The Black Diamond Slot Machine: Everi’s Crown Jewel

The Black Diamond Slot Machine: Everi’s Crown Jewel

Over the years, slots have undergone various changes and have various exciting features. Casino software providers often choose between two goals when creating these games: what a slot machine can be and what it should be. If a provider chooses the former, we get to see a straightforward game that focuses on two significant things: simple gameplay and good payouts. The Black Diamond Slot Machine by Everi fits right into this category. Most players, especially those who love traditional slots, are often satisfied with this game.

Whenever the latter is selected, we see slots with excellent aesthetics, immersive music, multiple symbols, different side games, etc. However, the payout of these types of games is often low.

Today’s casino news will highlight facts about this game. We will touch on its history, excellent features, and even sequels.

Spin Like It’s 1950 With the Black Diamond Slot Machine

The Black Diamond slot machine is one of Everi’s foremost classic mechanical reel games and one of the best payout slots from this developer. It was approved in the first quarter of 2016, and its release aimed to bring back to players the traditional gaming experience but with a high denomination.

Everi Games Holdings Inc.’s operations began in 2015 with many goals, including creating efficient casino games to increase player engagement. The company also provides safe financial services, and so far, no other game supplier in the industry has processed more financial transactions than Everi.

The release of the Black Diamond Slot Machine strategically opened many players’ eyes to Everi games and what they offer. The game is a 3-reel mechanical slot with 3 rows and flexible 9 active pay lines. By flexible, you can choose the number of lines you want to bet on, not a specific pay line. The symbols present are the 7s, Bars, and Diamonds.

The Charms of Black Diamond Slot

At the 2021 and 2022 EKG awards, Black Diamond was named the “Top Performing Core Mechanical Reel Game.”  Take note of the term “Core Mechanical.” As we said earlier, there are no extras to this game. It still features the chimes and bell sounds found in traditional and some online slot machines. The slot will appeal if you want a nonfancy game with a good payout. Below are some other key features that are the “charm” of this slot game.

Bet options 

Bet sizes are adjustable in the Black Diamond, just like in the Hit the Route Slot. Players can wager on the Black Diamond Slot Machine for 25 cents only. However, the twist is that 4 coins are needed to play a line, and it has 9 pay lines. If your bet is low, say 1 credit, you can only activate 1 pay line, which cannot provide significant wins. To win big, going for the maximum bet of 27 credits is the best option. However, players find the betting requirement a little too much. In some casinos, it equates to about $6.75 per spin.

Watermarked symbols

This game is a good choice if you want to know how to win on slot machines using multipliers. The symbols in the Black Diamond slot machine are watermarked with multipliers. If these symbols land on a winning pay line, the amount will be made to match that space. Also, multipliers can stack up to provide up to a 30x payout.

Minor and major jackpot prizes

Players also have to stake the maximum bet to get the maximum prize from this real money online casino game. However, even not doing that doesn’t prevent you from getting a good payout. You can still win a minor jackpot, of up to a 300x the line bet. The black diamond symbol, which is the game’s wild, comes into play for the major jackpot. However, the bet must be at the maximum (27 credits) to trigger the jackpot. If it is not, the symbols will only act as wild. Landing three black diamonds on the last pay line provides the biggest prize.

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Shinning Bright Like a Diamond

The Black Diamond Slot Machine has remained popular due to Everi’s various variations. We have the double diamond, the “Top Performing New Mechanical Reel Game” at the 2022 EKG award, Black Diamond Deluxe, etc. If you like playing slots without risking your bankroll, try playing our free slots no download games, and spin the reels to riches.

Final Thoughts

The Black Diamond Slot Machine is one of the top retro chance-based games in some land-based establishments. The game shares many similarities with other classic slots, but its progressive jackpot makes it stand out. However, if the max bet is a deal breaker, check out other free slot games at Vegas Aces Casino.

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