The Glamour of Glam Life Slot

The Glamour of Glam Life Slot

The Glam Life slot is an online slot that gives you a glimpse of how luxurious a lifestyle can be. In your gameplay, you get to have yachts, phones with diamond accents, champagne, and golden credit cards, among other striking objects, which depict a life of luxury.  The Betsoft-powered online slot machine has 30 paylines on its five-reel. Glam life slot is not just a regular slot game; it is a progressive one. 

Check Out Some Unique Features of Glam Life Slot

Glam Life features four bonuses, and at least three bonus symbols must appear in a row on an active pay line. The second screen’s “Around the World” bonus can be launched when the mansion symbol appears. As you fly to places like New York and Hollywood in your private jet, you’ll choose three destinations and receive credits for each choice.

Also, instant free spins are awarded when you see a jet plane symbol. You can earn two free spins for landing three consecutively, three free spins for landing four consecutively, and five immediate free spins for landing the maximum number of 5 consecutively. 

The perfume symbol activates a bonus feature that sees curtains hanging over the reels and the appearance of 15 ring boxes.  One among three diamonds, each disclosing a prize, can be revealed by selecting any package.

The round ends when three identical diamonds are collected. A jewelry box serves as the final bonus symbol. You choose one of the three boxes in this on-the-reels bonus round to reveal an instant prize worth up to 1,150 credits. These are some of the unique features of the glam life slot.

Rules of Playing Glam Life Slot

Wagering in this slot follows the same fundamental principles as all other online slot machine games. You choose your wager (the maximum bet allowed here is five coins per line) and the number of pay lines to use. Additionally, you can decide the amount of cash you would want to bet with; the least amount is 0.05 coins, while the highest is 1.

Once you’ve selected your choice, click the Spin button to begin playing. The player spins each time because the game does not feature an auto-play function.

Also, the amount of your win largely relies on the symbols on the screen, just like in any other online casino game. Every time five of the game’s characters show on the screen, you can multiply your wager by 50 to 75 percent.

The watch sign awards a hundred (100) credits, the diamond ring hundred and twenty credits (120), the limousine hundred and fifty credits (150), & the jackpot yacht two hundred (200) credits!

Glam Life Slot Design & Setup

The Glam Life Slot design and setup draw attention like most BetSoft selections. The pink spin button is covered with diamonds and sets the mood for the online slots, which have gold, silver, and diamond-studded reels. If you get a win, you’ll see that the winning symbols are animated and are surrounded by more diamonds.

A lavish mansion serves as the background, and a large fountain can be seen in the foreground. The music playing in the background is classy and “easy listening,” just the type of music you could hear when browsing a high-end department store.

The bet slots machine allows gamblers to play on the trendy 53 layouts with a total of 25 pay lines. However, you can decide to play any odd number of lines between 1 to 25. However, 25 is the default number. You can select your wager per line from 1 – 5, as well as the coin size, which runs from just 2 cents to 50 cents.

Glam Life Slot Prizes

The overall sum you can win varies because this slot is a progressive jackpot machine. You can win whatever is shown in the attractive bar above the reels. To qualify for this reward, you must land five boat symbols on a pay line while placing the maximum bet. Also,  you must spend a certain amount of money on every spin to win this progressive jackpot.

Final Thoughts

A unique approach to the slot machine is The Glam Life slot. Essentially, it’s a round of bet slots that goes on until you’ve won as much as possible. Now, quickly head to Vegas Aces casino for a luxurious lifestyle. Simply create an account and go to our slot game section to play Glam Life Slot now.

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FAQs: The Glamour of Glam Life Slot

Does Glam Life Slot Provide a Jackpot?

Yes! It does. When playing the Glam life slot, if you’re fortunate, you could win a huge jackpot, perhaps in millions.

What Are the Glam Life Slot Limits?

The coin value range for The Glam Life slot is 0.02 to 0.50. You must activate all 30 lines and match all five jackpot symbols to win the maximum jackpot. Additionally, remember that this jackpot is progressive.

Is There a Free Version of the Glam Life Slot Where I Can Play For Free?

Yes! It exists. Vegas Aces online casino will let you test out a free-play demo without putting any money at risk.

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