Dino Game Casino Slots You Should Try

Dino Game Casino Slots You Should Try

Recently, the popularity of the Dino game casino slots has been on the high side. So, if you’ve heard about Dinosaurs and would like to play games themed after these creatures, but need to know which of them to start with, then come closer because this is the right place to be.

You will discover that everything has evolved, and you’d find different types of dinosaur-themed online slots you would love to try out.

Four Interesting Dino Game Casino Slots Games for You

Below are the online dinosaur-themed slots that are most likely to appeal to you if you appreciate the concept of spinning the reels while a few dinosaurs watch intrigues you.

#1 T-Rex Dinosaur Online Slot

T-Rex is a dino game casino slot you can find in most of the best online casinos around the globe, with 5-reel and 25- payline. The dinosaur-themed online slot game uses lower-ranked symbols to replicate kings, aces, and playing cards like 9s, 10s, and queens. You will need three of the same kind of symbols for you to win. Dinosaurs and other symbols, as well as volcanoes, also appear. Just two of these symbols are required to win. The T-Rex and the egg are two of the game’s unique icons.

Only appearing on reel 3, the wild symbol T-Rex can complete any powerful combination. The egg, on the contrary, serves as a scatter. Consequently, two or even more eggs on any payline will result in an immediate payout. Anywhere between 1 and 250 times the money you wagered can be won.

#2 Dino Gangster Slot Game

The Dino Gangster slot game is capable of taking you back in time to when the dino game casinos were booming. The High 5 games recent innovation brought so much joy and fun to lovers of the Jurassic Era. With six sets of reels, a fantastic design, and a unique setup, the Dino Gangster slot game has two symbol positions.

Also, all the combinations are in pairings, and every wheel spin is separated from the other. However, most symbols that comprise various characters combine to generate a larger one when the two are the same.

In the Dino Gangsters slot game, you can find various coins based on the wager you place. It’s a game you wouldn’t want to miss because of the possibilities you stand to win.

#3 Miles Bell House & His Curious Machine

The Curious Machine & Miles Bellhouse is also a dinosaur online slot game. Although the source of this game’s inspiration remains somewhat of a puzzle, the BetSoft team has once again exceeded the expectations of casino players. This game looks incredible all around. It starts from the background music to the artwork and its superb layout.

Also, the first of the many bonuses available to players in this game is the wild symbol, which assumes the form of a vortex. If the symbol does not appear on a payline with a winning combination activated, the other symbols will then be triggered, giving the players extra opportunities to win. The reel game mode will begin immediately if a player is fortunate enough to get three dinosaurs.

#4 Grand Journey

Grand Journey is a dino game casino that features 5 reels & 30 paylines. It is an online slot game developed by Microgaming with thrilling and fun features that attract players. Also, Grand Journey’s logo serves as the game’s wild symbol, in addition to acting as a stand-alone substitute and doubling wins when it appears. It also operates as a stacked wild.

The maximum stake for every spin is around 500 coins, and the overall win in the classic game is 8,000. On the other hand, the bonus game offers you a great chance to scoop out around 60,000 coins off your stake.

Final Thoughts

Finally, all dino game casino slots offer you the opportunity to win if you love to play the game of chance. You can visit Vegas Aces Casino to find the answer to your all-time question: “Are online slots regulated”? Also, you can try out any of the above-mentioned dino game casino slots, have fun and come out with a win.

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