Progressive Jackpot Online Casino Games

Progressive Jackpot Online Casino Games

You’ve probably heard of players becoming millionaires with a single spin and want to join in on the parade. But the question beckons — what online casino games can I play to these astronomical funds and earn “millionaire” status? The answer would be Progressive Jackpot Online Casino Games

Although progressive jackpots exist in different gaming categories, we’ll take a peek at a variation with a proven track record of granting mesmeric wins regularly — slots.

Ready to uncover these rewarding games and kick-start your igaming adventure on a high? Keep reading.

Progressive Jackpot Online Casino Defined 

We know you’re itching to uncover the best progressive jackpot online casino titles, as well as how to win on slots at a casino. But first, it’s important to understand what progressive jackpots entail. 

Simply put, a progressive jackpot has a payout value that starts at the lowest possible amount and rises when players during a set gaming stint place bets. Then, this payout is released randomly to a lucky player. Afterward, the jackpot resets and increases once more.

There are three distinct progressive jackpot categories. They include:

  • Stand-Alone: As the naming suggests, stand-alone progressive jackpots are those limited to a unique slot game. Your bets and other players contribute to the jackpot value within that game and aren’t affiliated with another title.
  • In-House: In-house progressive jackpots are common at physical casinos. Numerous machines are connected to the jackpot using a LAN (Local Area Network). However, only one machine can receive the payout.
  • Networked: These jackpots are networked across numerous iGaming sites. For example, Mega Moolah’s jackpot can be won on any site that features this Microgaming-powered online slot. 

Progressive Jackpot Payout: Specifics to Note

Players can receive jackpot payments in bulk or get them in installments. The probability of either of these events happening depends on the software provider and online casino. Nonetheless, huge jackpot payouts are mostly paid out as a lump sum.

Using Microgaming’s Mega Moolah as an example, winning the game’s jackpot will see you get invited to the software provider’s HQ. Here, you’ll get a check that spells out your prize money. Winners have the luxury of showcasing their faces and names or remaining 100% anonymous.

However, it isn’t unusual to see jackpots paid monthly to your preferred financial institution. Most times, this is an agreement by the player to avoid wastage and the sort.

The Biggest Progressive Jackpot Online Casino Wins

One thing players love about progressive jackpot slots is that these titles don’t require astronomical wagering amounts to get started. With as little as 20¢, you can place wagers at top progressive jackpot titles.

Here are some of the biggest progressive jackpot wins in iGaming history: 

  • Mega Moolah (September 2018): €18,915,721 payout
  • Mega Moolah (January 2019): $20,057,734 payout
  • Mega Fortune (January 2013): €17,860,868 payout
  • Mega Moolah (October 2015): £13,213,882 payout
  • Mega Fortune (September 2011): €11,735,446 payout

Top 3 Progressive Jackpot Online Slots in 2022

Now that you’ve seen the biggest progressive jackpots and the games they’re attached to. Nonetheless, if you’d like to revamp your gambling adventure in 2022 and score a seismic win, consider these alternatives when looking for online slots to make money:

Mega Moolah

Powered by Microgaming, Mega Moolah cemented itself as the most rewarding progressive jackpot online casino game. Although some players might have some reservations about its 88.12% RTP value, Mega Moolah stands out with free spin bonuses.

Players are eligible for four jackpot variations when they place wagers on Mega Moolah: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. However, we advise restraint while placing wagers on this game as its RTP values indicate lengthy losing runs.

Jackpot Giant

Playtech made the headlines after their progressive jackpot title — Jackpot Giant — issued a mind-boggling $12.3 million jackpot in October 2018. Besides the payout values in this game, Jackpot Giant has aesthetically pleasing graphics that should keep you immersed once you tap “Play.”

Besides the Jackpot Giant Bonus Round that issues decent payouts, the slot’s 94.22% RTP, albeit 2% off the industry’s set mark, should increase your chances of acquiring a jackpot.

Joker Millions

Joker’s fame has spread to the iGaming industry. Although various Joker titles are available, Yggdrasil’s Joker Millions live up to its naming. This slot paid out a whopping €7.8 million in 2018. 

One thing players will enjoy in this slot are jackpot spins. Also, the 94.3% theoretical RTP embedded in this game should boost your chances of winning. 

How to Win in Slots at Casino Sites

Would you like to effect decent wins on progressive jackpot and now how to win on slots at casino slot games at your preferred online casino? Although wins on slots depend on luck, these tips should edge you closer to a decent payout:

  1. Wager an amount that qualifies you for the jackpot.
  2. Check the slot to see if it’s hot or cold. Hot slots tend to pay more than variations that have issued winnings recently.
  3. Play a game that you’ll enjoy. That way, you can play for fun until you luckily hit the jackpot!
  4. Check the game’s Return to Player (RTP). If it’s lower than 85%, we advise looking elsewhere.
  5. Research the title’s volatility levels. That way, you can decipher if your wagers will yield huge or meager dividends.

Final Thoughts

Do you seek a mind-boggling win? If so, consider progressive jackpot online casino titles. You can earn a 7-figure amount with one lucky spin and change your life forever. You can enjoy progressive jackpot games at Vegas Aces Casino.

Although the possibility of winning big might seem alluring, don’t exceed your casino bankroll. If it’s proving difficult to control your wagering adventure, employ the Responsible Gaming add-ons at Vegas Aces Casino. Godspeed!

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