Take a Peek at These Dragon And Phoenix Slot Unique Features

Take a Peek at These Dragon And Phoenix Slot Unique Features

If you want to play Dragon and Phoenix online slots or learn more about their unique features, then today’s casino news is for you. Dragon & Phoenix slot is an exciting game that gives you one of the best gambling experiences. It’s a game developed by top software developer Betsoft who has been in charge of rolling out most of the high-quality online slots with great layouts, top sound design, and aesthetic graphics.

In this casino news, we’ll take you through the various unique features of Dragon and Phoenix online slots to enable you to make healthy decisions when you next want to play online slots.

The Unrepeatable Dragon and Phoenix Slot Features

Dragon and Phoenix slots have unique features you should look for if you want to enjoy the game and make money while playing on any top online casino site.


Scatter is represented as golden money in the dragon game, and Phoenix has three or more icons as its paying prize. The money tree disappears once the dealer calculates your win, and the symbols are replaced immediately with new ones. Also, this brings about new wins to the table. For example, with the maximum wager, players will likely win $10 for every three scatter symbols. Also, you can get up to $1,000 with a matching set of 15 icons.

Chinese Theme

The Dragon and Phoenix slot is built against a crimson, blue, and violet hazy layout and has temple structures and monuments far off with a unique Chinese feel added to it. The gaming grids and most images on them are constructed in such a way that they are designed suitably. The way this function is set up, it looks pretty spectacular.

Double Up

In Dragon and Phoenix, if you’re lucky enough to win during the base game, then you can claim on the Double up feature button to risk your gain. You can wager a portion or all of your profits as much as you like; the decision is yours. Here, you can guess the result of a coin flip to gamble. Also, If you make a prediction, you’ll double your wager; if you guess poorly, you’ll lose your wager. If you predict correctly, there’s an option for you to either continue gambling or take your winnings and play the base game again.


In the Dragon & Phoenix slot machine online game, the Royal Couple acts as the wild symbol, replacing all other symbols, excluding the scatter. The wild symbol may likely show up on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, and there’s a possibility of it enlarging to take up the entire reel while the gameplay is still in progress.

Features 20 Paylines

The Dragon Phoenix slot machine has 20 paylines. You win if you are able to land three or more matching symbols on any of the 20 Paylines. All of the paylines can only move from left to right, and the sequence of the matching symbols must begin on the leftmost reel, which must also appear on the adjacent reels to be valid.

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Betting and Layout

Betting and layout is a title in the Dragon and Phoenix online slots by betsoft. It’s easy for gamblers to access even if you haven’t handled that before. You don’t have to learn anything new. Take a look at what this entails below:

The three columns on the 5 vertical reels make up the primary layout. This game’s 20 paylines cannot be tweaked, and each spin always affects them all. However, all of the paylines in this game only reward left to right, and the range of acceptable wager values is from $0.50 at the minimum to $50 at the maximum.

Final Thoughts

The Dragon and Phoenix slot game’s attractive graphics is one of the reasons, so many players love it. You can play and also win if you know your way around. If you want to try out other games like At the Copa slot or Glam Life Slot,  visit Vegas Aces Casino and have fun.

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