The Go Go Gold Slots: All That Glitters is Gold

The Go Go Gold Slots: All That Glitters is Gold

The Go Go Gold slots game exemplifies how class III slots have improved in presentation. B2B suppliers often try to think outside the box to provide these games in the best way possible. Sometimes, they follow current trends, and other times, they bring some of the aged stories in history books back to life.

If you want to be a virtual king Midas, the royalty who, in Greek mythology, turned to gold all he touched, you should try your hands on the Go Go Gold slot game. This wealth-themed slot, though luxurious, has simple gameplay and provides payouts as worthy as gold.

In today’s casino news, we will cover the details you need to know about the Go Go Gold slot game, from its creator to its outstanding features.

Go Go Gold Slots: Riches Beyond Imagination in Your Hands!

The Go Go Gold slots game was created and launched in 2017 by Skywind Group, a global gaming supplier founded in 2012. The company, composed of over 600 gaming professionals, has released over 300 casino games and is live in over 19 markets, offering a wholesome gaming experience. Top names in the gaming industry, such as Playtech and BGaming, are now partners with Skywind.

The Go-Go Gold slots game is designed for players who love luxury in online casino games. The team at Skywind didn’t make gold a part of the game; they made it the core of the game. Sparkling gold is all around, from the game’s reels to the trims and symbols. All that glitters is gold in this game.

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Go Go Gold Slots, An All-Time Favorite

Aside from the impressive aesthetics of the game, below are some other reasons players who sometimes participate in slot tournaments love it.

3D-Like Symbols

The Go Go Slots game is a video slot game similar to Inferno Slots, but it features 3D-like symbols that are advantageous for gameplay. When appearing on the reels, the symbols seem to come to life in front of you, thereby contributing to the immersive nature of the game. And what Skywind has done better than most casino software developers who follow such a pattern is to optimize it for mobiles and not computers only.

High RTP and Volatility

The Go Go slots game’s slot machine volatility is high, and the RTP is average (95.63%). This game will provide a high payout infrequently, and the payout will also reflect the game’s RTP. Sometimes, players prefer small frequent wins, but as mentioned earlier, this game is designed for those who love luxury.

High Top Prize Win

The max payout players can get from this slot game is 48000x, activated when the game’s airplane symbol, made of gold, covers the five reels. The game has 40 fixed pay lines, higher than the Arabian Dream Slot, which has 15. However, its betting range is 0.40 – 320.00 per spin. The latter is tailored toward high rollers who want to win the game’s biggest payout. Also, Skywind designed the reel so that symbols can be stacked, boosting winnings.

Gameplay Simplicity

The Go Go slots gameplay is straightforward, as there are no extra features, such as free spins, in-games, etc. So for those who wonder how do slot machines work, this game has only two bonuses, wild and scatter, which only increase winnings. The latter can provide up to 250x a player’s credit wager.

Go Go Gold Slots: Wealthy Roads Ahead

Skywind group did a good job keeping things simple with the Go Go Gold slots game. However, how they did it makes the game feel like it lacks multiple features. The top prize of 48000x makes up for this. And many times, it is what draws players to it.

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