2018- 2022: The Dragon King Slot Game is still Holding On

2018- 2022: The Dragon King Slot Game is still Holding On

Betsoft’s head of product development, Dan Cooper, commented on the online slots provider’s new game, Dragon king slot, in a press release in 2018 saying:

“With Dragon Kings, we set out to reimagine a traditional Chinese tale while incorporating modern features and a soundtrack that would appeal to Asian and Western audiences. Dragon Kings showcases the best in contemporary slot game design, from dragons with distinct visual identities and amusing abilities to imaginative payouts.”

But is the game really Distinct? Let’s find out.

Dragon King has been a popular title in Asian and Chinese movies, and these movies were fully action-packed and relatively fast. In 2018, Betsoft gaming released a slot game that satisfied players’ curiosity upon its launch. Way back in 2018, not so many games were themed after Chinese mythology alongside some Asian characteristics. Therefore, after Betsoft hinted at the release of slot games titled “Dragon King”, the players’ curiosity rose.

Why the Dragon King Slot Game is Still Relevant In 2022

Game’s Concept

The Dragon is a magical creature whose tales will be repeated for generations. Dragons are exceptional, from spitting fire to performing magic and controlling certain things of nature like water. Therefore, to give a further interactive description, Betsoft designed Dragon King Slot, where Betsoft redesigned slot machine symbols so that each one took up a reel and had unique abilities.

Every Dragon in the game is wild and can be used in place of any other symbol. Each creature has a unique power. When the Azure Dragon appears on the first reel, he locks the other dragons in place and awards one additional spin. The White Dragon, which appears on reel 2, has the power to duplicate and produce a collection of wild symbols.

The Dragon King Jackpot

The Dragon King will show up in this slot game, standing tall and golden as he rules over the center reel. When he shows up, winning line rewards are doubled, and he has control over which lines lead to the jackpots. When the King appears while other dragons are on the reels, their combined powers increase the line bet’s total of 2000 times. So which jackpot you win depends on how many dragons appear on the reel that contains the Dragon King.

Spin-Free Feature

A Dragon King Free Spins bonus round activates the gold coin-shaped Scatter symbol. The unique feature, which awards players a total of 5 Free Spins, is activated after you land three scatter symbols on the same spin.

The King’s Pearl Magic

The Magic Dragon Pearl feature is one of the game’s numerous distinctive features. The Dragon King’s Magical Pearl’s final destination is on the sixth reel. The pearl is the last component required to unlock one of four progressive jackpots. However, this single symbol reel might or might not reveal any price after the spin. The number of free spins doubles if the Magic Pearl appears during the free spin triggering process.

AutoPlay Feature

Players can automatically replay the game using their desired bet stake from previous gaming rounds with the auto-play option on the dragon king slot.

Final Thoughts

With the features Betsoft developed for the Dragon Kings slot and its outstanding gaming experience, its popularity among slot lovers never diminished. Dragon king slot fared exceptionally well with its 5 reels, 10 payline, 95.53% RTP, and outstanding payout to players thus far. To find your favorite slot machines and play slots for fun like the Dragon King slot, Visit Vegas Aces Casino.

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