel was welcomed to heighten the thrill of online gaming. A rotating number wheel provides a fun gaming experience and dictates players’ fortune in games like slots, Roulette, etc. Whether the player wins or loses depends on this wheel. But what, then, is the Number Wheel, and how did it come about to be? Find out with today’s news article, what the Wheel is about and how it was developed.

Number Wheel: A Spin into Gaming History

The genius idea of Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician in the 17th century, brought about the number wheel. Today, more significant than what Pascal could have imagined is what the Number wheel has become.

Many online casino sites have revolutionized the wheel to be better with a Random Number Generator (RNG) application. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a unique mathematical algorithm or program designed to produce random sequences of numbers or symbols. With this algorithm, the wheel can spin and randomly choose numbers from its pool of numbers.

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How Number Wheels Differ

Some features differ among the wheels you might encounter online or in physical outlets. The design form that a wheel can take varies depending on the winning pattern intended by the manufacturer. Some wheels rotate in the clockwise direction while some are anti-clockwise.

The number configuration can also differ. Like in Online European Roulette, there is a single zero, whereas American Roulette has a double zero on its wheel. In addition, color patterns can differ. Some wheels can be designed using two colors or more. And to further make a unique wheel, some developers can spice it up. For example, Flame Roulette brings a twist of having flames around the Wheels.

How To Use A Number Wheel

A wheel can be used in several casino games, such as Bingo, lottery, Roulette, etc., to produce a list of possible numbers, and here’s how you can:

Select A Range of Numbers

For a number wheel to randomly pick a number, you have to select a range for which it must spin and select a number. For example, if you’re playing online Roulette rules, you’ll set the number based on the type of bet you want to place.

Know if the Wheel has fixed Settings or not.

Every wheel has its settings. In some, you can only spin the wheel to get even/odd numbers or both, which can exclude some numbers. Some can be color. Also, spin duration can vary from wheel to wheel.

Tap The Wheel

Aftering knowing your wheel settings, the next thing to do is tap the wheel to start spinning. To tap the whee online, you have to move the cursor and click the wheel or use your finger to tap the screen if you are playing on a mobile device.

Note your number

Once the wheel stops spinning and you have your result, note the number until the winners are announced. Although on some wheels, your result is shown immediately.

Final Thoughts

Number wheels were designed to make gaming more fun. As it spins and players await its outcome, many funny things happen. Some players begin to pray, some close their eyes, some walk away and ask someone else to tell them the out. It can be such a dramatic moment of gameplay. You should try spinning once. You might be the next big winner of casino prizes. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play and spin the American Roulette Wheel today!

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