Enough Pharaoh: The Mistress of Egypt Slot is Here!

Enough Pharaoh: The Mistress of Egypt Slot is Here!

Ancient Egypt’s impressive architecture and riches have fascinated and inspired us for centuries, especially their gods, treasures, pyramids, and the intriguing story of the Greek-descended Cleopatra. She has grown to be a well-known character in online slots. In fact, she served as the inspiration for the Mistress of Egypt slot machine.

Throughout the ages, Cleopatra’s reputation of being immensely charming and persuasive added to her mystique. Naturally, the Mistress utilized her attractiveness to draw people to her, but her intelligence was much more recognized than her beauty.

If you have always wanted to step back in time, sink your toes into the sandy desert and come face to face with Cleopatra herself. The Mistress of Egypt slot could be your perfect way back to ancient Egypt, but of course, through the reels.

The Uniqueness of the Mistress of Egypt Slot

Mistress of Egypt is a five-reel slot, which consists of a three-row slot designed by IGT. It offers players thirty paylines that cannot be toggled on or off. Some unique features include random Wilds and a round of free spins.

You will fall totally in love with this game’s graphic design as it is a replica of the beauty of the late Cleopatra herself. There is a beautiful starry sky outside and rich decorations like silken drapes. The animation is simple but beautifully done, adding to this game’s visual diversity.

The symbols in the Mistress of Egypt game include elaborate statues of Egyptian gods and the face of Cleopatra herself. Her dazzling jewel is the Scatter, while her golden pyramid is the Wild.

All who were around the queen were drawn to her by her knowledge of the language and her charismatic demeanor. In addition, her voice was likened to a melodic musical instrument. Therefore, in the Mistress of Egypt slot game, an appropriate melodious soundtrack was used to showcase Cleopatra’s melodious voice.

A palm-lined desert’s nighttime skies serve as the backdrop for the machine’s spinning reels. However, your attention will be drawn away from this serene background and toward the lively representation of the Mistress. Its graphics and themes make it one of the favorite slot machines of gamers, designed by IGT.

Cleopatra was a well-liked member of the royal court because she is decked out in ornate jewels in the style of ancient Egypt and sumptuous clothing. Therefore, the stunning goddess is seated to the left of the Mistress of Egypt reels, holding a floating golden pyramid in each of her hands.


Standing to the left, the Mistress spins the golden pyramid in her jeweled hands. With the exception of the bonus, the golden pyramid symbol serves as the wild. Random wilds can also appear and occasionally sweep into view to replace additional symbols and those that naturally land on the reels. If you’re fortunate, this can result in an unexpected welcome win.

Your goal in the base game is to match up all of the symbols on a payline. The lowest-earning symbols are the J, Q, K, and A, while the highest-paying symbols feature four animal gods, including Ra and Bastet. The highest paying symbol is our Mistress of Egypt, who can take up all of one reel. Additionally, the online casino game has an RTP of 96.2%.

When playing, you must be meticulous as Cleopatra herself. Avoid raising bets while losing, jumping over your head, and choosing your game strategy carefully. The more you play, you will become acquainted with how to win on slots at casino games.

Final Thoughts

If the Mistress of Egypt still existed, it is with no doubt that she would be one of the most stunning women. So whether you’re intrigued by ancient Egypt, are a fan of Cleopatra, like the color purple, or are even overwhelmed by their wealth, you’ll undoubtedly love playing Mistress of Egypt.

This game is a significant upgrade from many other Egyptian-themed slots, mainly because of its graphics. The golden pyramid can come into play anytime, transforming any spin into something fascinating. To play Mistress of Egypt, visit Vegas Aces Online casino.

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