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Evolution of Slot Machines | Play at Vegas Aces Online Casino

Do you enjoy gaming on slot machines? Well, the popularity of these machines and their position as a casino staple might elude you to think that they have always had that pomp appeal.

The first slot machine was placed in a saloon. The evolution of slot machines is nothing but an impressive journey with an adventurous feel.

Gaming enthusiasts have enjoyed slot games across generations, although unique to the time, under various circumstances. With the existing features and advanced casino technology, one can expect the popularity of these casino favorites to increase.

To understand and appreciate their current status, one needs to look at their history. Let’s dive in and learn more about the rich history of slot machines.

The Earliest Slot Machines

The earliest slot machine dates back to the mid-1880s. The machine had basic features and acted more like a novelty machine back then. Players insert a nickel in the coin slot only to redeem their wins in the form of drinks and cigars.

The machines lacked a direct payout system.

The year 1891 saw the emergence of a slightly improved slot machine. The machine featured five drums that included ten-card faces in each drum. This machine garnered popularity and set the stage for the real evolution of slot machines. 

Charles August Fey, an American mechanic, invented a revamped version of the slot machine in 1894. He placed the machine at one of the saloons, where many patrons adopted it.

Due to his new machine’s rapid increase in popularity, he saw a business opportunity and established a factory that focused on producing more slot machines.

By 1898, Fey had again come up with another advanced design and features of the slot machines. The new slot machine got the name Card Bell because it had poker hands. 

Moreover, it became the first known three-reel slot to exist and had a direct payout mechanism. 

In 1899 Fey improved on his design and gave the gambling community their first actual slot machine called Liberty Bell. This invention set the stage for a world of possibility in the evolution of slot machines. 

Liberty Bell came with various features, including horseshoes, card suits, and bells. It was a creation that opened doors for future innovation in the gambling community.

Fruit Machine Design

Fey’s new slot machine model Liberty Bell gained quick popularity. Hence, a decade after its invention, the market had flooded with replica models from different companies. By 1909 San Fransisco alone had recorded over 3000 slot machines raising concerns about the ethical nature of the practice. 

The ethical debate became rife. Thus, manufacturing companies had to develop new ideas to keep their business running while avoiding legal troubles.

The idea of the Fruit Machine came as a result of the necessity to avoid prying eyes of countering forces. Manufacturing companies branded their slot machines with fruit symbols and marketed them as gum dispensers. 

This allowed them to continue with their activities without suspicion.

The slot machine had no coin slots. They featured different pictures of gums and some even dispensed gums. A company like Mills Novelty added reels to the gum pictures to stay ahead of their competitors even when working under the market gimmick.

The Era Of Electromechanical Slot Machine

The third phase of significant development in the evolution of slot machines began in the 1950s, largely due to government influence and the impact of World War II.

Moreover, the surge in technological advancement made it necessary for slot machine manufacturers to keep up with the needs of the time.

Therefore, the electromechanical slot machine came to life and offered advanced payout options, including a three-coin multiplier option. This electromechanical slot featured a bottomless hopper and a highly automated system known as the Money Honey. 

The automated combination could handle a payment threshold of up to 500 coins.

In 1970, the company Bally gave their Money Honey an advanced touch. They improved its reels to enhance the power to handle more coins. This feature changed the world of slot machines, allowing them to handle bigger coins of higher denomination.

It enabled players to reap more significant rewards than before. However, compared to the slot machines’ current state, this 1950s invention still lacked real features. Only the multiplier feature stood out at the time.

The electromechanical slot featured a mechanical operation where a player had to pull a handle and spin reels on a physical screen.

Video Slot Machine

The era of video slot machines took shape in the 1980s with the surge of cable TV and satellite.

There existed slow acceptance of video slot machines as players had gotten used to electromechanical slots. However, video slot machines came with advanced features, including thematic graphics, additional multimedia, sound, and amazing jackpots.

Once players embraced these changes, video slot machines blew out in an unimaginable proportion. By the turn of the century, it became every casino’s staple. However, its stunt did not last a while as a new kid on the block showed up to play.

Online Slot Machine

The modern-day online slot machine quickly replaced the video slot machine. Like any other time in the evolution of slot machines, the basic foundation is to meet the needs of the time. 

Thus online slot machines emerged due to the technological transformation of the time. However, it has experienced more rapid acceptance than its predecessors. The popularity of online slots experienced a major boost due to internet connectivity.

Moreover, it has incredible features like 3-D slots with crazy bonuses. Besides, it has added convenience as players enjoy various gaming options such as playing for free or with actual currencies for example: The Golden Owl of AthenaCharms and Clovers, Tycoons slot , Mega Glam Life, Spring Tails.

Additionally, it has allowed players to play in the comfort of their homes and whenever they wish.

The Vision of Virtual Reality Slots

The idea of virtual reality slots offers a beautiful image of the future. While it’s still early to assert what the future holds, the idea of playing slots in the virtual reality sense makes for wild imagination.

However, this future can soon become a reality, with few sites catching on to this possibility. Sites like Slot Million have had an opportunity to host virtual reality casinos making this dream alive.


Slot machines have a rich history, and they have proven to adapt to the changing circumstances to address gaming needs. The evolution of slot machines offers nothing short of a promise to adapt to the changes. 

Thus, you can dream boldly of playing beyond the online slots of today. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.