Casino Gambling Slots: How They Come to Life

Casino Gambling Slots: How They Come to Life

Casino game developers constantly push further in the innovation of casino games since the boom of online gaming. Table games, card games, casino gambling slots, etc., are constantly being revamped. Developers channel energy towards ensuring players stay glued to gaming activities without regret.

But what does the development of slots entail? Is it a walk in the park or an uphill battle? This casino news unravels the processes of creating casino gambling slots.

Let’s get going!

Casino Gambling Slots: The Developmental Stages

For online casino gambling slots to be developed, there must be a focus. The game’s concept may come from a story, history, or an idea born from deep thoughts. Although developing slot games can be arduous, tackling them becomes easy once the processes are duly followed. Here are the stages casino gambling slots must undergo before being released:

Casino Gambling Slots: Stage One: Product Insight and Innovation

The entirety of a project begins with a single idea. Here, team members are gathered for concepts like slot features, thematic structure, platforms, artistic design, and several others to be discussed in detail before swinging into the next line of action. During this period, ideas from team members are fully stretched and weighed before proceeding to the next stage.

Stage Two: Market Survey

The market survey involves comprehensive findings that provide answers to questions like:

  • How relevant is the product you’re about to design?
  • Is it according to casino gambling slots market standards?
  • How unique is the product you are bringing to the market?
  • What is its total cost?
  • What possible risks may hinder the process of making it accepted in online casino gambling sites?

Stage Three: Listed Exigencies

Having gone through the first two stages, this is where ideas are now processed. Letting your developers know the game specs needed to develop the product well. Specs like the game features, thematic structure, sounds, multiple game symbols as it is in the Moonlight Showdown Werewolf Slot, etc. The technology and timespan required for the project to be completed are also deliberated.

Stage Four: Product Sketch and Mockup

At this stage, your slot concept should look all shaped up. Only a few disparities should be from the ideal slot and the sketched product. Essential features like gaming symbols, characters, background pictures, sound, and more should all be tried at this stage before finishing. For instance, the Outlaw Legend Slot took almost its ideal state following its product sketch and mockup. Little wonder that it ranks among the first 400 out of the 12,000 popular slots we have.

Again, creating the minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype follows immediately after the sketch and mockup.

Casino Gambling Slots: Stage Five: Design and Development of Slot Game

The design and development stages are the concluding stages of developing casino online gambling slots. Here, those sketches are marred and transformed to their full version via the services of a UI/UX designer.

In addition, facets like game volatility, return to player (RTP), game bonus, deposit and payout, and other segments that give a product its finishing are checked before proceeding to the phase.

Stage Six: Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

QA is also regarded as the pre-launch stage. In this stage, rigorous examination and reexamination are conducted to vet the entire product before its release. The examination usually covers its functionalities, game components, system software, and more. All are geared towards quashing all bugs and fixing lagging components before releasing them.

Stage Seven: The Launch

This is the final stage of developing casino gambling slots. A product can now be released into the market after undergoing the abovementioned stages.

Once live, lots of players will leave their impressions on the slot through online casino reviews, for other players to know what the game is all about, and how their experience was in general.

Final Thoughts

A lot of work needs to be put into developing a slot game. For any new slot to thrive, it must catch players’ attention, keep them engaged, and want more.

Nevertheless, casino slot game development keeps getting better. Developers are also paying more attention to the RTP most slot games get. The higher the RTP percentage of casino gambling slots, the faster they thrive in the market space and online casino gambling sites. To cite an illustration, the Elvis frog slot is quite popular among slot games owing to its games’ high RTP percentages.

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