Learn to play and win the 12 Animals slots game

Learn to play and win the 12 Animals slots game

If you have always been a player drawn in by graphics, you must see the thrilling and immersive 3D graphics included in the 12 Animals slots machine game. The only requirement for participating in the game is for players to collect points to achieve the best score possible.

The 12 Animals slot game was created by the independent software developer Nucleus Gaming Ltd. initially as a free online slot game with various features like currency bonuses, bonus points, new slot features, other games to be discovered by Nucleus Gaming, etc.

One great aspect of this online slot that seems to 12 animals slots so good to be true is that it is completely free to play. The fun elements in the 12 Animals slot are available to you without placing real money bet. The game was made free because Nucleus Gaming wanted many people to play it in order to reach a target total of millions of users who could Win at Online Slots in a year without a price difference for the game.

What is the 12 Animals Slots Game?

Based on Chinese culture and history, the mythical Jade Emperor used lovely animals found in nature to make a horoscope. The 12 animals used in the horoscope are transformed into a 12-year cycle, each year denoting a different animal sign. And on this basis, the inspiration for the 12 Animals slot game was drawn and developed.

The game’s setting is a Chinese village in the mountains, with the changing seasons visible whenever the reels are spun. The 3-D graphics are amazing and spectacular, changing the seasons from winter to summer and so on. And that’s just one of the lovely elements and impressions this free online slot game provides.

Tips On How To Play 12 Animals Slots Game Online

30 fixed paylines that pay left to right are present on the five reels of the 12 Animals slot machine. Due to factors like the visuals and gameplay, the reels, located in front of an ancient Chinese temple on a mountaintop, spin quite smoothly.

The betting is fixed at 30 coins every spin, so all you have to do to get the wheel spinning is place a minimum wager of $0.30 up to a maximum wager of $90.

The characters you will see are based on the Chinese Zodiac’s twelve animal signs, specifically:

  • The rat symbolizes wisdom.
  • The ox represents diligence. 
  • The tiger represents courage.
  • The rabbit represents longevity, tact, and good fortune.
  • The dragon is a symbol of power and fortune.
  • The snake represents flexibility.
  • The horse represents progress toward a single objective.
  • The Sheep is a symbol of peace, harmony, and unity.
  • The monkey denotes being lively and spirited.
  • The rooster represents reliability and punctuality.
  • The dog is a symbol of integrity and loyalty.
  • The pig stands for prosperity, carefree living, and good fortune.

12 Animal Slot Payouts

All symbols in the 12 Animals slot machine have the same value, with the exception of those that are the year’s emblem, in which case 24 coins are awarded for a five-of-a-kind combination. However, the prizes would exceed the usual 24 coins if you had the 3X and 5X multipliers. When a symbol is placed in the exact middle of a field and carries a 5X multiplier, it becomes the year’s symbol for the following 30 rounds. This game can be played at an online casino.

Discover Tips To Win At The 12 Animals Slot Machine!

You need to follow some advice to succeed at online slots like the 12 animals slot game, for example:

  1. Whenever you hit a winning combination, watch out for the “Sticky Win.”
  2. Winning symbols remain on the reels as the others spin once more.
  3. Free spins are activated when you have three or more scattered symbols.
  4. A random wild win comes on each free spin.
  5. The 2X Wild Win Multiplier kicks in when you get two wilds in a win.
  6. The sticky win and wild win features are also active throughout the free spins.
  7. When you get more wilds in a win, you always get a “4X Wild Win.”

Final thoughts

Now is the time to win online slots, by playing the 12 Animals slot game! Stay tuned on Vegas Aces Casino’s social media, for more valuable slot game tips.

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