Mining for Wins: Gold Rush Slot Online

Mining for Wins: Gold Rush Slot Online

Go for the gold! Play Gold Rush slot online! The significant rise of Rival Gaming Slot games in the online casino world isn’t just by luck or favoritism but through the dedication of Rival Gaming to bring players exceptional games that truly define what a gaming experience should be.

Rival Gaming’s Gold Rush Slot, loaded with exceptional features, motivates players to aim for gold. This addition enriches their slot catalog. Rival Gaming’s three-reel, the one-line game caters to both beginners and veterans, reinforcing their dedication to superior free slot games. Real money version is also accessible.

Aside from Gold Rush’s impressive approximate RTP of 98.02%, we will examine in today’s casino news if its other features are at par with games like the Over the Moon slot. Let’s get started.

Gold Rush Slot Online: The History Behind its Development

Upon release in 2006, here is how Rival Gaming described the game’s concept.

“There’s gold in them thar hills! Follow the prospector to fame and fortune with Gold Rush. A classic 3-Reel slot inspired by the gold rushes of the 19th century.”

The 19th-century gold rushes, especially the “California Gold Rush,” represent a unique chapter in American history. Gold discovery in 1848’s Sacramento Valley fueled miners’ enthusiasm to broaden their exploration territories for gold. However, a carpenter named James Wilson Marshall, while working on the project given to him by John Sutter to build a sawmill powered by water, discovered gold flakes in the American River located in California’s sierra nevada mountains. Although he and his boss wanted to keep quiet about this discovery as expected, word got out. And according to historical documentation, over 750,000 pounds of gold were obtained in the “California Gold Rush.”

The short history described above is the framework upon which the Gold Rush slot online game by Rival Gaming was founded. Kudos to rival gaming for keeping alive the historical gold rush via gaming.

Gold Rush Slot’s Game Play

This game’s background theme is a mountain through which lakes run. The mountain is a replica of the Sierra Nevada. Therefore, like James Wilson, you pan for gold and other valuable items in the water. The icons featured in Gold Rush include gold bars, bronze, silver, a gold pan, a sack of gold, and a large gold nugget held by a prospector.

The game’s sound has a windy ambient effect and a pleasant banjo trill that plays once you win to portray what it sounds like to pan for gold accurately.

Once the Gold Rush begins, it’s all about getting three identical symbols in a row to win. You can get anywhere from 3 coins to 9 coins for finding a bronze bar, five coins to 15 coins for finding a silver bar, and ten coins to 30 coins for finding a gold bar. Smaller prizes of 1 coin to 3 coins are also available for matching up any combination of the three bars.

Landing three of them in the Gold Rush slot machine will earn you the top coin award. If you wager one coin, you earn 100 coins; if you wager two coins, you win 200 coins; and if you wager three coins, you win 400 coins.

You can also rely on multiple online casino reviews left on the web by other players, to understand the intricacies of the game and its secrets.

Gold Rush Slot Features

Apart from how the casino game is played and the points you will win, as mentioned above, below are additional benefits of playing this fantastic game.

  • Wild Symbol

The Prospector represents the most significant payout and is the game’s Wild Symbol which can stand in for other icons to create winning pay lines. When he contributes to a win just once, the result is doubled. The payout is quadrupled when he contributes to a win in two ways.

  • Any Bar Combo Wins

Unlike the Lucky OX Jackpots slot with 243 pay lines, Gold Rush pay line wins are possible with triple, double, or single bar symbols.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Gold Rush, we have a pictorial representation of the “California Gold Rush” right in over mobile phones via gaming. Despite how good this slot is, the game’s format of only one pay line and three reels can be better.

Unlike the Terminator slot game, there are no “spectacular” bonuses in this slot. However, wins can be multiplied by 2, 4, or even 8, thanks to the fantastic Wild symbol feature. Go for gold today playing the rival’s gold rush slot game at Vegas Aces Casino.

For additional instructions on slot games, read our casino guide section, where you can find lots of tips to increase your winning chances.

Try out Gold Rush Slot, along with Viking Victory slot in demo version at Vegas Aces Casino today, and become a winner of many prizes. Follow us on social media for more content like this.

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